10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ashley Iaconetti

ashley iaconetti

Oh, Ashley Iaconetti; the most entertaining person to grace reality television in a long time, but also the person the world cannot help but feel exceptionally sorry for. I have to admit that I haven’t watched the Bachelor or Bachelorette in a long time. I guess it lost my interest when the cast began to get weirder and stranger and more immature than ever before (or perhaps when I grew up??) and so I missed out on seeing pretty much every single cast member now in paradise – with the exception of Nick, Sarah and Josh on their actual seasons.

When Ashley Iaconetti showed up last season head over heels in love with a guy named Jared who is probably a very nice guy but doesn’t seem to do anything for me, I felt so bad for her. He told her time and time again he wasn’t interested – to the point that my TimeHop just showed me a Facebook status update from a year ago when I posted that he said to her, “I am not romantically interested in you. There is nothing here. I will be your friend only,” and she said, “OMG! He’s sending me so many mixed signals,” and I laughed and laughed and felt really bad for her. I think she’s lovely, but that she has some confidence and self-esteem issues to hang her heart on this guy who doesn’t seem to care for her at all other than friendships. Now she’s back in paradise and I’m done feeling sorry for her; she’s choosing her misery.

She’s BFF with Jared

Outside of the franchise, she and Jared Haibon, the man she’s crazy in love with, are best friends. I know she’s in love with him and will take what she can get. However, I think he’s a little gross for pursuing this friendship knowing how she feels and allowing her to torture herself like this. Just saying, people.

She’s smart

She cries a lot, so many people feel that Ashley Iaconetti might be a little bit dim. She’s not; even if she has horrible taste in men. She’s actually quite smart. She has a bachelor’s degree from James Madison University and she’s pursuing her Master’s Degree in Broadcasting and Journalism at Syracuse University. No dummy gets to do that without hesitation, you know.

She’s Kardashian Obsessed

It seems that many people are considering how much money they make and how much of an influence they are on modern pop culture. She likes to think that with her dark hair and features she might look a bit like a Kardashian, and she works really hard to make sure she mimics their style as often as she can. She makes it work with really long lashes, really glam makeup all day long, and form fitting clothes that are basically impossible for her to move in.

She works for Cosmo

Did you know that Ashley Iaconetti is working for Cosmo? She writes a post-Bachelor recap for the magazine anytime that the show airs. She’s good, too, which is what that impressive degree from Syracuse has to offer her. She might be a joke on television, but she’s no joke when it comes to how intelligent she is in the media world.

She’s come full circle

It seems that she might have made herself a bit more popular with her fans over the years. People didn’t like her when she was on the season with the farmer, thinking she was too glam and too high-maintenance for him. However, they seem to like her better now that she’s just a woman sick in love with a man that doesn’t want her back. I wonder if that makes her happy?

She loves football

You might not expect that from her, but she’s a surprising one. Ashley Iaconetti has a love for football that might just rival my own. Of course, she prefers pro and I’m a college football girl all the way, but that’s neither here nor there. She even wrote her own Jets blog for some time before she gave it up to become a famous reality television star who kind of looks sad to the rest of the world.

She’s persistent

If there is one thing we’ve learned about her in the past year, it’s that she does not give up. She knows what she wants and she’s about to get it no matter how hard it is for her to actually make that happen. She’s in love with Jared, and she’s not giving up no matter how hard he tries to get her to leave him alone – in front of the cameras, that is.

She is trying to control Jared

He doesn’t want her, much to her disappointment. So she feels that she can just tell all the bachelorettes that might show up in paradise that she’s claimed him and that they cannot connect with him. It is an interesting situation, really. “If I can’t have him, no one can,” seems to be her motto. It doesn’t seem overly fair.

She owns her own company

Did you know that Ashley Iaconetti has her own company that she calls E&S Media Creations? She does wedding videos, sports videos and even corporate videos. She then edits them and makes them what her clients want them to become. It’s an interesting job for her and she seems to really like what she does outside of being in front of the cameras on reality television every single summer.

She might find love

The rumor on the street is that there is another man coming to paradise soon, and that they might have hit it off in a big way. His name is Wells Adams, and don’t ask me who he is. I have no idea, and I will find out when he shows up just like everyone else. He’s apparently a former man who was looking for love, so there’s that. However, the rumor is that he’s mega-into Ashley and that they might just hit it off. Good for her.

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