10 Things You Didn’t Know about Delilah Belle

delilah belle

If your parents are famous in Hollywood, you can almost guarantee that you have a future as a model. It doesn’t matter how many times the biggest new models of the year tell us that they made it on their own, you cannot help but think that it certainly did not hurt that their parents are exceptionally famous and they managed to make it in the modeling industry in about a solid second. Gigi and Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Haley Baldwin, and so many more of the young women in Hollywood are becoming famous fashion models, and they’re very good. We know that their talent and their beauty is undeniable, but their parental influence probably didn’t hurt, either. Now we have yet another young Hollywood starlet entering into the world of modeling, and she’s got a famous mother and father.

Delilah Belle is the daughter of Real Housewife Lisa Rinna and actor Harry Hamlin, and she’s making her way into the world of singing and modeling. We can’t say for sure if her parents are helping her or not, but we get the feeling they’re helping her more than they are not. Since she’s fairly new to the game, we thought we might give you a sneak peek into who she is.

She admits RHOBH has helped her out

Delilah Belle is not denying that her mother and her father’s jobs and fame have helped her out in the fame department. Where so many young models want to say they did it all on their own, she’s happy to say that she’s pretty positive that she would not have had some of the experiences and opportunities she’s had if it had not been for her mom and dad and their shows. We appreciate her honesty.

She lived in a model apartment

If there is one thing that we can say about Delilah Belle, it’s that her parents made her do what all new models do; she lived in a model apartment. This is not necessarily as glamorous as it sounds, either. Most models who live like this will tell you it’s a difficult job to live with a handful of other models in an apartment that’s not big enough, with the competition of earning jobs from one another and with the stress of sharing a small space with all your belongings.

She’s seeing where she gets

Delilah Belle is not one of those models who wants to become a supermodel and the most famous face in the industry. Instead, she wants to see where it goes and see if she has a career in the industry. She’s hoping it goes well for her, and she’s working hard. However, she also gets that it’s a tough job and that it’s not always easy to manage a career like the one she’s looking to take on. So, for now, she tries her best and sees where it takes her.

She loves Vogue

If she could have any modeling gig in the world, she would love to be the cover model for Vogue. It’s her favorite magazine, it’s a classic, and it’s the biggest thing in modeling in her opinion. Personally, we’d love to be Victoria’s Secret Angels, but that’s just us. What do we know not being famous supermodels at all?

She loves Prince Charming

Interestingly, she doesn’t love him the same way that most women love him. She just thought he was pretty cool and had great hair as a child, so she let her friends cut off all her hair. She was very young, and she was not even in kindergarten yet. She had hair goals, and she decided her friends would make great stylists at a young age. It turns out that her parents were not overly thrilled with that particular decision in her life.

She’s not strong doing her own makeup

She loves makeup, but Delilah Belle knows that she’s not always the best at doing her own. She admits that she is someone who overdoes it, especially with her highlighter, so she often recruits the help of her friends. She has a friend who does make-up for a living, so she often enlists the help of that friend and her YouTube Channel so that she can have a great look for any particular event she’s looking to attend. It’s been helpful to her.

She values her mom’s opinion

While most young women don’t want anything to do with their mom’s approval, Delilah Belle recognizes that her famous mother has a great sense of style. She likes to get her mom’s approval before she wears anything anywhere, and that’s a nice change of pace for a girl this age – I imagine. I’m currently in the midst of dealing with a 5-year-old who loves to dress herself, and that sometimes means she’s trying hard to wear a superhero cape, her Easter dress, leggings, Hunter Wellingtons, her winter coat and two different socks combined with a headband, three different bows and lots of costume jewelry – to school. It’s a rough life.

She asks her dad for advice about boys

Now that is not something you hear too much. Most girls do not want to talk to their dads about boys because, well, dads hate boys. However, Harry Hamlin wants her daughters to receive good advice, so he makes them feel welcome to come to him. That’s amazing and wonderful.

She doesn’t care what other people think

It’s not an easy feeling to live with, but her dad taught her well. From the time she was a child, he always taught her that what other people think of her is not her business, and she lives with that motto. It’s a good one, and we like it a lot.

She’s still in high school

If there is one thing that most people don’t realize about her, it’s that she’s just a high school senior. If you thought she had a youthful appearance of a bit of a baby face, it’s because she does. How’s that for ambition? She’s young and pursuing her dreams better than many adults.

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