10 Things You Didn’t Know about Erin Foster

Erin Foster

If you don’t know who Erin Foster is, join the club. Until today, the name has not been one that I’ve ever heard, even though it appears that she is someone who actually has plenty of work to do in Hollywood. It turns out that Erin Foster is someone we do know, even if we don’t recognize her name or her face. She is a comedy writer for the television sitcom The New Normal on NBC. She’s also the creator of a television series on VH1 called Barely Famous, which she created with her sister Sara Foster. Incidentally, the two are also the daughters of David Foster, well-known for his musical career and his former marriage to supermodel and Real Housewife Yolanda Foster.

Erin Foster also made headlines this week when she slammed her former stepmother for ‘not dying’ over her battle with Lyme Disease. She had a lot to say but it all came down to the point that Yolanda Foster claims she is very sick yet she continues to make time to be part of reality television. Because I refuse to believe anyone would actually use or exploit their health issues for fame, I like to think she continues to star in the show so that she can bring awareness to the disease – I’m an eternal optimist.

She’s an actress

Erin Foster is not just a writer. She’s an actress, too. She manages to star in the show she created with her sister, and she’s had small roles in about a dozen television shows including many of our favorites. She spent a year on The O.C., she had a part in Gilmore Girls, CSI, Judging Amy, Roswell and many others.

She loves her dad

It turns out that most of what she had to say about her former stepmother was in defense of her father. She is upset that so many people are bashing him for divorcing a woman so ill, but she believes her father does not deserve that. That’s what prompted her to step up and state that her stepmother is not that ill if she’s still able to star on reality television. That’s a daughter who loves her father.

She’s funny

If you take a few moments to glance at her Instagram account, you’ll see that Erin Foster is quite funny. My favorite photo is of her taking a baseball from a Dodger player as she gets ready to throw out the first pitch at a game. She’s captioned it, “Eye contact is important when touching someone’s balls for the first time.”

She watches the Bachelorette

When my husband and I watch this delightful show, we like to see how many creative ways that the producers can come up with ways to disguise the fact that these men are totally unemployed. Erin Foster’s favorite is the man whose occupation is former child. I like that one.

She’s not afraid to show it off

She once posted a topless photo of herself with little stars covering her bits and pieces on social media. She was badly sunburned and made a comment about working on her tan again this year. She was clearly in pain but not even remotely worried about show off her goodies to the entire internet or her 131,000 followers.

She loves coffee

Like any normal human being that lives in this world – the ones I trust, anyway – Erin Foster loves her coffee. After all, who can actually go without coffee on a regular basis without worrying that they are not doing what they need to do the right way? I trust no one who does not drink coffee. I’m not even positive how people function without it.

Dating isn’t fun for her

Erin Foster likes to keep it real when she shows off her life and her style on the internet. She loves to date and she is interested in meeting someone who will sweep her off her feet and make her happier than she already is, but she’s also realistic in that the world of dating is just so desperate these days. It’s swiping and getting to know you and spending about five minutes together before exchanging vows and having things to do with people and she’s just a bit over it.

She’s a Calvin Klein model

Well, not actually for him or his brand, but definitely on her Instagram page. She’s not afraid to show off a photo of herself in her underpants so that she can show off her goods in any way, shape or form. She’s good about it, and she’s not looking to ignore the fact that she’s got a great body. So, listen, Calvin Klein – maybe give her a call? She’s already practically a model.

She’s got goals

There is nothing wrong with being a woman with goals. She’s got some serious ones, and she is not afraid to show them off. Erin Foster definitely wants to win an Oscar for her acting skills, she wants to have it presented to her while she walks in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show and she’d like to have a relationship with Ryan Gosling so that she can then dump him very publicly. It seems to me that she’s got big goals, big dreams and she’s not afraid to really make them obvious so she has some accountability. She’s so serious about them that we aren’t even worried about the whole Eva Mendes, two daughters deal.

She loves Halloween

We’ve seen photos of her dressed as a bride – and since she’s unmarried it’s either really creepy or really the most genius way to wear all those gowns you cannot wear on the day you actually do get married – dressed as Wednesday Addams, as a skeleton and possibly as either a stripper or a stick of pink bubble gum. It was cute, but we aren’t entirely sure what it was or what she was trying to make happen with that one, but we get it.

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