10 Things You Didn’t Know about Carlson Young

carlson young

Carlson Young might be someone you recognize if you have kids. She’s a Disney Channel star from As the Bell Rings, and that means you probably see more of her than you care to admit. I have to admit that I did not know her name, but I immediately recognized her face from the show. My kids are too young to have watched it, but my nieces and nephews might have turned it on a time or two in the past. She’s been a big star in terms of guest starring on more than one show, and that’s another reason so many people recognize her. if you watch any of the hottest primetime shows on television in the past few years, you’ve seen her.

On that note, we don’t know what she’s up to now, how her life is going or what she’s doing next. We thought we might make an effort to see how she’s been doing since she was giving a main role in the hit show Scream. She’s back on television regularly, so we want to know more about her.

She’s still young

Carlson Young is a young actress. She’s only 25, born on October 29, 1990. This year will mark her 26th birthday, and the beginning of the end of her 20s. Some people approach that birthday with a bit of hesitation and worry, but she seems to be doing all right with it. She doesn’t seem to be bothered at all by her age and the fact that 30 is now officially closer than 20.

She’s a Texas girl

We love Texas. My grandmother lives on a giant farm in North Texas and it keeps her very young at almost 100. She’s my favorite person in the world, so I do find that I have a soft spot in my heart for those from Texas. Carlson Young is also from Texas. She was born and raised in Forth Worth. It’s a bit of a ways away from my grandmother, but we’ve spent some time in Fort Worth anytime we visit the Dallas area.

She got engaged in Iceland

She calls it the best story ever, and she’s probably right. It all started with a dog-sledding expedition gone wrong, a rental car, three hours of daylight and a moment of romance so sweet that nothing else matters to her. Her plans for the day might not have gone quite the way she wanted them to go, but they were all so sweet in the end she doesn’t even care.

She is very busy

Planning her wedding date has been a big challenge for Carlson Young. She says the most difficult thing in her life is that she is so busy with work and so is her fiancé, and they cannot seem to come up with any time for them to be together. They are choosing a date that will work for both of them, but it makes them realize that they don’t actually have any time together at most any point in their lives. It’s been a challenge, but they are working it out.

She’s not a fan of DIY

Some people are, some people are not. I love the idea of being creative and DIY, but I’m not all the creative. It turns out that I only like the finished product and I detest the work involved in DIY work, so it’s much more reasonable for me to buy something that someone else already did themselves and call it contributing to their children’s future college funds. I’m going to assume that Carlson Young might be on my side with this one.

She’s going to have a big bridal party

How many ladies did you have stand by your side on your wedding day? I had five – most were family. That was more than 11 years ago, though. Today, I’d have two ladies stand beside me and that’s all. Not that I don’t love everyone else, but I like the idea of small and intimate if my husband and I were to do it all over again (and one day we will renew our vows, but is it sad I want our 2-year-old twins to be a little older and able to actually stand still for beautiful photos of our family during our vow renewal?). Either way, Carlson young has made it known she’s got 13 bridesmaids standing beside her on her wedding day. Yes, you read that correctly.

She Skypes with her fiancé every day

One thing that makes her relationship work with her fiancé, Isom Innis, is that she makes sure the two Skype every single day. They never miss a day or an opportunity to see one another through the computer so that they can stay connected when they are both working apart from one another. It’s been good for them, and she is happy to say she feels that they are making it work.

She’s got rules

I like that Carlson Young has made some rules in her relationship. She and her fiancé never go more than two weeks apart, and they call that the reason they work so well together. I have to admit that I can’t go two weeks with my husband. In 15 years the longest we’ve ever been apart was 2 nights and we both hated that so much we made a vow that we would never do it again. Of course, our work allows us to work together from home, so we are very spoiled.

She’s obsessed with coconut oil

Carlson Young is happy to admit that she has a love affair with coconut oil. She uses it all the time, and she’s got no shame in her game. She likes it, and she’s going to make sure she feels good about herself no matter how much coconut oil she needs to use every day.

She loves her eyebrows…now

Carlson Young admitted that she went through a phase much like the rest of us when she overplucked her brows. She said she saw a photo of herself from her Disney Channel days and couldn’t believe she ever went out of the house with her brows looking like they did – not there.

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