10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kel Mitchell

Born in August of 1978, Kel Mitchell is an American actor, musician, rapper, dancer and stand-up comedian. He has many roles that he has been remembered for, including several on the Nickelodeon network. He was born and raised in Chicago and got his acting career started at a very young age, which has only blossomed into a very active and promising career for him. Mitchell has a wide variety of talents and has used his talents in music, dance, acting and as a comedian, not only to entertain others, but to inspire. He is a big philanthropist and works closely with kids to help them with life issues and prepare them for the future. If you have seen this guy in any of his shows, heard his music, or at least, heard the name, you may know some things about him, but here are ten things you didn’t know about Kel Mitchell.

1. When his acting career began

He began his acting career at age 12 with the ETA Creative Arts Foundation. His acting talent really impressed the audiences when he performed in Chicago productions like Kasimu & the Coconut Palm, as well as, Dirt. Although those were big hits for him, it was his performance in Eden that really caught the attention of one prominent talent agent while performing in the historic Victory Gardens Theater.

2. Got his first big role at the age of 14

When Mitchell was 14 years old, he was invited to fly to Florida to be a part of a new TV show for a new network, which at that time, was Nickelodeon. He had beaten out thousands of other kids who were trying out for the same part on the same show that would eventually become a groundbreaking show and propel his acting career toward the career it is today.

3.  Starred in a Nickelodeon show that made history

Kenan and Kel debuted on July 15, 1996 and starred Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell. The two proved their comic duo chemistry on All That, that aired 1994-2005, and Nickelodeon wanted to bring the two together in their own comedy show. The two comics were the network’s first black stars to ever have their own show on the network.

4. Milton Berle’s last acting role was on Mitchell’s show

The infamous Milton Berle made his last acting appearance on the Kenan and Kel show in 2000, portraying the role of Uncle Leo in the episode titled, Two Heads are Better than None. This would be Berle’s last TV/movie appearance before he passed away at a later date on March 27, 2002. Berle had a long history of acting roles throughout his career, in a wide range of television shows, but he is most often recognized as his role as Uncle Miltie.

5. Has a music career, too

Mitchell has written and performed many songs for television. He wrote and performed, We’re All Dudes, feat Less than Jake, in 1997, which was the title song for the Good Burger movie. In 1999, Mitchell and two of his childhood buddies which made up his rap group, wrote and performed, Who Are Those Mystery Men, on the Mystery Men movie soundtrack. He was also a featured rapper on Youngstown’s, Pedal to the Steel, for the Disney television movie, Alley Cat Strike. He has also written and produced gospel music for gospel shows and films.

1996 he was a featured rapper on IMX’s Billboard Hot 100 Top 40 hit “Watch Me Do My Thing” as his “Good Burger” character, Ed. In 1997 he wrote and performed “Were All Dudes” feat Less then Jake, the title song for the “Good Burger” movie. In 1999 his rap group with his two childhood friends wrote and performed “Who Are Those Mystery Men” on the “Mystery Men” movie soundtrack. In 2000 He was a featured rapper on Youngstown’s “Pedal to the Steel” for the Disney television movie “Alley Cat Strike”. In 2006 he and Dru Hill’s Jazz wrote and performed “Up the game” for the movie “Like Mike 2: Streetball”, and in 2008 he wrote and performed “Pray Together” for the gospel film “Don’t Touch If You Aint Prayed 2” He has

6.  Was a part of MWAH!

MWAH, or Messages Which Are Hopeful, is a team based in Chicago, Illinois that was put together in 1993 that helped to teach kids positive messages that will help to keep them on the right path. Mitchell was one of the first team members of MWAH and has always had a strong pull toward today’s youth. He wants kids to see their full potential and tries to give them encouragement and different tools they can use to help them on life’s journey.

7. Has done voice work

You may have heard of the animated cartoon, Freaknik: the Musical. It was produced by T-Pain on Adult Swim, well this is one show that Mitchell not only voiced for the show, but he wrote music for it too. He has done voiceover work on other kids’ cartoons, too, including, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Veggie Tales in the House, Jay Jay the Jet Plane, among many more.

8. Has won awards

Mitchell has won a number of awards over the years, being recognized for multiple things. He was given the Cable Ace Award in 1997 for Best Actor in a comedy series for his role in Kenan and Kel. He also got the Best Actor in a comedy series for two of his shows, All That, and Kenan and Kel in 1999. He was also nominated twice for the Daytime Emmy award in 2001 and 2002 for his voiceover work as T-Bone, a loveable dog character from the children’s series, Clifford, The Big Red Dog.

9. Married and divorced

Mitchell was married to his ex-wife, Tyisha Hampton from 1999 to 2005 when they divorced. The two had two children together, Lyric and Allure. After the divorce, Mitchell dated other women but did not remarry until 2012 when he married Asia Lee. Asia Lee is a designer and Christian rap artist. They work together putting on a live dance competition for inner city kids called The Back House Party, at The Dream Center Gallery in Compton, California.

10. Philanthropist

Mitchell is a big philanthropist who not only gives of his financial support, but also, his time. He loves to speak at junior high schools and high schools all across the country, talking to students about living a godly life, following their dreams, and walk by faith and not by sight. He also is advocate against bullying in schools, and encourages kids to combat bullying using the principles of love and forgiveness. Mitchell also works with several organizations for kids. A couple of his biggest youth mentoring ventures include being a spokesperson for the National Center for Child Safety and Awarenees, (Nccsa), The Boys & Girls Club, The National College Association from the producers of The Black College Expo, LA’s Best After School Enrichment Program. Young Visionaries, and many others.


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