10 Things You Didn’t know about Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning

The Fanning sisters are really something special, and Elle Fanning is our current obsession. The young – and very talented – actress just graduated from high school. That’s right; high school. She’s all of 18-years-old, and she’s already questioning whether or not she’s an adult or if she’s still a child, or what is going on. If you take a moment to think about it, she’s got a good point. Last week she was a child attending high school and living at home with her parents. Now she’s an adult with a diploma free to move out and head off to college. Is she, though? Or is she just a child who is being pushed out because it’s what follows the line of growing up and moving on?

One thing is for certain; we don’t think her parents have anything to worry about with this one. She’s been famous for some time now, living her life in the spotlight while still living it like someone her own age with responsibility and a good head on her shoulders. We don’t know what Elle Fanning will do next, but we do know that despite her immense fame, we know very little about her. We are going to change that right now.

She doesn’t discuss work with her sister

You might think that two young women, sisters, in the same industry would actually spend more time talking business. Not Elle Fanning and her sister Dakota. They talk about normal life, but they leave work at work and just try to live like normal teenage girls and sisters when they are home together. It really works for them in every way.

She’s royal

Okay, so she’s not really royal, but she’s kind of royal. The famous website Ancestry.com has done some digging and has decided that Elle Fanning is the 22nd great granddaughter of a famous king; King Edward III. Since the same site also found out that Carole Middleton – mother to Duchess Kate – is part of the same bloodline, she is actually distant cousins with the very beautiful Kate Middleton and related to the royal family in a very distant manner. Now that is awesomeness.

Marilyn Monroe is her idol

Save for all the bad parts, Elle Fanning is a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe. Of course, she should be. A talented actress and a very beautiful woman, she is someone who is absolutely worth admiring. It’s a shame how her life ended, but that does not discount her sheer talent and her desire to work hard and do the best she could in every possible role she was given.

She’s a young superstar

You already knew that, of course. But did you realize that this young superstar was actually nominated for a very prestigious award at a very young age thanks to the fact that she was such a talented actress? She was part of a show called House M.D. that really showcased her talents. The world was so impressed with her that she actually ended up being nominated for an Emmy for the role – at eight.

Maleficent was a challenge for her

When she was Sleeping Beauty alongside Angelina Jolie, she found it was difficult to work the role of a sleeping princess. She had to lie still, close her eyes and pretend to sleep. Of course, she was tired and she actually slept a lot of the time. She found the role challenging in that she couldn’t allow herself to sleep, but it wasn’t easy.

She’s a lifelong actress

She wasn’t even 2-years-old when she began acting. Her older sister was a famous actress at that point, and Elle often found herself cast in the role of her sister’s younger version in many movies. She clearly doesn’t remember any of it, but she knows that she has always had a thing for acting and she’s always been happy to be on set working.

Her first movie role – bit movie role – came when she was only 4

Right now I’m having a bit of a moment because I remember this movie coming out in theaters when I first began dating my husband. She was four, and the movie was one with Eddie Murphy called “Daddy Day Care,” and now I officially feel like the oldest woman in the world.

Elle is not her real name

It’s not a stage name, either. Like many men and women, she is simply a girl who decided that she liked her middle name better than her first name. It turns out that her father chose the name Elle to be her middle name, and her mother chose the name Mary to be her first name. We can see why she chose to go by her middle name. Her sister, Dakota, is the same way.

She really wants to be a ballerina

Believe it or not, Elle Fanning’s first love is not acting. She actually prefers to spend her time dancing. Ballet is her favorite, and she is quite good at it. She believes in being the best she can be, and she goes to ballet lessons five days a week. She’d love to do it professionally, but she recognizes that it is not a career that is easy to pursue.

Her family is hugely successful

If you ever find yourself sitting back wondering how one family ended up with two successful and very mature young daughters, wonder no more. It turns out that success and talent really run in the family. Elle Fanning’s father was a minor league baseball player, her mother was a tennis star and her grandfather was the quarterback for the Eagles for three years. Oh, and her aunt is Jill Arrington, the Fox Sportscaster. It seems that this family just likes to work hard, pursue their dreams and make all the possibilities in their life come true without giving up. It’s actually quite admirable if you think about it for a few minutes. That much talent and fame in one family means one thing; good worth ethic.

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