10 Things You Didn’t Know about Lindsay Shookus

Lindsay Shookus is an AMerican television producer, born on June 18, 1980 and raised in Williamsville, New York with her father, Robert, and mother Christine. Although she was raised in New York, she attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and studied journalism from 1998 to 2002 when she graduated. Shookus hit the ground running with her career right after graduating, landing a production job with one of the most long-running, popular comedy shows. She has also been nominated for many awards over the years. Shookus has worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood and has racked up a high number of producing credits on various other television shows and is very well respected in her genre in the Hollywood scene. You may have seen her name in credits on some of your favorite TV shows, and if you recognize this young producer, here are ten things you didn’t know about Lindsay Shookus.

1. Her first job out of college

Right out of college in 2002, Shookus got her first job right out of the gate, with Saturday Night Live, a very coveted position on a coveted show by most comedians. She has booked some pretty big names in the business, for the show, including, Miley Cyrus’ performance on October 3rd. She also works scouting out potential cast members for SNL and is responsible for some of the biggest ratings for the show. Since 2012, she is now a producer and no longer assistant, and she heads the talent department.

2. Emmy nominations

Shookus has been up for seven different Emmys and has won one for Outstanding Variety Special on SNL, that was given to her in 2015. As she continues on in her career at the level that she is, it is said that we will probably be seeing her accepting more in the future.

3. Watched a naked guy audition

Shookus talked about the oddest audition she ever witnessed. An actor stepped out on stage for his audition buck naked. Shookus said he walked out covered with only his hands over his privates and it was apparent he was expecting a mighty roar of laughter, when all he got were uncomfortable looks and a few nervous giggles. She went on to say, that needless to say, he didn’t get the part.

4. Her first show on SNL

As mentioned, Shookus has worked with some big names in show business, and on SNL, you come in contact with a wide variety of actors who guest star. Shookus’ very first show she worked on for SNL was with her new beau’s BFF, Matt Damon. Since then, she has worked with names like, American singer/songwriter Adele, Miley Cyrus, Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, and producer Lorne Michaels, plus many more names we all know and recognize.

5. Has been married

Shookus met assistant writer for SNL at the time she began to work on the show, Kevin Miller, in 2002. The couple wound up getting married in 2012 in a ceremony that her uncle officiated, and they later had a daughter the following year in 2013. In 2014, the couple split and Miller is no longer with Shookus, or with SNL, but works as a supervising producer on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

6. Dabbled in politics

Shookus got involved with the 2016 presidential election and was busy showing her support for one of the candidates. Can you guess which one? She is a Clinton supporter and therefore worked to promote her candidate. She also joined Emily’s List Creative Council. She speaks out for her beliefs and views.

7. Has worked on 30 Rock

Outside of SNL, Shookus has worked on other television shows with one being 30 Rock, a hit comedy show, starring Alec Baldwin. She has 45 credit episodes to her name with the show from the years 2008 to 2010. Her talent is highly respected and sought-after, and her name is quickly becoming noticed in the industry.

8. Has won awards

Outside of her Emmy nominations and win, Shookus has been given awards, too. She was named one of Billboard’s 50 Most Powerful Music Executives in consecutive years, 2015 and 2016.

9. Dating another super star

Now that Shookus is divorced, she is free to date and she is. Ben Affleck, a fellow “Hollywoodian,” is Shookus’ new beau. Affleck was married to Jennifer Garner but is now divorced and out on his own, and starting to date again. The two have been seen a lot together and are said to be a couple, so who knows where this may lead to, but dating someone as famous as Ben Affleck, you’ve got to be prepared to be seen in the tabloids quite a bit.

10. Shookus’ philosophy on producing for SNL

Shookus has said that in this business, you only get one chance to impress the people and you want what you do to make a good impression. She goes on to say that people’s memories are long. They will remember a bad show just like they will remember a good one, so she works hard to make sure her shows on SNL she produces, are going to leave a good impression with the audience.


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