10 Things You Didn’t Know about Aubry Bracco

aubry bracco

It’s all right if you didn’t know that Aubry Bracco is a famous name. To be completely clear, she’s someone from Survivor, which is kind of a show that has been on for so long we forget about it. To be even more clear, it’s not a show I’ve watched, ever, in my entire life. The concept of being outside in the wilderness voluntarily without the things that you need to get through life just does not do anything for me in any way, shape or form. There is nothing about it I find appealing. In fact, I find the people who are on this show to be a little bit crazy in a way. They’re certainly adventurous and brave, but they’re crazy. This is the kind of situation you hope never to find yourself, and these people volunteer to do it on a daily basis for the sake of a few dollars and some fame.

Aubry Bracco is one of those people, and she loves the game. She is on the show, and she’s made some waves. She isn’t a household name, but the people who still watch this show and love it know who she is; and they think that it’s time to get to know more about her since her name is in the news these days.

She’s from Boston

Something that few people know about Aubry Bracco is that she is from Boston. She lives and works there, and some people might assume that she was raised there. However, she has no accent, which is apparently a problem for some as they cannot immediately tell where she is from.

She’s actually from New Hampshire

The truth is that while she works in Boston and she lives there at the moment, Aubry Bracco was actually raised in New Hampshire. That explains the fact that she does not have a Boston accent and the fact that she seems as if she could care less that she’s from Boston. It also explains why she wears no Boston gear and is not all that excited about being from there. She’s not; and that’s a very good reason.

She doesn’t talk about it

There is some disbelief among fans that Aubry Bracco does not represent Boston in some way. There is a history on the show of people from this city managing to talk about it in every conversation, or at least wear something from the city as regularly as possible. She doesn’t, and that is bothering more than a few people who feel she needs to just come out with it already and be open to her roots.

She’s smart

Aubry Bracco is a college-educated woman with a long history of smarts behind her. She’s gone to both Exeter and Brown, and she is quite pleased with her formal education. It’s made her quite successful, though you will not find her talking about it in the least. She’s a modest woman who seems to keep her success close to her heart.

Her grandmother is her inspiration

There are a lot of people in the world who have their own inspirations and their own way of living. Aubry Bracco says that her grandmother is one of those people for her. She’s the woman she looks up to more than anyone else, and for a very good reason.

She did not write a thesis

When she was part of her graduate school program at Brown, she talked her professors into allowing her to forgo her 50-page thesis. How? She told them she would write a children’s book about Manatees instead, and they agreed to let her do it. Now that is some seriously smart stuff right there.

She graduated with honors

Without a thesis, which is a requirement for post-graduate degrees, she still graduated with honors from Brown University. And she graduated the author of a book about Manatees for little kids. That is not quite something that we think she should keep to herself. That’s pretty remarkable stuff.

She did not win

She was a strong favorite on the hit reality show where she has to survive in the wilderness, but she did not win. Part of the final four, many people put their money on her to take home the prize money, but she seemed unable to pull through in the end, not making it to the final winning position. It’s a shock to many, too, as she is such a friendly person with an uncanny ability to make friends in a competitive game in which most people are unable to do that in the least. Most of the contestants on the show struggle to even get through the day; she’s making friends all over the place.

She loves to color

Sometimes you have to find a hobby that keeps you entertained, keeps you from going crazy and keeps you from wanting to rip out your hair. Aubry Bracco likes to color. In fact, she said that if she could have anything on the island with her that she wanted, she would have chosen a pack of crayons for herself. Along with a little paper and some inspiration, she could have kept herself quite busy and very happy with both. That’s all she wants, and all she wrote, really. Perhaps she’s the reason adult coloring books are so popular all of a sudden.

Do not give her a fake compliment

You know how sometimes you want to find something nice to say about someone and you struggle with it for a bit? Well, Aubry Bracco would prefer you not struggle, and you just keep your mouth shut instead. She doesn’t feel that you have to respond with a compliment to someone who offers you one first, unless you really mean it. She doesn’t care for fake compliments, and she’s not trying to listen to people give them. It’s her pet peeve, and we kind of agree with her on this one. If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t fake it.

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