10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kelsea Ballerini

Kelsea Ballerini

If you’ve never heard of Kelsea Ballerini, it’s because you don’t listen to country music (or pop music). She’s a country pop singer, which is sort of what Taylor Swift was before she became a straight up pop singer and left behind the world of country music. It’s a bit of a crossover type of artist, which is very much what many people do in their own careers before they finally settle on a musical genre. She’s still young, only 22, but she’s no newbie to the game. Right now she’s making controversial headlines after she made it her personal decision to ban her dog from her tour bus.

Her sweet dog, Dibs, is one she got when she released a song by the same name, but she’s had to send him to her mother for the time being. Why? Because he’s just not able to control himself on the bus with the 12 other people on there, and he’s causing some issues. He’s not gone forever; just until he learns to behave himself and goes through some serious training. She’s not everyone’s favorite at the moment since so many people who love animals will not understand this move on her part, but she’s really just looking out for the best of everyone involved. We like that about Kelsea Ballerini, and it’s made us want to get to know a bit more about her, to be quite honest.

She’s A Tennessee Girl

She was born and raised in a little town in Tennessee called Mascot. It’s a cute name. Doesn’t it kind of make you envision Friday night football games and cheerleaders and bonfires and all the things you associate with a small town, especially one by this name? I think I’m in love with the town already and all I know about it is its name.

She’s Part Italian

It’s true that you don’t see many Italian country music stars, but she’s part Italian. In fact, she gets that from her father. He is also part Italian. So while we are not entirely positive just how Italian she is, we know she’s got it in her blood and that she is probably a great cook. Is that a stereotypical stereotype?

She Grew Up Dancing

When Kelsea Ballerini was only 3, her parents signed her up for dance lessons. She took part in them until she became a teenager, and then she decided to try new things. That’s all right; it happens. Kids learn something, want to be part of something, and then they made decisions to quit whatever it is that they are doing in favor of other things. We get it, and we are not hating on her for making those decisions.

She’s Always Been A Singer

Many people who go into the business of being professional singers do it their entire lives. Kelsea Ballerini was just a little girl when she began singing, and she’s always loved it. She was always part of her church choir and her school choir. She has always been very talented as far as her vocals are concerned, and she appreciates all that she has to offer. It’s always been her first love, and it’s obvious in her work and in her performances.

She’s About to Tour By Herself

She’s been an opening act for some of the biggest musical talent in the world, and now she’s going to be headlining her own tour. So far, we have no details as to when she will tour, what the name of the tour will be or what it will entail, but she did let it slip by accident that she is looking forward to this in the near future, and we love it for her. It is a huge accomplishment, and something she should be quite proud of.

She Loves Kelly Clarkson

When you are a singer, you have a favorite singer. Kelsea Ballerini states that her favorite singer of all time is Kelly Clarkson, and we can see why. The first ever American Idol is nothing short of exceptionally talented, and that makes it easy to fall right in love with her at any moment in time.

She’s Always Nervous

When she performs by herself, Kelsea Ballerini is not nervous. When she is on stage with someone else, however, she finds that it is difficult not to become nervous. She loves it, but she is always afraid she is going to mess up in front of her role models.

She Loves Taylor Swift

If you ask Kelsea Ballerini who she loves, she has a long list of people. However, she feels that Taylor Swift is probably her biggest role model in the music industry. This is interesting in that Taylor Swift once mentioned that she never had one of her own in the musical industry, and Ballerini thinks this is what makes her such a good one for other singers and performers.

She Is A Jonas Brothers Fan

It makes sense, since she was right about at that adolescent age when the brothers were the most popular and on the rise to their biggest part of fame. She worked with Nick Jonas recently, and she is not afraid to mention that she would happily work with him again in the near future if she was given the opportunity to do that. She loves his music and respects his work.

Frank Sinatra is Her Favorite Male Singer

Let’s be clear here; we all love Frank Sinatra. His voice, his music; it’s all very amazing. I love to listen to the Frank Sinatra Pandora Station when my twins are napping and my big girls are at school. There is nothing more I like than to listen to his music during the holidays, too. It’s just flawless and elegant and it takes me back to a time where I wasn’t even close to being alive, but I feel that I would have loved in terms of just the overall lifestyle. I don’t blame Kelsea Ballerini for loving him.

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