10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jackson Rathbone

jackson rathbone

Jackson Rathbone is one of the actors from everyone’s favorite vampire movies, “Twilight,” and he’s a new daddy for the second time. He just recently welcomed his second child, and the world is excited to see if his little girl looks anything like her older sibling or her father. He’s not done much since his vampire roles, but he’s working on things aren’t as famous or as highly anticipated, so we are not saying that he’s not someone worth keeping an eye on. Since his days as a vampire, he’s been working on smaller films and on a family. He’s gotten married, he’s had a couple of kids and he is working on his own personal fame now that he’s done being part of the most famous movie cast of the decade. What else don’t we know about Jackson Rathbone? Well, we will find out.

He was born in Singapore

Jackson Rathbone is not an American born baby. He is an American, and his parents are American, but he was not born here. Due to his father’s job and their location at the time that was born, his mother gave birth to him in Singapore. He was not there for long and did not have much time in the city, so he doesn’t remember living there at all. However, it’s pretty cool to be able to say that about yourself.

He’s a relative of a famous man

If you think that the name Rathbone sounds like a familiar one, you’re correct. Not only is this young man a famous actor, he is also the relative of some famous faces. His distant relative is Basil Rathbone, a famous British actor. However, it’s his namesake that is really worth mentioning. He was named after his very famous distant relative, Stonewall Jackson.

He’s moved around

His father was the chairman of a company called Mobil Oil, which is now known as Exxon. This caused his family to have to move around a lot. He lived in numerous United States cities as well as countries such as Indonesia and many more. He learned much growing up that many kids don’t have the opportunity to learn when they are as young as he is, but it’s helped him to create his craft and become the person he is today.

He was a Disney star

Did you know that Jackson Rathbone got his start acting on the Disney Channel? He wasn’t hired as an actor, but he was hired to be a sort of reporter for the channel. He would spend time with famous Disney Channel stars and make his way around the lot interviewing them and then his interviews were aired during commercials and in between shows so that the fans of each show could have a little bit of inside information regarding the shows that they loved to watch.

He’s had some guest roles worth mentioning

When Jackson Rathbone first began acting, he was given a few roles worth mentioning. They weren’t big, and you might not remember them, but he did have a guest appearance role on the hit show The O.C. as well as on shows such as Close to Home. They were roles big enough to really make him famous, but they did help his career when he needed help so that he could work on the famous part.

He’s a former band member

When he was in high school in Michigan at a prestigious performing arts academy, he decided he would take his talents to the stage. He and several of his friends from school made the decision to start a band called 100 Monkeys. They didn’t make it big, but they did have a good time doing what they did.

He was in a plane emergency

It was 2014 when a JetBlue flight from Long Beach to Texas went through an exceptional emergency. Thankfully, he and his family were all okay during the situation. The plane’s engine exploded in the air and was forced to make an emergency landing. The crew handled the situation beautifully and has been credited with saving the lives of the people onboard the plane when it occurred.

Nikki Reed is his child’s Godmother

When Jackson Rathbone and his wife welcomed their first son in 2012, he asked his former “Twilight” costar Nikki Reed to be the godmother of his son. Monroe is the little boy’s name, and it went to show that she and Jackson Rathbone had an instant connection when they starred on their film together and were able to really keep their friendship intact. He and his onscreen love interest, Ashley Greene, were not exactly the kind of couple you thought did a very good job of acting as if they were interested in one another; but he was able to form some real relationships on set.

He loves photography

Did you know that Jackson Rathbone is not just a creative personality in terms of his acting? He actually has a deep love of photography and drawing. While we aren’t sure whether or not he is actually good at either, we do know that he loves them. He finds that both help keep him grounded and help him to feel better about his life and his moods. His favorite thing to do with both is to mix the two together to create new works of art you might not find anywhere else. It’s something he is quite proud of.

He doesn’t wash his hair much

Ever want to know how Jackson Rathbone gets his hair to style the way that he does? He likes to skip washing it. He doesn’t feel that it’s necessary to wash it very often, and sometimes actually doesn’t wash it for weeks at a time. It’s kind of gross, but he also wears the clothes he wants to wear the next day to bed so that he doesn’t have to get up and get dressed in the morning. That’s an interesting fact.

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