10 Things You Didn’t Know about Chad Michael Murray

Chad Michael Murray

Chad Michael Murray became a hit star when he was cast in the famous show One Tree Hill. The show garnered a lot of fan attention and people were drawn to his natural good looks, and his real life romance and marriage to his co-star Sophia Bush. Of course, it later came to light that he might not be the good guy that so many of his fans wanted him to be when he was rumored to have cheated on his wife, Bush, with one of his horror movie co-stars, Paris Hilton. Their divorce was an ugly one, the fans he had seemed to question their feelings for him and it seemed that life might not be so golden for him anymore, but he’s managed to bounce back from his time in the spotlight for negativity and remade his image.

He’s now remarried, he’s now starring in movies left and right, and he’s seemed to have made a positive change in his life. Perhaps it is the fact that he’s grown up a bit now from the young kid he was a decade ago when he was married to his first wife and behaving badly as a young, famous star without much experience. We don’t know what it is, but we thought we might try to get to know Chad Michael Murray just a little bit better these days.

He’s a good football player

Throughout his childhood, Chad Michael Murray was a good football player. In fact, he never imagined he would become a famous movie and television star. He always wanted to play sports professionally, and it was a bit of a surprise for many people in his life when he decided to go for the gold instead of for the goal.

He was only married to Sophia Bush for five months

When he and Bush became engaged in 2004 and married in April 2005, the world was so excited. When she announced their separation only five months later in September, the world was shocked. It turns out that she wanted to annul their marriage, but they were denied that request and given a divorce over a year later.

He was engaged to someone else before his first wedding anniversary

When Chad Michael Murray met a young woman by the name of Kenzie Dalton, he asked her to marry him in April 2006. He should have been celebrating his first wedding anniversary to his first wife at that point, but he was in the middle of an ugly divorce that would not even be granted for another 8 months. The couple was engaged for seven years before ending their relationship in 2013.

He moves on quickly

It appears that Chad Michael Murray does not like to be alone. Once he ended his seven-year engagement, he then moved on with his co-star from “Chosen,” Sarah Roemer. The couple began dating in 2014 and then were married and welcoming their first child together at the beginning of 2015.

He was the first person cast for OTH

When producers were making their picks for OTH, they did not cast Chad Michael Murray for the role that he actually played. They cast him first of all the characters on the show, and they cast him for Nathan. We all know he ended up playing Lucas, but that didn’t matter to anyone at the moment. The role actually went to James Lafferty because he actually does play basketball very well.

He had to be trained to play ball

Even though Chad Michael Murray was a great football player in his childhood and throughout his life, he’d never played basketball before he was cast on OTH. What that meant was that the producers of the show had to find him a coach so that they could teach him to play and actually make it a point to make him good before they filmed. They wanted him to appear good and natural, and they worked hard to ensure that was possible.

His tattoo was a problem

Do you remember the episode of OTH where Lucas got a Chinese tattoo? He did that because CMM actually got a tattoo of his own initial on his arm at the same time, and the producers could not have him walking around with that on his arm and showing off the letters of his real name. So, they covered it up and gave him a tattoo of something else instead so that it seemed legit.

He had a bad reputation

We don’t know CMM, so we cannot confirm whether or not this is true. However, it appears that he began to develop quite the bad reputation for being a bit of a diva once his marriage to his first wife was over. Rumors swirled that he became difficult to work with and that he was becoming a huge jerk, and that it got him kicked off the show that made him famous.

He’s an author

Did you know that Chad Michael Murray wrote a book? I didn’t, but he did. Apparently, he wrote many different things leaving most of them unfinished and undisclosed. However, in 2011 he actually published a book listed as a graphic novel. It’s called “Everlast,” and don’t ask us how it did on the NYT best-sellers list, because we have no idea if it even made it to the list or if anyone even bought the book to read it for enjoyment or just plain curiosity.

He’s an animal lover

While he might not be the nicest guy in Hollywood, or so they say, Chad Michael Murray does have a thing for animals. In fact, he has a big thing for animals. He loves them. He’s an animal activist at times, and he’s always had a dog of his own. In fact, one dog he had during his earlier years actually had a guest starring role alongside him on television. Now that’s a pretty cool bonus of taking your dog to work with you.

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