10 Things You Didn’t Know about David Beador

david beador

David Beador is not a real housewife, but he’s the man behind one. He’s the husband of Orange County housewife Shannon Beador, and he’s the man that seems to be more controversial than anything else. When he first came onto the scene three years ago when his wife was the new wife on the block, he wasn’t very nice. He was quiet, he was ignoring his wife’s obvious unhappiness, and he was not someone who looked all that involved or even interested in his marriage. It later came out that he was in the middle of an affair with a friend of his wife – another married woman – and that their marriage was on the rocks.

He agreed to counseling, to keeping his family together, and he’s been making an obvious effort to keep his family together ever since. He and his wife seem to have made it through the worst part of their infidelity and it’s obvious to their fans they are making a big effort to work through their hardships and get their marriage back on track. However, as often as he is on television, we still don’t know much abou the mysterious David Beador – save for the fact that every single time I see him I am reminded of Tamra Judge’s ex-husband, Simon (I mean, they could be brothers or cousins or something as much as they seem to look alike). We thought we might get to know him a bit better for the fun of it.

His affair gave him new life

It was something he admitted on national television, and it gave his wife a bad feeling. David Beador knows what he did was wrong, but he also knew that at that time in his marriage he was so miserable that being involved with another woman was a high that he really did come to enjoy.

He’s been arrested

David Beador was arrested back in 2003 for charges that are listed as battery against a cohabitant. He was released when he paid a five-figure bond and then plead guilty to a misdemeanor for the incident. It was against his wife, and she called the police on him.

He might not be that nice of a man

If you look at David Beador and his behavior, he might have a pattern of not being a very nice man. He was admittedly abusive to his wife earlier in their relationship, he’s cheated and he really did get into Vicki Gunvalson’s face during a recent episode. We get why he doesn’t care much for her, but we also find it disgusting that a man would treat a woman like that. A true gentleman would not engage a woman in that kind of argument.

He’s in construction

David Beador is a wealthy man. He owns a construction company he began with his family back in 1996. It’s a large operation, and they actually have a business revenue in the tens of millions each year. He is actually more successful than many of the other housewives and their husbands if you want to get down to it.

Everyone knew about his affair

It seems that his wife might have been the only person in the OC who did not know that he was having an affair. David Beador was not exactly good at keeping this a secret, as it appears his mistress was big on talking about it to other people. It’s been reported that both Heather Dubrow and Tamra Judge knew about it before his own wife knew about it.

David knew that Heather knew

How he was able to spend time with his wife’s friends when he suspected that Heather Dubrow knew of his affair is something that we will never understand. He was able to socialize with her at parties and spend time with her knowing that she might know what he’s doing behind his wife’s back. It was an ugly situation and I imagine that everyone else is pretty happy about it being over with and finally out in the open.

He was in love with his mistress

For some time he believed he was in love with the woman he was seeing behind his wife’s back. David Beador spent eight months with another woman when his wife was not looking, and it was something that was easy for him since he found himself falling in love with her. He had whispered phone conversations with her at home, he took her on trips and to hotels; he was head over heels.

His mistress befriended his wife

Nicole McMackin is the name of the woman that David Beador was having an affair with, and she did the dirtiest thing imaginable after sleeping with someone else’s husband; she then befriended Shannon. It was a situation that he must have been very uncomfortable with.

He’s okay with downsizing

Even with an estimated net worth of $20 million, he’s okay with the fact that his wife wants to sell their home and build or buy something a bit smaller. She feels that her house is much too large for their family of five, and he has no problem with the idea of downsizing into a new house. We love a large home, but we also love that they are a bit more practical. Of course, we imagine that their idea of downsizing probably means living in something that’s only 6,000-square feet instead of 10,000.

He says his marriage is better than ever

We might not go as far as assuming that David Beador would call his affair good for his marriage, but we will go ahead and say that since the couple began working things out their marriage is better than ever. We don’t know how they’re working their issues out, but we do know that they’re both making an effort and we can see that their marriage looks better than it has in the past. It’s a nice reminder to those who might need to know that things work out in the end.

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