10 Things You Didn’t Know about Dina Manzo

Dina Manzo

Dina Manzo was part of the housewife franchise in New Jersey when it began airing, but we’ve seen noticeably less of her in the past few years. She did come back to an extent a few seasons ago, but she decided it was time for her to move on and to get on with her life. She’s not someone who wants to be around people she does not care for. Unfortunately, the people she does not care for are the ones to whom she is related. She is unhappy with her own family, including Chris Laurita, Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita, and she wants nothing to do with them. She’s not a big fan of discussing her personal issues, but she always takes the time to tweet her disgust for her family on the internet, and she’s someone who doesn’t like to be crossed.

She’s Caroline Manzo’s sister

There is always some confusion as to how she is related to both Jacqueline and Chris and Caroline Manzo, so we thought we’d clear it up. She was born with the surname Laurita, just like Caroline and Chris. They are all siblings, and they are all the same children of the same parents. She married Tommy Manzo, who just so happens to be Albert Manzo’s brother. Caroline – Dina’s sister – married Albert Manzo. Basically, they are sisters married to brothers – or they were, anyway.

She’s divorced

Tommy Manzo and Dina Manzo did not work out. They were separated for some time, their marriage was on the rocks for some time, and they were not always happy together. They decided to call it quits and move on with their lives some time ago, and it’s been a very stressful situation for the both of them. Now they are living their own lives without any stress and without one another.

She’s a California girl now

Dina Manzo needed to put some serious distance between herself and her family. She was quite tired of being in the all the same places at the same time, so she’s managed to move herself clear across the country and make a new life for herself. She decided it was time to start over, and she’s been very happy in her new home.

She was invited back for this season of RHONJ

It turns out that the producers of RHONJ wanted to see her back this season, but she turned down the offer. For one, she’s clear across the country at this point in her life, and she was not interested in coming back and filming the show. Additionally, she’s not interested in spending the time that it would have taken to film with certain people who are back on the show. She’s got not fond feelings for Jacqueline Laurita, and she’s not trying to spend any time with her.

Caroline and Dina are done

It was something that happened behind the scenes more so than in front of the cameras, but these sisters have no relationship. They don’t speak, they don’t communicate in the least, and they don’t discuss one another other unless they are asked whether or not they are getting along. They are not, and that is the simple end of things in their own lives.

She’s unhappy

Dina Manzo has said one or more times that she will not engage her sister in a public feud and that is not stooping to her level. However, just this weekend she managed to call out Caroline more than once on twitter, going so far as to say that Caroline doesn’t even speak to their parents and that she is a horrible sister and daughter. It’s ugly, and she is not doing her job in keeping it from the press as she has made it clear she’d like to in the future.

She loves animals

Dina Manzo has a real thing for animals that have special needs. She loves them, wants them and she cannot say no to them. She is always finding a way to bring them into her home, to work with animal charities and rescues, and she is someone who really does love her animals. I love that about her, and it’s one of her biggest attributes. She’s a good person when it comes to helping animals.

She’s philanthropic

Dina Manzo is a woman who wants to help the world. She works very hard to ensure she is able to do what needs to be done for those in need, and she is a huge believer that childhood cancer needs to be funded and eradicated. She is always looking for those who follow her to follow her in her quest to get rid of childhood cancer by donating, by helping and by raising awareness. She’s someone admirable in that sense.

She loves her daughter

If there is one person in the world that Dina Manzo loves more than anyone else, it’s her daughter Lexi. She spends as much time with her as possible, and she adores the time that they have together. They have always been very close, and they appreciate the fact that they are able to spend time together even though Lexi is all grown up now and living her own life her own way. It’s a lovely relationship that they have together.

She’s angry

Dina Manzo gets angry. We think she might have a bit of a temper, but that might be the Jersey girl in her. She seems to be a bit unhappy when things don’t go her way. If you look at her social media pages, she hates it when people mistreat animals, when people won’t step up to the plate when it comes to charity, and when injustice prevails. She’s not even a little afraid of saying what’s on her mind, either. We will tell you this, however; she’s pretty darn calm about her anger in comparison to some of the other women in New Jersey, and we appreciate that about her. She’s a class act.

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