10 Things You Didn’t Know about Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen Rossi came into the Real Housewives of Orange County as Slade Smiley’s newest love interest – that man certainly does go through housewives like dirty laundry – following the death of her much older fiancé several years ago. She was on the show for a few seasons as a housewife who couldn’t get along with the other wives. She flip-flopped friends like no one else, sometimes unfriendly with Tamra Judge (then Barney) sometimes with Vicki Gunvalson, and she even turned on her friend Alexis Bellino when the newest wife was offered a job that Rossi thought would have been better for her. She’s a woman that seem to have issues with everyone all the time, and she’s no longer a housewife.

Rumors that her engagement was only for show as her wedding has been postponed time and time again for years swirl regularly. She can’t seem to get married to Slade, but she just announced that the two are ready to have a baby; we will see how well that turns out for her and her perpetually jobless father-to-be. Now that she’s in the press for wanting a baby with a man all her friends dislike, we thought it might be fun to see what we might not already know about Gretchen Rossi.

She’s not married yet

For many years, Gretchen Rossi told the world that she didn’t want to marry Slade Smiley because of his financial issues. She claimed that his debt was a reason for her not to marry him. She did not want to become responsible for it, and we cannot blame her. However, she’s also come out to say that she believes his debt is no longer an issue. Yet she still hasn’t married him.

She went through IVF

For the past two years, Gretchen Rossi and Slade have been trying to have a family of her own. The former housewife has never made it a big secret that she would love to become a mother. She’s 37 now, and she’s been trying hard to become pregnant. Unfortunately, it has not worked out for her. Her embryos never lived long enough to make it to the transplant stage, which has been a very big deal for her and her love.

She got an interesting 37th birthday present

After failing to create living embryos via IVF, Slide and Gretchen made the decision to have a baby the natural way. Of course, that means he had to have surgery to reverse his vasectomy. He’s been living without the ability to produce children for many years, and now he is hoping that the surgery works so he can give the woman he loves a baby.

She’s stressed

Gretchen Rossi is stressed. She and Slade have been trying for more than two years to have a baby to no avail. The past eight months have been spent trying to have a baby naturally since his vasectomy reversal. It hasn’t worked out so well for them, though. It does typically take a couple as long as a year to get pregnant, but she’s so stressed out about it that she cannot even fully comprehend how badly she feels at the moment.

She thinks Slade is a great father

Season after season we listened to other Orange County housewives discuss how badly Slade was as a father. We listened as they spoke of him no longer paying his child support. They spoke of him not caring for his son. They spoke of him not seeing him. The spoke of him being the world’s worst father, and so many people believe that. Not Gretchen; she thinks that he is an amazing father and she loves the idea of having a baby with him.

She’s forgiven Vicki Gunvalson

It turns out that Vicki was the loudest voice in the fight against Slade, yet she turned around and began dating a man with the same rumors about him that she spread about Slade. However, Gretchen has chosen to take the high road in the entire mess and she’s said she forgives Vicki and that she hopes the best for her following her own personal dramas.

She regrets doing housewives

Gretchen Rossi is now a woman who claims she does not have any doubt she would turn down the offer to become a housewife if she had known what it would do to her life. She didn’t know when she signed on that her entire life would be made public, that she would be scrutinized for everything she does, everyone she loves and everything else in her life. She’s upset by all of it, and she hopes that no one else will have to experience what she had to experience.

She was fired

There were so many different stories about why Gretchen was not going to return to the show when she announced her departure. Some said she chose to leave the show, but Bravo claims that her storyline was no longer interesting and that she was no longer an important part of the show. She and her ex-friend, Alexis Bellino, were fired together.

She’s all right financially

It would seem to us that Gretchen Rossi might not have a lot of money since she does live in a relatively modest home and she doesn’t seem to go overboard, but she’s all right. She has an estimated net worth of $3 million from her various businesses. She’s not hurting for money at this point, but her net worth might be why she refuses to marry Slade.

She was once a realtor

Before she was a housewife, she was a very successful real estate agent who did quite well in Orange County. However, she was engaged to a much older man who was suffering from cancer. She became a part of the series when he was still very sick and she was caring for him, which caused her to face a lot of criticism from the ladies on the show. It looks like Vicki Gunvalson has apologized for being rude to her, however; as she should.

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