10 Things You Didn’t Know about Francine Sanchez

Francine Sanchez

It all started when little girls turned 16 and their parents began throwing them lavish and insane parties. Now it’s something that everyone is doing, and Bravo decided that this concept would be better taken and shoved down the throats of grown adults celebrating their 40th birthdays in style. There is not a thing wrong with celebrating each and every birthday exactly as you see fit – you are worth it. But these women take their fortieth birthdays to a completely new level as they allow their financial common sense to go right out the window and their selfish nature take right over. Francine Sanchez is one of the women in this new reality show, “My Fab 40th,” and she is not afraid to spend money on herself so that she can have exactly what she wants, when she wants it and without any qualms. We don’t know much about her just yet since the show is new and she’s not exactly a household name, so we thought we’d get to know a little bit more about Francine Sanchez now that she’s gracing our television screens a bit more regularly.

She Went Joint

When it was time for Francine Sanchez to celebrate her fortieth birthday, she decided to make it a joint bash with her sorority sister and good friend, Julie. Julie had missed her opportunity to celebrate 40 in style thanks to her divorce, so they decided to throw a joint bash and really live it up for the night. And even though they didn’t always see eye-to-eye planning their joint 40th party, they certainly had a wonderful time and they did not let it interfere with their relationship.

She and Julie Marcus-Downs are Sorority Sisters

Back in the day, these two attended college together, pledged the same sorority and began a lifelong friendship that’s still going strong. It’s actually kind of nice to hear about women that met when they were so young making it last this long despite having lives that went on after college to include careers and marriages and kids and everything in between.

Life’s Not Always Sweet for Her

The past decade has been both up and down for Francine Sanchez, and that’s why she wanted to join this show and make it her goal to have an amazing party. She doesn’t go much into detail about her life as it is, but she does make it a point to say that her life is just like anyone else’s life; sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s amazing and sometimes it’s not so amazing and she’d rather not dwell on those moments in life. She’d like to keep things as positive as possible.

She’s Charitable

We can get on board with Francine Sanchez’s party because she made it charitable. Instead of focusing only on herself and her friend, the two amazing women decided that they would turn their joint birthday party into a charitable fundraiser. By the time that the night was over, they’d raised more than $85,000 for the Children’s Heart Foundation, and that is something we can all get on board with no matter how we feel about excessively elaborate parties such as this one.

She Graduated from UNLV

College was certainly a time in her life that she will not forget, and a lot of that is due to the fact that Francine Sanchez attended the University of Las Vegas. It’s one thing to visit from time to time, but to spend four years in college living in the biggest party city in the country is something else. Despite all the temptations nearby, however, she studied hard, graduated and went on to live her life as she saw fit.

Her Husband Helped Fund this Party

It’s not often you hear about an average everyday woman throwing herself a $165k birthday party, and she has her husband to thank for a lot of that. Francine’s husband paid a significant portion of the bill along with Julie Marcus-Downs’ father and donations the ladies were given by friends, family and local businesses since their party was actually not so much a birthday party as it was a charitable event to raise money for sick children.

Her Daughter Suffers from Congenital Heart Disease

It’s a terrible tragedy when a child suffers. It’s not something that anyone wants to deal with, that anyone wants to see their kids live with. No one wants to live with the knowledge that their child is sick and could potentially not survive long enough to live a long and healthy life. That’s part of the reason this new reality star wanted to have a party that benefits the Children’s Heart Foundation.

Her Best Friend’s Daughter Suffers the Same Disease

What is always shocking information to the general public is that not only does Francine Sanchez’ daughter live with congenital heart disease, so does her best friend and birthday soul sister’s daughter. The two were born less than a month apart from one another and both were born with the same congenital heart disease as the other. Now both their mothers sit on the board for the Children’s Heart Foundation and the local hospital, and they are always looking to raise money for their daughters’ cause.

She’s in Pharmaceuticals

How does a woman pay for a birthday party this lavish and expensive? She works hard for her money. Of course, she did not actually pay for her own party, but she doesn’t do too badly in the real world. Once she graduated from college, she landed a cushy job selling cardiac drugs with a pharmaceutical company in Las Vegas, and she has done very well for herself.

She Lives One Street Away from her Bestie

Not only does she celebrate her part with her best friend, she also lives one street away from her. Francine Sanchez and Julie Marcus-Downs actually live one street away from one another. It’s just one of the many uncanny coincidences in the lives of these two women that seem to intersect at every possible moment.

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