10 Things You Didn’t Know about Dorinda Medley

dorinda medley

You know her as a real housewife from New York City, but Dorinda Medley is so much more than just a pretty face and a socialite exploiting her personal life on reality television. She’s a woman with a rich history, a sad story and a bright future. Her life has been a series of ups and downs, and she’s handled them the best that she knows how. She works in fashion, and after 10 years in London with her own line, she came back to the states following her much publicized divorce. She’s working to keep her life in order, and she’s managed to make it as normal as possible for her daughter. Though things have not always worked out as she might have believed that they would, she’s got herself a good thing going. And despite reality television cameras following her around day and night throughout her life, there are a number of things she’s managed to keep to herself.

She’s not an Original Housewife, but she’s Not a Newbie

She might not have been one of the original housewives of New York City, but she’s been around. In fact, long before she ever became a regular cast member, the socialite appeared in numerous episodes of the reality show at various functions and even with Ramona Singer, who is a friend of Medley’s from long before the two appeared on television together.

She Knew Princess Di

Medley states that back in the late 1980s, she owned a cashmere store in London. While we all know this is the truth, she also claims that one of her clients at that time was the much loved and very famous Princess Diana, the late Princess and the mother of Princes William and Harry and the grandmother of little George and Charlotte. It’s been said that the Princess was a huge fan of Medley’s designs and of her luxurious cashmere collection, and she would frequent the shop when she was in London.

She’s a Widow

Most people are well aware of the fact that her late husband passed away in 2011, but people are not quite as familiar with the fact that he was her second husband. She doesn’t try to hide the fact that she’s been married twice, but most people don’t listen and simply assume that her late husband was her only husband.

Her Daughter is Legal

Medley might not look old enough to have a daughter old enough to legally drink, but she does. Hannah was born when Medley was married to her first husband and the couple was in London. However, her daughter is now old enough to take care of herself, and she’s working quite hard these days to break into the modeling world. Whether or not she will see the kind of success other girls her own age have seen, think Gigi Hadid and Kylie Jenner, remains to be seen.

She’s a Famous Socialite

Those of us that are not socialites might not understand the term quite as we think. It’s not just a rich woman with nothing better to do than attend parties. It’s actually a woman who lends her name to various charities, makes appearances at various functions and works hard to make a name for herself. These are not always women without jobs, either, and being a rich housewife does not guarantee that you will become a socialite. However, Medley is a very high-profile socialite in the New York City crowd.

She’s an Upscale Realtor

It seems that everyone breaks into real estate at some point in their lives, and that’s what Medley has done. She left her London shop a long time ago, got divorced and came to New York City to become a realtor, where she sold her second husband his home. The two met in this manner, and that’s how she fell in love with her late financier husband. She specializes in only high end real estate, which is the way to go in New York City.

Net Worth

Dorinda Medley is worth approximately $20 million. Most people assume she earned her wealth following the death of her second husband, but she claims the vast majority of her fortune is from the success of her fashion line and her time in London when she owned a cashmere shop. However, her husband’s passing did leave her with a significant amount of money, and that did help boost her net worth and leave her in a position of financial security.

She’s a Philanthropist

There is no denying the fact that Medley is known for her charitable causes. In fact, when she and her second husband were married, they would spend their time working on various charitable foundations with the likes of very famous actors, singers and politicians. She’s helped raise millions of dollars for various causes that support children in need, medical research and foundations that use their finances to help those who are looking to better their own lives.

She Started at the Bottom

Dorinda Medley did not marry into her career. In fact, she began working in New York City’s fashion and garment district long before she met and married her first husband in the early 1980s and moved to London. It was her work in this field, from the bottom of the food chain, that gave her the know-how and expertise to begin her own cashmere line and open her own boutique in London.

She’s got Big Dreams

Everyone should have big dreams. If you don’t have big dreams, goals and desires, you’re not doing life right. However, Medley’s dreams – probably because she is already wealthy and successful and far past many of her personal achievements – is to be the life of the party. She wants to, at the age of 80, still be picking up men and enjoying her life, making people laugh and providing fun and entertainment for those around her. I actually think this is a pretty great goal, because it means her real goal in life is to live on her own terms in a way that makes her happy. Happy is pretty awesome.

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