10 Things You Didn’t Know about Curtis Stone

curtis stone

Who doesn’t love Curtis Stone? The celebrity chef stole the hearts of Americans with his soft Australian accent and his sweet nature with his very famous actress wife, Lindsay Price. The two have the most adorable children, the sweetest online photos and they seem genuinely happy. It’s impossible not to love the love that they seem to share, the way that they look at one another and their two little ones, and he just seems like the kind of guy you could be good friends with in reality. I mean, that’s just my opinion, but my husband will tell you it’s a good one and that I am rarely incorrect (he’s sweet).

Curtis Stone has been ruling the world of professional cooking, and he’s good at what he does. It’s amazing that one can take their skills in the kitchen and make it a living, and we love it. As someone whose only skill in the kitchen is setting off the smoke alarm like clockwork every time I make pasta for my kids, I am impressed. Let’s get to know Curtis Stone a bit better.

He learned to cook from his grandmother

When he was a boy of only four-years-old, Curtis Stone took a liking to heading into the kitchen with his grandmother. She would cook the family dinner and he would help her out. I’m sure that it started in such a sweet manner, probably in the same way that our kids want to help us in the kitchen (likely to help prevent a house fire, really) and his grandmother loved the time they spent together. Unlike most kids who just want to crack an egg or mix a bowl of ingredients until it loses its novelty, however, Curtis Stone never wanted to leave the kitchen. Everything he learned to do, he learned to do in the kitchen.

He owns a restaurant in Beverly Hills

Maude is the name of his restaurant in Beverly Hills, and it’s doing quite well. He opened it on the first day of February back in 2014. It was hugely successful right away, and it does not appear that it’s going to lose any of its steam in the near future. People love it, and it is a staple for those who dine in Beverly Hills.

He owns a restaurant in LA

Additionally, Curtis Stone and his brother Luke own a restaurant in LA called Gwen. It’s another amazing location that has nothing but a tasting menu, and it’s hugely popular with celebrities and his fans alike. It’s not easy to get in, but you will very likely catch a glimpse of the celebrity chef or his brother if you take a moment to stop in and see what’s up with them.

His restaurants have a very special name

We already mentioned that his restaurant is called Maude. That also happens to be the name of Curtis Stone’s grandmother, from whom he learned to cook. He decided that he owed her a lot for making it possible for him to pursue his dreams and chase his career, and the fact that she taught him how to cook to begin with. When he began to come up with the concept of his restaurant, he knew immediately he wanted to name it after his beloved grandmother, and we think that is the sweetest thing. He also named his second restaurant after his other grandmother, Gwen.

He was a Celebrity Apprentice

During the fourth season of the celebrity shows, he showed up to bring his A game. It turns out that Curtis Stone is not all that bad in the world of business, but he’s far better in the kitchen. He was fired toward the end of the season, but he did make it all the way to fourth place. That’s not a bad gig, since so many other people were fired long before.

He has two sons

Curtis Stone is going through the most exciting time in his life right now with two small sons. His son Hudson was born in 2011 and his son Emerson was born in 2014. He’s about to have a 5-year-old and a 2-year-old, and there is nothing so exciting (or busy and stressful) as those ages. Trust me, I have a 5-year-old and two 2-year-olds (and an 8-year-old).

He’s a family man

There is nothing that Curtis Stone loves more than his family. He spends as much of his free time with them as he possibly can, and he’s proud of it. He likes to use the hashtag #familymanandlovingit on his Twitter feed. He reminds me a lot of my own husband with his obvious love for his kids and his family. It’s darling, and it’s what makes a real man.

He’s adventurous

Who doesn’t love a bit of adventure in real life? Curtis Stone is not afraid of a little adventure, that’s for certain. He recently took his almost 5-year-old son parasailing, and they had the best time. They even had time to snap a selfie of themselves in the air, and their smiles were both huge and pretty much exactly the same.

He’s looking for a Michelin Star

It turns out that there are no more Michelin rated restaurants in LA at the moment, and he is the chef who is looking to make the Michelin Guide return to the city. If anyone can do it, we have a feeling that it is Curtis Stone. We would not be surprised if he was able to pull that one off before too long.

His Twitter feed leaves your mouth watering

I could never follow Curtis Stone on social media. Why? Because I’d either spend my days depressed that I don’t have amazing food in front of me, or I’d be 600 pounds. He posts things like photos of his amazing food along with decadent descriptions of all that he has cooking. Quite frankly, we are beginning to believe that he and Lindsay Price must either spend 7 hours a day at the gym or have the most amazing self-control and willpower that ever existed.

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