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jeremy vuolo

Look out world, there is a new Duggar in town. Okay, so Jeremy Vuolo is not about to become a new Duggar by name, but it turns out that the soccer star has decided to join the Duggar family by marrying one of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s daughters, Jinger. Of course, the world thinks it is a perfect match seeing as the two have the same first initial and that is of the utmost importance to this family. In all seriousness, though, it’s nice to see this family’s name in the press not associated with the eldest brother’s legal issues or his sexual lifestyle for once. They’re not everyone’s cup of tea but it is not for us to take out our distaste of their sexual abuse cover-up on the innocent children who had nothing to do with any of it.

Jinger Duggar is one of the older sisters, though we aren’t entirely certain which one she is and where she falls in the lineup. All we know is she has to be at least 18 and she is now engaged to Jeremy, whom she has not kissed or touched in the least. He proposed, they’ll get married in just a few months if their wedding is anything like anyone else’s in the family and they will announce that they are expecting their first child sometime in the months following. It’s how the family works, and we thought we might get to know this soccer star before he becomes another Duggar statistic.

He’s a little older than we thought

Jeremy Vuolo is not the 19-year-old young man that so many of the Duggar kids seem to fall for when they are courting. In fact, he is only a month away from turning 29. He was born on September 5, 1987. He’s a little bit older, and we are a little more than impressed he’d even bother dating a girl he cannot even touch until they are married.

He went to Syracuse

Jeremy Vuolo is an educated man. He began his college career at Hartwick College where he played soccer in a successful manner. He transferred to Syracuse his senior year, however, and it proved to be a move that was good for his diploma and his future career in the world of professional sports.

He played for New York

When he signed with the New York Red Bulls in 2012, it was thought he would bring a lot of ambition to the team, and he did. However, he spent only a little time on the professional team before he began to step away from soccer so that he could pursue other interests in his life. Apparently, soccer is not what he thought he might do for the remainder of his life.

He stopped playing for ministry

Jeremy Vuolo might be more like the Duggar family than we thought. He left the soccer field and the game so that he could pursue his interests in ministry. However, it didn’t last too long as he returned to the soccer field in April 2013 and began playing again. This time he signed with the San Antonio Scorpions and began his professional career start-over with this team. He is now, however, an active player on the roster anymore.

They fell in love on a missions trip

It turns out that Jinger Duggar, who is apparently only 22, met her future husband last May, and the two went on a mission trip together. They worked together to aide those in need and she saw that he has a big heart and a way of life that really appealed to her. After seeking parental permission, she began the courting process back in June. It might have only been two months since they announced they are officially a couple, but we know that in relationships like these, marriage comes quite quickly.

He’s friends with the Duggar family

It turns out that Jeremy Vuolo is no stranger to the Duggar family. He is friends with Jessa Duggar and her husband Ben, and has been part of their lives for many years. He’s known the family for some time now, and he recently decided that he just had to be a part of it in more ways than one. Now he is engaged to Jinger and they are planning their wedding. I assume that the others will be part of the wedding, too, given their longstanding friendship.

He sought permission from Jim Bob

Back in December 2015, Jeremy Vuolo sought out Jim Bob Duggar and asked if he could get to know Jinger a bit better. He was interested in her romantically and had to ask her father for permission to get to know her a bit more. He was given that permission, but only if he followed Duggar rules.

His dad is a pastor

It seems that Jeremy Vuolo has spent his life in church and working in ministry. His father is a pastor in a small town in Pennsylvania so he is no stranger to how the church works. He wants to take after his father, too, and that’s actually a really nice thing.

He’s an ordained pastor

At the moment we are not sure if Jeremy Vuolo has a church of his own or is working in one, but he is an officially ordained pastor, and that is something to be proud of. He has worked very hard to make that happen in between his college career and his soccer career, and he has never lost sight of his roots or his future.

We can expect to see their wedding on television

Even though the actual show that made the Duggar family famous is no longer on television, the kids have a couple of their own shows now. We can expect to see this wedding – which we suspect will take place sooner rather than later – happen on national television. It wouldn’t be a Duggar family wedding if it did not, right?

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