10 Things You Didn’t Know about Dove Cameron

Dove Cameron is an American born actress and singer who was actually born, Chloe Celeste Hosterman. She was born on January 15, 1996 in Seattle, Washington, but grew up in Bainbridge Island, WA. Her parents are Philip Alan Hosterman and her mother is Bonnie Wallace. Cameron’s parents divorced when she was young, and she does have one older sibling, her sister Claire. Cameron’s acting bug started at a young age, and by the time she was eight, she was already getting experience by participating in her community theater, the Bainbridge Performing Arts Theatre. Since her career took off, Cameron has already racked-up quite a list of impressive roles. She is young, but her passion and talent runs deep. You may be familiar with some of her work, but here are 1o things you don’t know about Dove Cameron.

1. Is of French descent

Although Cameron was born in the US, in Washington, her lineage hails from France, on her father’s side. Cameron was fortunate enough to be able to spend a great deal of her growing-up years in France, visiting her grandmother and learning the culture, and because of this, she can speak the language fluently. French is a great language to know, being that so many actors and actresses love to travel to and spend time in Europe. It is sure to come in handy for this young actress, and probably makes traveling outside the US that much easier and more desirable.

2. Was a victim of bullying

Bullying is a common occurrence today in schools. Although it has always existed, it seems like you hear about these situations more and more today, young people trying hard to fit in, only to discover they don’t, for whatever reason, and this can lead to getting picked on, and even severely bullied by other kids. Cameron is one of those students that suffered from bullying in school. She says it started as early as fifth grade and lasted her entire school career. While some kids find it hard to keep it together during times of getting bullied, Cameron says that she was determined to not let it get her down. She wasn’t going to give into the pressure of fitting in, but instead, she stayed focused on her dream of becoming an actress and singer, and even became very passionate about her dream. Obviously in the end, her determination paid off.

3. Lost her father very young

Cameron didn’t have the nurturing and guidance of her father through her teen years like many young girls. Unfortunately, Cameron’s father died tragically in 2011 when she was only 15 years of age. Cameron has talked about her father and the love and support he gave her with her dream, and how she carried that with her after he was gone. She has said that she knew he would want her to pursue her dream, so she did, with his words always staying with her. Her father often called her Dove, or Dovey from a very young age, which is why she had her name legally changed to Dove shortly after he passed away.

4. She’s obsessed with Starbuck’s

It’s not a big surprise to hear that another famous actor or actress has a thing for Starbuck’s. It’s pretty common to see pics of your favorite celeb out wondering around town with a Starbuck’s cup in their hands, and Cameron is one that is often caught with the same logo on her coffee drink. She has even tweeted, “Free Starbuck’s means it’s a good day!” No Starbuck’s fan would deny that!

5. Still carries a Teddy Bear

It doesn’t matter how old you get, if you have something you love, you hang on to it and cherish it. Cameron has talked about her favorite Teddy Bear on multiple occasions, and has even said that she often brings her big, white, fuzzy Teddy Bear, who she calls Stanley, to the set with her. Cameron has even been pictured holding Stanley in one arm while she’s busy texting, all while getting her hair fussed with by her hairdresser on the set of one of her shows. Hey, some people have therapy dogs, Cameron obviously has a “therapy Teddy Bear,” and that’s ok.

6. Early beginnings of her career

An original series on the Disney Channel, first entitled, Bits and Pieces, cast Cameron as Alanna. It was shortly after the pilot was filmed that the network did a little changing and renamed the show Liv and Maddie. Cameron was to play the dual role of Liv and Maddie Rooney, and it was such a big hit, that it gained 5.8 million viewers and the network renewed the show for 13 episodes for the second season. Not long after, Disney expanded that to 24 episodes.

7. Has a successful music career

The television film, Descendants, premiered on July 31, 2015 and not only did Cameron star in the film, but it gave her singing career a big boost, too. This is the film that spawned the actresses first two Billboard Hot 100 songs, one titled, “Rotten to the Core,” which reached the carts at No. 38, and “If Only,” which came in at No. 94. Other songs that Cameron is featured in from the film’s soundtrack, include, “Evil Like Me,” and “Set it Off.”

8. She’s dating an old co-star

Cameron has had several relationships during her career; not all of them being so good. It’s not uncommon for actors and actresses that work together, to hook-up, if even just for a while. Some get serious and lead to marriage, and one that Cameron had was almost in that same ballgame. Cameron began dating her fellow Disney co-star, Ryan McCartan in 2013. The following year, they announced their engagement on April 14, however, the engagement didn’t last too long. In October of the same year, they were announcing their split, and later Cameron claimed on Instagram that McCartan was “terrible” to her.

9. Doesn’t hate bullies, but instead, she feels sorry for them

While many people want to instantly get mad at people who are mean to others, make fun of and bully others, Cameron says that there’s no reason. She has talked about the fact that she was treated terrible by other girls while growing up, but she doesn’t hold a grudge all these years later. She tries to teach people to look at the person who’s being mean and think of them as a person. She says, maybe they are insecure, hurting, having difficulties at home, maybe even lost an animal. Rather than get mad, try to understand who they are. Maybe that’s a good lesson, but one that is hard for most people to do.

10. Has a weird food combo

You’ve heard of pregnant women eating strange foods, or combinations of foods, like pickles and ice cream? Well, there is absolutely no sign that this is pregnant related, but Cameron admits she has a favorite, strange food combo that she claims is absolutely amazing. In an interview, she describes “cake pops,” saying people with mash pieces of cake into balls and dip them in things, like chocolate. Well, this is a similar idea, however, in Cameron’s home, she doesn’t exactly dip her bits of sweets into more sweet; you’ll see what I mean. Cameron described how instead of cake bits, she loves to take brownies and mash them into balls, then dip them in Ranch. That’s right, Ranch dressing. She knows it sounds gross, but swears the odd combination is actually delicious. We’ll have to try it to believe it, Cameron!

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