10 Things You Didn’t Know about Keonna Green

keonna green

Let’s be honest here, Keonna Green is the kind of woman that makes other women look bad. I’m only human and sometimes I say things that aren’t very nice or very appropriate – don’t we all – but at the end of the day, I’m a firm believer in empowering one another, being happy for one another and being a good, kind, decent person. That’s why Keonna Green is not my kind of woman. I don’t personally know her, but actions speak far louder than words and when a woman is not hesitant to become involved in a secret relationship with an engaged man, both she and said engaged man are not my kind of people. They are just not. At the same time, I cannot help but feel so sorry for this young woman. I don’t know her, but everything she’s had to say to the press screams so loudly that she is lacking confidence and self-respect and that she is just desperate for love and attention.

In case you have no idea who I’m talking about – and no one would know unless she did what she did – I’m talking about the young woman who just came forward to announce that she is 22 weeks pregnant with NBA player Nick Young’s second baby. Nick Young? That’s familiar; yes, because he’s the man who openly admitted to cheating on his fiancé, rapper Iggy Azalea on video, and then cheated on her causing her to put him out like yesterday’s trash. Now this young woman is just making the entire situation much worse.

She might want to make Iggy look bad by basically telling the world that the Australian rapper wasn’t good enough to satisfy her former man, but all Keonna Green is doing is making Azalea look so much better for putting her foot down and calling the game before this….boy….could do anymore damage in her life. So, Keonna Green is not the kind of person we typically enjoy, but the world wants to know more about her so here we go.

She’s got no morals

Keonna Green admitted to the press that she began her secret affair with Nick Green back in 2015 just after he proposed to Iggy Azalea. They spent months meeting on the sly when she was out of town so that they could resume their intimate relationship.

She has no shame

A real lady would one, never do that to another and two, never admit it to the press the way she’s been doing. She has no shame in her game since she’s perfectly willing to divulge all the dirty details of her secret affair to anyone who will listen. We have no respect for that.

She’s a mom

This makes me feel bad for her kids, because no kids should have to grow up with a role model like his. However, she’s already a mother to a four-year-old child she shares with Nick Young, with whom she had an affair and is welcoming a second baby with.

She owns a hair studio

If ever you get your hair done at the TNK Hair Studio in Los Angeles, you might want to know you’re getting your hair done by a woman who will not hesitate to hit on your man and sneak around behind your back. Call me rude for that comment, but it’s the truth; and the truth hurts, friends.

She went to high school with Nick Young

If you’re wondering where she met the basketball star, it was when she was in high school with him. He played sports, she was a cheerleader and they just hit it off when she decided she had a crush on him. She referred to getting to know him a “luring him in,” which I feel just speaks massive volumes about her and her personality. She did it with Mrs. Field’s cookies. Well, they are delicious.

She’s not afraid of stealing a man

I mean, come on; she is just ruining her own reputation here. Keonna Green is really just awful, and nothing makes me feel worse than calling someone I’ve never even met an awful person. Let’s just stop right here; she started sleeping with a man who was engaged and she knew it and doesn’t even feel sorry for it. Then she openly admits that she ‘lured’ him in during high school, and then she goes on to give an interview to US Magazine in which she says that she told all the girls in her school that she doesn’t care which one of them might be dating him, she wanted him. That’s really classless.

She thinks Nick Young respects women

I think that sometimes people don’t hear the words that are coming out of their mouths. Keonna Green has a lot of respect for Nick Young, which is very likely misplaced considering what he’s said and done recently. She also believes that his parents did a wonderful job raising him and that he has a lot of respect for women. Yes, I can see how cheating on your fiancé, admitting it on camera and then getting your ex-girlfriend pregnant during your engagement to another woman is highly respectful of women. God help the men who do not respect women if this is respect.

She thinks being a cheer captain is better than being a mother

I quote, “I guess I would say it was different back then because now, I’m not the captain of anything. I’m just the mother of his child. Whereas back then, I was the captain of my cheerleading squad,” she says of her relationship with Young back in high school. Am I the only one who gets the feeling she thinks it’s far better to the cheer captain than a mother? My goodness.

She has no confidence

I don’t know her, but you can see it in her response to questions the press is asking and how she believes that she was better when she was a cheerleader than a mother. She seems to have no confidence now, but then again a woman who is happy to be the side chick usually doesn’t.

She says she’s innocent

I feel bad for this girl. She believes that because she has a baby with this man already and that she loves him, she is completely justified in her affair. She also knows she was not the only woman he was with during his engagement to Azalea, but that never stopped her. It’s really sad, and she needs to get some confidence ASAP.

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