10 Things You Didn’t know about Chloe Green

Chloe Green is the 26 year old daughter of the British multi-billionaire and retail tycoon, Sir Philip Green. Sir Philip Green is the owner of multiple retail chains, including Topshop and Topman. He is also the chairman of the retail company, Arcadia Group. Chloe Green is heiress to her father’s fortune and is one of the most recognizable socialites in both the UK and America. She has had some TV appearances and has worked in the fashion industry, however, most recently, she has been getting more recognition for who she has been dating. Her name is making headlines in all types of media outlets and her pictures have been getting a lot of attention. If you recognize this wealthy socialite from her social media sites or reality television show, you may know a little about who she is, but here are ten things you didn’t know about Chloe Green.

1. Has attended board meetings since a child

Growing up with a businessman, and not just any businessman, but a business tycoon, it is only fitting that his children get exposure to running a business starting at an early age, especially if there is any chance of them inheriting the business. Green says that she grew up going to board meetings, sitting in on them with her dad. She started attending them at age 10 and as far as her schooling, she attended the prestigious International School of Monaco. Of course she would only attend the best.

2. Launched her shoe brand

Green has dabbled in fashion design but primarily in shoes and accessories. She developed her shoe and accessory brand, CJG, that was sold through her father’s company, Topshop, back in 2012. Of course it makes it easy to launch any fashion brand when you already have a retailer lined up (in the family), who is willing to sell them for you.

3. There are other Green siblings

Chloe isn’t the only Green sibling and heir to the Topshop heir. She comes from a family of four kids, Stasha, Brett and Brandon, are all her siblings that she will apparently have to share the wealth with. But with multiple billions to go around, I’m sure they will not be lacking in monetary wealth the rest of their lives.

4. Her BFF’s

Of course Green keeps company with some of the biggest names in any industry and important clicks; modeling, socialite circles and even stars. Her biggest BFF’s include Kate Moss and Peter Brant II, fellow socialite and model who has also been tagged to two other big names in the socialite circle; Nicky and Paris Hilton.

5. Appeared on reality TV show

Green took a leap and tried to be on a TV reality show, but couldn’t cut it. She tried her hand at the show, Made in Chelsea, which is when her name really became known and her doors began to open up. She appeared during the first season, in 2011, but according to her, she did not care to be on any reality TV shows so she quit after the first season.

6. Was linked to Jennifer Lopez’s ex

Marc Anthony used to be married to Jennifer Lopez and the two have two kids together. He is also quite a number of years older than Green, but it didn’t stop them from dating. The two had a pretty serious relationship and she even met his kids, however, the relationship was on and off again a number of times, primarily due to his constant traveling and the two’s busy schedule. So the last time they broke up, was the last time and Green definitely moved on.

7. Now dating ex-con

Green’s latest hook-up is with a famous ex-con/ex-gang member and felon. Jeremy Meeks served time for possessing a semi-automatic pistol, among other charges. He served two years, but when he got out in 2016, he was given a six-figure salary for modeling. He is considered the hottest ex-con and is now dating the multi-billionaire’s daughter. Meeks is said to still be legally married and has two children with his wife, but it apparently hasn’t stopped Green. The two have been seen all over together, including on a cruise on her private yacht.

8. Instagram account has been deleted

Green has quite a following on her Instagram account and after pictures emerged of the newly couple getting cozy on her yacht and locking lips, she received a number of ugly messages due to the fact that Meeks is married, and an ex-con. Green put up another pic of her and her beau that read, “Just the beginning – thanks for all the love and the hate.” Shortly after, the pics were removed and her account taken down.

9. No word from her father on the relationship

Sir Philip Green is a very protective dad and it is still being speculated on how he will feel about his daughter’s relationship with the felon model. No one can imagine that he will be very happy about it, especially because he is married, however, so far he has kept tight-lipped about his daughter’s gallivanting around town, the country, the world, with this sexy bad body, (supposedly turned good or religious, or both). It will be interesting, needless to say.

10.  Meeks’ wife hasn’t come out about the kissing pics

Yes, Melissa Meeks has probably seen the pics of her husband locking lips with this wealthy socialite, but like Green’s father, Melissa Meeks has not been vocal about her husband’s display of affection in public with the heiress. Everyone that has been following these latest developments on Green’s latest boy toy, has been waiting to see how it will play out. Some people have left messages on the two’s social media sites claiming that karma will end up getting Meeks for doing this to his wife. We just don’t know what his real relationship is with his wife, however, to be too judgmental just yet.


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