10 Things You Didn’t Know about Griffin Gluck

Born on August 24, 2000, this young actor, Griffin Alexander Gluck, is a rising star and has been a part of TV roles, as well as having roles on the big screen. He started his career, very, very young, and ever since he got his first role, he continued to climb up in the world of Hollywood and becoming more and more recognizable. He got his biggest break in 2011 when took on the role as Michael, in, Just Go With It, for which he won an award. Gluck comes from a family who is involved with the movie industry and when this is the case, many kids tend to get a little extra help in getting the ball rolling with their acting career. If you recognize this guy, I bet these are ten things you didn’t know about Griffin Gluck.

1. How he got started

The acting bug apparently hit Gluck when he went to a summer showcase with his older sister, Caroline. The production was Guy and Dolls, and it was playing at the Palisades Playhouse. After that, when he was just three years old, Gluck got his first major role in a film that just happened to be co-produced by his father. The film was titled, Time Out.

2. His parents are in the show-biz business

A little nepotism never hurt, and it didn’t hurt here, either. Gluck’s mother and father both work in the film industry with his father, Cellin Gluck, as a film director and producer, while his mother, Karin Beck, worked as a production assistant as well as a line producer. He also has some Japanese heritage in his blood. His paternal grandmother Sumi Hiramoto, was of Japanese decent and Gluck’s father was actually born in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan. He was then partly raised in Kobe, Japan before moving to the U.S. Today, Gluck is often called “Gumanchu” by his father, which is his Japanese name.

3. His most notable roles

Gluck is most recognized for his roles in several different shows, and feature films. His most notable performances were in, Red Band Society, Private Practice, Back in the Game, Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life, and Just Go With It, which earned him a Young Artist Award nomination. Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life, was just out in 2016.

4. Favorite hobbies

What does Gluck like to do in his time away from TV show and movie making? He’s a young guy, so of course he has some hobbies, and they include, skiing, swimming, break dancing, fishing, martial arts, skateboarding and tennis. That’s some list, and apparently he’s got time to keep up with all of them in between role playing and movie making.

5. Has worked with big stars

Being as young as he is, he has already had the fortune of being able to work with some big names in Hollywood. This doesn’t happen to all young stars. They have to, many times, wait their turn to get noticed and move up the ladder in roles and movies they play in. So far, Gluck has already worked with Lauren Graham, Rob Riggle, and even had the role of Jennifer Aniston’s son in, Just Go With It, plus many other names.

6. His wish-list-role

Gluck was asked what role he would like to play, if he could play any role and his answer was that he would love to play Leonardo DiCaprio in any role. He would like to play the younger version of whatever role DiCaprio was playing in a movie so that he could say that he play Leonardo DiCaprio. That is an interesting role wish, but maybe he’ll land that role some time.

7. Best talent

Gluck does have a special talent and he shared what that was in one of his interviews. He is apparently pretty good with the soccer ball because according to him, he can do lots of trick with one. A couple of his favorite, and ones he’s mastered are Over the Rainbow, and Scorpion tricks. I’m not sure if he ever played for a team or just learned the tricks while having fun kicking a soccer ball around on his own.

8. Biggest pet peeve

There are single sneezers, and there are multiple sneezers. We all know that no one can control their sneezes, but for some reason, this pet peeve is a popular one. I’ve heard many people say that multiple sneezing is a pet peeve of theirs, and that seems to be the case for Gluck. He admits that he knows people can’t help it, but when people sneeze four or more times in a row, this really gets under his skin.

9. Worst habit

We all have them, a habit that we develop over time and good or bad, we find it hard to break. For Gluck, his hard habit to break is chewing on his fingernails. He as admitted that this is his bad habit, although it could be worse, but still, it apparently drives his family crazy because he says that they are always yelling at him to stop.

10. Worst Fear

Do you have a fear of heights? Or a fear of snakes? Or showing up to class without any clothes on? For Gluck, his worst fear is falling while walking “up” stairs. It may seem odd to most people, or maybe not, but Gluck claims that whenever he is walking up a flight of stairs that he has a fear that he is going to fall flat on his face. Maybe he needs more practice. Or counseling, to help him get over this fear.


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