10 Things You Didn’t Know about Angel Brinks

Angel Brinks was born on October 19, 1982 in Los Angeles, California. Although she lives in the US, she is from Armenian decent and has been making a life for herself in the LA area doing an array of things, with her diversified talents. She has built a fashion career, been on a reality TV show, involved in performing arts, and has even dated a famous NBA player. She loves the glitz and glam of the Hollywood scene and feels right at home out there amongst the stars, designing clothing for some of the biggest stars, and she has made quite a name for herself with her fashion designs as she participates in fashion shows from coast to coast these days. If you recognize this lady, then read on to see ten things you didn’t know about Angel Brinks.

1. Studied ballet early

In Brink’s early years, and we mean really early years, she got into dance, starting with studying ballet at the age of three. Although she seemed to like it, she began to branch out and get a taste of other types of activities, including choir, which is what she did after ballet. From her young age, Brinks was exposed to the performing arts, being that she grew up around the glam and glitz of Hollywood there in LA.

2. Ex-girlfriend of NBA player

Brinks was known for dating Tyreke Evans and for several years, at that. They were known to be an on again-off-again kind of couple, but the two did wind up having a child together, although they never did marry. It was when she was with Evans that she got the request to be on Basketball Wives LA and appeared on it for seasons 4 and 5.

3. Has been on a hit reality TV show

Brinks is the former girlfriend of the NBA player for the New Orleans Pelicans. The two dated form 2010 to 2014 and the two have a child together. Evans had several relationships, some ongoing while even with Brinks and there was even a claim by one, that he was also the father of her child. There had been a lot of drama between the two women in regards to Evans’ role as “baby daddy” but things finally died down for a while, although Evans did a lot of denying of paternal responsibility with the other woman’s child.

4. Was an escort in LA

Unfortunately not everything is all glam and glitz for Brinks, because before she took off with her fashion designing business and getting together with her NBA player, she was a well-known escort in LA for many years and was actually married to her pimp, who subsequently was the father of her son. Her husband committed suicide when Angel was 8 months pregnant with their son, so he never had a good father-figure in his life.

5. Used to play fashion store as a kid

When Brinks was just a kid, she saved her allowance to buy a cash register and played like she owned a clothing store. Later, she would buy clothes at a vintage store for $1, cut them up and sew them back together using her own fashion sense of style. Sometimes her grandmother would sit for hours and watch her create her designs.

6. How she got her clothing line started

Brinks had a hard time finding clothes she could envision in her mind she thought she’d look good in. She would shop around for them but never found what she wanted. It was then she realized that she would need to start designing and creating the clothes she had in her mind, which she did, designing clothes she could wear out. Brinks went to college at night, and by day, 9-5, she worked.

7. Has designed dresses for some popular stars

Brinks has had the privilege of working with some big names in Hollywood, granted, there are several from the music industry, but some of the big names Brinks has had the pleasure of designing dresses for include, Ashanti and Erica Dixon, from the show, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, as well as Lil Kim, and Kimbella, who is also a former star of Love & Hip Hop.

8. Parents had other dreams for her

Brinks talks about what her parents wanted for her. They had other dreams and aspirations for her, and says they wanted her to be either a doctor or a lawyer. But neither one of these careers interested Brinks. Her passion was fashion and that’s what she kept focused on. She says she chose the artistic route in life.

9. Her company

Brinks is often referred to as The Queen of Leggings and she is the founder and CEO of her fashion line known as Angel Brinks Fashion. Yes, it all started with leggings, which was an idea she got from dancers always in leggings, and the beautiful costumes they wore. She began taking regular leggings and combining them with other accessories, adding glitter, velvet and sequins to create more elaborate and more expensive pieces. They took off and became a success.

10. Her net worth

So how much is Angel Brinks worth with all she’s done so far? As what could be determined by sources, Brinks is worth about $500,000, however, as her clothing line increases and brings in more, her net worth could continuously grow. Especially since a designer can earn approximately $100k a year. There is also the fact that at the time this net worth was written, her time on Basketball Wives had not ended, so she could have jumped up even more. But this is a start and apparently she is doing quite well.


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