10 Things You Didn’t Know about Allison Holker

Born in February of 1988 in Orem, Utah, Allison Renae Holker Boss, is an American dancer. She has a wide variety of experience under belt, including film work, television appearances and concert tours. One of her most notable television appearances was her role as a contestant on the hit show, So You Think You Can Dance, during season 2, followed by her appearance in the all-star seasons 7-11, then again on season 14 of the all-stars. Holker’s training started at a very young age and her dance training was in multiple versions of dance. She has performed in some big, major events, including prestigious competitions. You may recognize this dancing queen from any of her appearances or performances, but here are ten things you didn’t know about Allison Holker.

1. Started dance training

Holker was just nine years old when she began her dance training. She started at the Dance Club in Orem, Utah and studied multiple types of dance, including, Tap, Contemporary, Ballet, and Jazz. While at the school, Holker was part of the Winter Olympics in 2002 and performed at both the opening and closing ceremonies.

2. Dancing with the stars

In 2014, it was announced that Holker would be joining the cast as a professional dancer for the hit series, Dancing With the Stars. Although she was sure she could do it, the decision wasn’t so welcomed from others who felt like Holker just didn’t have the experience that other professionals on the show had with performing or teaching Latin Dance. She had been trained in many genres of dance, but Latin wasn’t one of her most studied. Holker and her dance partner were eliminated during week six and finished in 9th place.

3. Dance titles and awards

Holker’s career has been a successful one since she began training. She won her first National competition in 2004 in Co Dance, and was the National Senior Outstanding Dancer in 2005, at the New York City Dance Alliance. Other awards include; (2004) National Senior Performer of the Year from Company Dance, (2005) National Senior Outstanding Dancing for New York City Dance Alliance, (2007) National Senior Dancer of the Year, and, (2013) Primetime Emmy Award Nomination for Outstanding Choreography.

4. What she does when she’s not so, on-the-go

Holker has a very busy life. She’s either filming something, traveling around the world teaching dance to others, or touring for her own performances, and when she isn’t doing any of these scheduled events, Holker is also a co-founder of CLI Studios, an online dance class/studio program, and this alone, keeps her quite busy.

5. Resides in LA

Holker may have grown up in Utah, but today she calls Los Angeles, California home. She lives in LA with her two kids and husband, and it is where she has access to all the roles and events she is so deeply involved with. She is always busy with roles on television, has played some roles in feature films, and her dance studio is in LA.

6. How she stays healthy

Holker has discussed her diet changes and how the choices she’s made, have given her more energy than she ever had. She says that she has given up dairy, soy and gluten and has remained free of these for three years now. She also talks about temptations for McDonald’s and any other fast food, and says that she just avoids them altogether and it has made a huge impact on her health, life and energy.

7. Has a line of jewelry

Holker stays busy, including doing things outside the line of dance. She has started her own line of jewelry known as, ALLISON HOLKER X NASHELLE. Holker says that Nashelle is a line of jewelry she loves and wears all the time and it was an honor to work with them to design her own line that will be branded by the name. She loves what the company stands for, eco friendly and all made in the USA.

8. Married and has two kids

Holker is married to her fellow, So You Think You Can Dance, all-star, Stephen “tWitch” Boss. They married on December 10, 2013 at a winery in Paso Robles, California that the So You Think You Can Dance producer and judge, Nigel Lythgoe, owns. Later, on March 27, 2016, the two had a son together, Maddox Laurel. Holker has a daughter, Weslie Renae, from a previous relationship with her ex-fiancé. Her daughter was born May 26, 2008.

9. Danced while pregnant

Holker was questioned at the time of her baby reveal, if she would be able to continue being able to dance while pregnant. During an interview, she explained that she had already discussed everything with her doctor and her doctor ok’ed her continuance on the show. Holker said she knew what she needed to do, but the only thing she was concerned about, was her ability to be able to fit into the skimpy outfits they put her in. When she saw her growing hips and bigger boobs in one of her teeny outfits, she claims she thought, ‘oh yea!’

10. Has worked with her husband on projects

Holker and her husband worked together as choreographers for Ellen DeGeneres’ 2104 Oscars promo, which was directed by “Bridesmaids” Paul Feig and it featured 250 dancers. Another project the duo took on, was to create a couture costume line with the company, Revolution Dancewear, called Tenth House.


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