10 Things You Didn’t Know about David Parnes

Are you looking to buy or sell a million dollar, or more, home in the LA area? If you are, this is the guy who can help you. Originally from London, David Parnes now resides in the LA area and is a high-end real estate agent who only deal with multi-million dollar properties. Born in London, England in 1982, Parnes moved to LA in 2009 and he not only deals in real estate, but he appeared in a reality TV show that is all about dealing with high end real estate called Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, on the Bravo network. He is an amazing agent and great at what he does. You may have seen him on his show and know a little about this wealthy realtor, but here are ten things you didn’t know about David Parnes.

1. Star of reality TV show

David Parnes is part of a group of realtors that are followed on the reality show Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles that stars, Josh Flagg, Josh Altman, James Harris and Madison Hildebrand. The show airs on Bravo and has recently renewed for its 10th new season. The show is pretty straight forward in that it follows these five realtors as they sell high-end, multi-million dollar homes in the Los Angeles area.

2. He’s a self-proclaimed “momma’s boy”

Parnes graduated from University of Manchester and began working for a hedge fund for a while, and eventually he became interested in real estate assets and made a move toward the change. Parnes began separating himself from the London fog by heading to LA for the summers to enjoy warmer temps, and although he was close to his mother and family, he decided he wanted to make LA his home since he easily fell in love with the people, the sunny weather, and the real estate that he knew he could make a career selling and permanently made LA his home in 2009.

3.  Had a spat with a partner

There was a time where Parnes and one of his partners, Josh Altman, were not seeing eye-to-eye. Apparently, Parnes has been known to refer to his partner as a “Douche” due to the fact that Altman was apparently trying to go after the same clients as Parnes. There is supposed to be a code regarding these types of situations and hopefully they got it resolved.

4. He’s a no-nonsense realtor

Parnes and his partner Harris talk about how they work to close deals and he has explained that they do not mess around. They have a no-nonsense policy, while other realtors may allow some pushing and shoving, or messing around when it comes to working a deal. He says that those types of deals don’t always work and can easily fall through, so by playing hardball, that coupled with their incredible network of extremely wealthy domestic and international clients, he has soared into an amazing net worth bracket for himself.

5. Ranked one of the top realtors

Parnes has an incredible net worth of over $16 million dollars and it’s because he knows his business. He knows real estate, he knows how to network to get the best homes to sell, and how to earn the trust of the homeowners to let him represent them and their property. He also knows how to close deals. Because of all his hard work, Parnes was ranked as #25 as one of the top realtors in Hollywood.

6. Has worked with some big names in Hollywood

More and more celebs are turning to Parnes to help them sell their million dollar mansions. He has worked with Larry Flynt, founder of Hustler, director Michael Bay, Kris Humphries, Manny Mashouf, founder of fashion line Bebe, and many more. His list is growing continually and with these types of contacts, there is little doubt that he will not be watching the net worth soar way higher over the years.

7. Renting a house

Yes, Parnes is known to sell such lavish properties, yet he, himself is renting a home. But it’s ok, because it’s with this (now) wife and because they sold off their completed home. This will only be temporary they say, until they remodel the British style cottage that they have apparently recently purchased and plan to make it the perfect home for him and his, hopefully, growing family. I’m sure it will be as incredible as any home he has sold for the celebs.

8. Married his long term girlfriend

Parnes had been dating the same girl for a couple of years before they decided to tie the knot. Adrian Abnosi and Parnes met at a restaurant and after two years, he proposed to his long time girlfriend and best friend, in Italy. They were married in a lavish wedding in France just this past month. Parnes had said that the first part of the honeymoon was to be with all their friends and family to party and celebrate. Then the two would take off together alone, where hopefully he hoped for them to get pregnant. He’s made it clear that he’s anxious to start a family.

9. Gross sells in 2017 are already topping 2016

Parnes says that the total gross sells for his team in 2016 was well of $200 million, but that already in the first three months of 2017, they had already well surpassed that figure. He has said that they are still able to do this while juggling day jobs with their TV roles and dealing with clients. He also talks about the types of properties that are considered red hot right now, and says it’s not all privately own homes, but that businesses are also hot real estate tickets right now and bringing in boatloads of money.

10. Parnes has had two nose surgeries

Parne has talked about a nose job he had done 11 years ago and says that really, he shouldn’t have had it done to begin with because it wasn’t really that bad. But he did and over time, scar tissue built up and he began having breathing issues. He found out his partner had had rhinoplasty surgery and got the name of his plastic surgeon and now he is happy with his outcome, including that he can breath better.


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