10 Things You Didn’t Know about Amanda Stanton

amanda stanton

It appears that Amanda Stanton doesn’t take what her friends have to say to her very seriously. The one-time bachelorette looking to fall in love with the same man as 24 other women met a man when she moved to Mexico for a few weeks of Paradise. The single mother of two little girls decided to join the cast of Bachelor in Paradise so that she could have a chance at love and happiness after having two babies and getting divorced. She began her journey dating Nick Viall, the man who will go on to find his one and only in a group of 25 women in a few short months, but she quickly dumped him for Viall’s archrival, Josh Murray.

The former fiancé of Bachelorette and Attorney Andi Dorfman and the controversial subject of Dorfman’s new tell-all book, Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray are still facing a lot of heat from their friends and enemies on the show while it still airs. It turns out that they are ignoring all the hate and what anyone else has to say, and they are working on their relationship. She didn’t listen to her friends when they told her they had a bad feeling about Murray, and it makes us wonder what else is up with Amanda Stanton. What don’t we know about the woman everyone is so worried about?

She’s living with Murray now

It turns out that these two did manage to make things work enough that he has moved out of his Atlanta home and left his job in order to move in with Amanda Stanton in California. They are happily living together with her two little girls, and they seem better than ever.

She’s very close to her mom

She made a joke once that she likes to talk on the phone to her mom around 25 times a day. The thing is that it was less joke and more serious truth. She’s not ashamed of it; her family is important to her and she doesn’t have anything to apologize for on that matter. Family is family, and family is important.

She says her ex isn’t a great father

When she was competing to find love with Ben Higgins, Amanda Stanton made the world believe that her ex-husband was not all that interested in spending quality time with his daughters, who were 2 and 3 at the time. He has something else to say about it, of course; he’s a great dad and he doesn’t like that she’s allowed the world to think differently of him.

She’s a great friend

When her friend Ashley came back to paradise to find love and ends up feeling unsexy and like she’s not good enough for love, her friend Amanda was thrown. She tweeted that night that she cannot believe her friend doesn’t think she’s sexy and that she might be the only person that doesn’t think she is. We love a good friend willing to pick up her girls and tell them they’re amazing.

She uses the word “like” a lot

She knows that she says this word so much when she’s nervous that she apologizes for it while using it a half dozen times in her apology. She calls it a nervous tick, and we don’t think that she has anything to be upset about. I mean, it’s really annoying to hear that word all the time, but it’s not a big deal and it does not make us adore her any less.

Her ex thought she should be the Bachelorette

Believe it or not, even though their marriage did not work out, he thinks she would make a great star on the show. He calls her loyal and kind, and he said that they share two great kids and she does deserve happiness. That’s some pretty nice stuff for a man to say abou this ex, when she might have led the world to believe he’s not the best dad.

She married young

She’s not all that old right now, but it turns out that the demise of her first marriage has everything to do with age. She was too young when she married her husband, and things did not work for them. I can see that; but I was a young bride, too, and things get better for us every year. I was 21 when I married my husband, who was 22 at the time. It’s been more than 11 years now, and we have grown even closer together.

She might have gotten married for the wrong reasons

I will go out on a limb with a bit of controversial belief here; I think that when people get pregnant and have a baby and then decide to get married, it really does increase their chances of getting divorced. I think that it’s just what I’ve seen time and time again from people, and I’m not a huge fan of that. Amanda Stanton married her ex when their oldest daughter was only 6-months old, and she regrets that. I think a lot of people do.

She’s pretty kind

One thing we love about Amanda Stanton is that she is just a kind person from what we know of her. She tweeted that four is her lucky number and hoped that it was for Nick Viall, too. Even though she briefly explored a relationship for him, moved on to Josh Murray and listened as he stood up and told everyone that he thinks Murray is in this for the wrong reasons, she is still kind to him and wishes him the best of luck. We absolutely love that.

Men love her

Amanda Stanton made it as far as hometown dates when Ben was the Bachelor, but it was former bachelor men Chris Soules and JJ Lane that both fell for her, hard. They both would love a chance to get to know her, but they don’t get that chance now that she’s found love and moved on with Josh Murray.

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