10 Things You Didn’t Know about Helen Skelton

helen skelton

Helen Skelton is the kind of woman you cannot help but adore. She’s more famous in the United Kingdom than anywhere else since that is where she was born and raised, and that’s where she made herself famous. She is very well-known for being the long-time presenter for a popular children’s program called “Blue Peter”, and for her news reporting. She is a very lovely woman, and she is always in the press for her personal life. She recently made headlines after photos of her topless enjoying her free time were leaked onto the internet, and her fans were furious that someone would do that to her.

She’s always in the press for what she wears, whether it’s a new dress or just red lipstick, and people cannot seem to get enough of the youthful television personality. She’s 33, and better than ever, and she’s someone who is making a big name for herself in the world. It won’t be long before she is a household name in the United States, so we thought we might get a head start on introducing you to the most adorable television presenter we’ve ever come across; she’s impossible not to love.

She’s always wanted to be a journalist

When she grew up, graduated from high school and went onto college, she knew what she wanted to do. Helen Skelton never wavered from her plan to become a journalist, and she went to college so that she could obtain a degree in Journalism. She uses it, too. She was an extra on a couple of television shows throughout her college career, and it helped her become comfortable in front of the camera.

Her brother is also famous

Believe it or not, Helen Skelton’s brother is also famous. He’s a famous football player (and by football, we mean soccer since we are talking about a family from the UK). He played for some of the most famous soccer clubs in the world for many years. He was well-known for being one of the best, and it just goes to show what a talented family the Skeltons really are.

She’s written a book

Helen Skelton is not just a television presenter and newsroom professional. She also spent some time working on a book. It is called “Amy Wild: Amazon Summer,” and it was published back in May of 2015. It was something she’d always wanted to do, and the excitement of being a published author was something she was, and is, very proud of in her life.

She’s an athlete

A fun fact about Helen Skelton is that back in 2009, she made a big headline. She was the second woman in the history of the Namibian Ultra Marathon to ever finish. The marathon is 78-miles, difficult, challenging and not at all easy for anyone to endure. Only one other woman has ever finished the marathon, and she made headlines for her impressive finish; and people will not forget her endurance or the fact that she pushed through and did it on her own.

She’s also completed the London Marathon

Helen Skelton takes her athletics very seriously. She competed the Namibian Ultra Marathon in only 23 hours and 45 minutes. That’s 78-miles of pure hell, and she did it in less than one day with no rest. The time limit for the race is 24 hours, and she did it with 15 minutes to spare. She then took herself to London and competed in the London Marathon only a few weeks later. She is a real athlete.

She’s kayaked the Amazon

If you didn’t think that you could be even more impressed with Helen Skelton, we have just a little bit more impressive information about her. Only a year after she competed the Namibian Ultra Marathon and the London Marathon, she competed in the Sport Reliever 2010. This event required that she get into a kayak and take on the length of the River Amazon. She did it without hesitation. The river is dangerous, filled with scary creatures and danger, and she managed to sit alone in a kayak and take on the entire river.

She’s a Guinness World Record Holder

Yeah, so it turns out that taking on the entire length of the Amazon was nothing for Helen Skelton. Following that trip, she took her trusty kayak with her to Peru where she launched it in Nauta and kayaked 2,010 miles from there to Almeirim, Brazil. She took off on January 20 and she finished her journey on February 28. It’s the longest solo journey in a kayak by a woman of all time.

She’s a tightrope walker

I mean, I cannot get over how impressive this woman is. She decided in 2011 that she would raise money for her favorite charity by walking a tightrope that was more than 66 metres in the air between two chimneys at something called the Battersea Power station. She did it, too. She did it without falling, and she was a huge success. There were two television specials made about the entire process.

She biked to the South Pole

All right, this is getting really ridiculous. Helen Skelton is obviously a superhuman. She’s accomplished everything we mentioned above, and then she did something else even more amazing. She decided in 2012 that she would take on a challenge to raise money for her favorite charity once again. This time she took on the challenge of getting on a bicycle and riding to the South Pole. She went more than 500 miles. Of those 500 miles, she did 329 on a kite ski, 103 on her bike and another 69 using cross country skis to navigate the very dangerous terrain. She was the first person to reach the South Pole of all the people who took part in the challenge.

She’s a wife and mom

It was back in 2013 that she married a ruby player by the name of Richie Myler. The couple then welcomed their first child, a son, in 2015.

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