10 Things You Didn’t Know about Charisse Jordan

charisse jordan

If you’re not watching the Real Housewives of Potomac yet, you really are missing out by not getting to know these women, particular Charisse Jordan. Bravo is just turning up the drama with this group of ladies who are self-proclaimed ladies with class, yet the network once again forgot to actually choose women who have ever looked up the definition of the word class. Not to sound crass or judgmental, but class is not what we see much of on this television franchise if we are being honest. However, that doesn’t change the fact that the RHOP are fabulous in every which way. They are all beautiful women with big personalities, lovely families and they are hardcore in the belief that they are the most important women in their community. We don’t know if they are or not, but we think that they are just divine.

Charisse Jordan is one of the RHOP, and we adore her. She is a woman who shows strength as far as the eye can see. Her life was recently turned upside down in every imaginable way, and she’s working through something that no one really should ever have to go through. She’s an impressive woman, and we want to get to know her better.

She owns her age

Let’s get something straight right now; Charisse Jordan is not trying to hide her age. She might be a famous woman who loves to look good, but she’s not afraid to flaunt her age (she’s 50) proudly and show it off like the badge of honor it is. After all, who doesn’t want to scream from the top of the mountains that they are 50 when they look this good? She’s gorgeous; and she should be proud.

She’s dealing with a lot of family issues right now

Shortly before Charisse Jordan decided to sign up for the show and become a real housewife, she lost three of her siblings. They were killed, and though we have no idea what happened to them nor would we ever want to ask or intrude, it’s still something she has to deal with. It’s not easy, whether they are close to one another or not. Her life was turned upside down when her siblings died, and that’s not something many people could deal with using as much class and dignity as Charisse.

She’s a basketball wife

Her husband is Eddie Jordan. He played for the NBA for more than 18 years, and he is now the head coach for Rutger’s men’s basketball team. They’ve been married a very long time and have two teenage children together.

They don’t live together

Despite the fact that Charissee Jordan and Eddie have been married so long and claim to be happy in their marriage, they do not live together. He lives full time in New Jersey and wants nothing to do with the reality show on which she is portrayed. He is not someone who likes the limelight and does not want to bother. However, they don’t live together.

She doesn’t like men in her room

When the show first aired, Charisse Jordan was appalled that her girlfriend brought her male hairdresser upstairs into her bathroom at her house before a party. She was terrified that her husband would be upset by this, and it’s not something we totally disagree with. While we get that he’s a hairdresser and he’s there for a purpose that is not illicit in any way, he’s still a man and there is a line of respect that partners should have; no one in the bedroom but the couple who shares the bed.

She’s charitable

You know how some people are only charitable because it makes them look good and it makes them look like the kind of people you want to know? Well, Charisse Jordan is not one of those people. She works with charities in a way that is more in-depth and involved than just hosting parties and writing checks. She’s been known to roll up her sleeves and get to work doing the dirty work to make the world a better place, and that is something we have to say we really do love about her.

She doesn’t love marriage speculation

Charisse Jordan and her husband have been married almost 20 years. Their marriage works for them. Some people cannot be away from their spouse for long periods of time without missing them too much, and she feels that their absence works for them. They’re free to see one another anytime they’d like, and they do spend some serious time together despite living in different states and living completely different lives. It’s a marriage that might not seem overly conventional for most, but it’s something that some people really thrive on making work in their own lives.

She’s down-to-earth

This is one that she might have made up on her own. Charisse Jordan likes to think she is relatable, laid-back and relaxed, but she’s not really. In fact, she even tells people that if she doesn’t know your name,  you’re not worth knowing at all. That doesn’t sound like someone who is really all that laid-back, does it?

She’s a mistress

Now that’s a line that will stop you right in your tracks; she’s not actually a mistress. However, she is of the opinion that she is her husband’s mistress. He is married to his job as a head basketball coach for a very important university and she feels, most of the time, that she comes second to his work and to his job. She feels she is his mistress.

She dances

She might not have been cast on any of our favorite reality television show dancing competitions just yet, but Charisse Jordan knows how to get down. She’s a beautiful dancer and she actually won the D.C. Dancing Stars Charity Competition back in 2014 with her lovely moves. She is someone who is good at everything she does, and that does not make her feel at all ashamed.

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