10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ian Ziering

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Did you know that Ian Ziering is 52-years-old? I had no idea that the former 90210 actor was already in his 50s and it’s a bit of a shock to find out someone who was a teenager on television when I was growing up is now a man closer to my parents age than my own; though I suppose that means he’s always been closer to my parent’s age than he was my own. Regardless, however, he’s back in yet another “Sharknado,” movie, and that means he’s back in the press making headlines and granting interviews. It’s been a long time since he found himself on the list of A-list actors in Hollywood, but that doesn’t mean he’s gone anywhere. In fact, he’s been making movies, television shows and made-for-television movies for decades and we just don’t realize it. What else are we missing when it comes to knowing all there is to know about our former favorite television stars such as Ian Ziering? A lot; and that’s why we’re doing some work to bring you some interesting facts about him now.

His mom was mad when he bought a motorcycle

Let’s be honest, here; what mom would not be at least a tiny bit nervous that her beloved son bought himself a motorcycle the second he got a job and moved out of her house? I would be, and I know that a number of other mothers probably feel the same way about their own kids.

He didn’t have a dog growing up

When he was a kid, Ian Ziering wanted nothing more than to have a dog of his own. Unfortunately, his mother would not allow him to have one. I don’t know why she didn’t want her son to have a dog, but I imagine that it might be the same reason that so many of us don’t want our kids having pets either; because we will have to care for them and we are already overworked and underpaid in the ‘things we do for our kids’ department. However, he got several of them the second he moved out of his house after becoming an adult.

His dream is a sitcom with a live audience

If Ian Ziering could do any type of show in Hollywood, it would be a sitcom. He loves to laugh and thinks that it would be a good role for him. The catch is that he’d like for it to be one that’s filmed in front of a live audience. He really loves the idea of performing in front of his fans and making them laugh. He feels that it might be the best of both worlds in terms of television and live acting.

He signed up for Sharknado for insurance

Well, at least he was a responsible adult. When he was offered the role in this movie a few years back, he did not want to do it. However, his wife was pregnant at the time and he needed some good health insurance. He took the role, hoped no one would know that the movie was out because he thought it was so bad, and he was shocked more than anyone else when the movie not only did well but also went on to have a number of sequels and a huge following.

He stole the juke box from the Peach Pit

He would, though, wouldn’t he? It’s one of those things that you kind of just have to do when you are part of something so big and so meaningful for so many years of his life. it only makes sense that he would take something to remind himself of such a great period in his life.

He wants to be a teacher

So, it turns out that all that time he spent in the classroom in our favorite high school growing up might have made an impact on Ian Ziering. He has said that if he were not a working actor, he’d probably go to school and secure his teaching degree so that he could impact kids in the classroom. He is someone who loves to use his imagination and creativity to teach, and he thinks he’d make a good teacher.

He prides himself on his princess tea making abilities

Many dads will happily admit that they probably never really saw themselves in a tiara drinking “Tea” out of a tiny cup with their pinkies in the air but like so many men feel now that they actually have daughters, Ian Ziering gets that this is what life is all about. Additionally, he is quite proud of his tea party tea-making abilities.

He’s got a clothing line

He says that appearing on the Apprentice with Donald Trump really had him feeling like someone who could do what he dreamed of doing in the business world, so he began a clothing line. It’s called Chainsaw Brands, and it’s something he always thought he’d be good at doing and just needed that little bit of a push from his appearance on reality television to really inspire him to get his foot in the door and really make a name for himself.

He’s a health nut

At 52, he knows that things aren’t always going to bounce right back, so he’s a health nut. Ian Ziering likes to eat healthy and he works out about an hour a day, five days per week. When his schedule allows that, of course. He is just not willing to take any chances with his good health as far as he is concerned.

His girls have the same birthday

We know that Ian Ziering waited until much later in life to have kids. His daughters are 5 and 3, but did you know that they have the same birthday? They were born on the exact same day, two years apart from one another. I get how that happens. My 5-year-old daughter is March 17 and my 2-year-old twins were born on March 15. They almost share a birthday – and I know almost does not count in real life.

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