10 Things You didn’t Know about Jon Glaser

jon glaser

You know Jon Glaser. He’s been on television and in our lives for so long he feels like an old friend. He’s the man behind some of the funniest stuff we watch on television and hear in the news. He’s the man who writes and performed for Conan O’Brien. He’s the man who showed up regularly on Parks and Recreation. He’s the man who makes us laugh whether he is in front of the camera or sitting at a desk behind it writing hilarious jokes for some of our favorite actors, hosts and actresses to throw out and make us laugh. We love him, and Jon Glaser is a huge fan favorite in the world of comedy. If you don’t know much about him by now, prepare yourself; we’re going to send you into Jon Glaser overload.

He’s from Chicago

Jon Glaser is a man who is from an amazing city. Unfortunately, he cannot claim that he was raised there. He might have been born in Chicago, Illinois, but his family moved during his childhood. He doesn’t have many memories of living in Chicago since he was actually raised in Michigan. He was raised in a city called Southfield.

He went to Michigan

Since he was raised there, it only makes sense that this is where he would go to college. As someone who doesn’t care much for the Michigan football team (Go Gators), I don’t have a very unbiased opinion of the school. However, he obtained his degree here and a lot of people do. College is college when it comes to educating people and making them more productive members of society, and it’s hard to be mad at that, right?

He’s got 5 Emmy nominations

And that’s just with his work he did with Conan. He worked with the legendary late night comedian for many years, and they worked well together. If you ever watched them together, you saw that he did not only write for the show, he also performed sketch comedy from time to time. He loved that job, and it was one that made him quite famous. He has a great relationship with the people he works with, too, and he had a great time with them.

He’s been working for two decades

Jon Glaser has been working in television and writing since 1996. It’s not often you find that people have been in the business that long, but it is often you find that the best people are the ones who have been around that long. He’s one of the funniest men to ever appear or write, and we really do adore him and all he’s done for television in the course of his career. He’s not a name or a face you will ever forget.

His net worth

Jon Glaser might not be a household name or face in Hollywood like someone such as George Clooney, but he is still someone who has a substantial net worth. He’s worth around $3 million, and that is a nice living for someone who gets to make his money by writing jokes and making other people laugh. We aren’t laughing at his success, but we bet he laughs all the way to the bank on payday every other week.

He’s a nice guy

There have been times that the world thought that maybe Jon Glaser is kind of a jerk, but he really is not. He’s played one on television more than once, but he is not one in real life. The people that have worked with him over the course of his two decade career say that he is a really nice guy who would do anything for his friends and family. It turns out that he only plays a jerk on television from time to time.

He loves to laugh

Of course he loves to laugh. He works in comedy, after all. You’d be surprised, though, the number of people who do work in comedy but don’t actually appreciate the fact that they work there. They don’t love to laugh or have a good time, but that’s their problem. From what we understand about Jon Glaser, he’s someone who does love to laugh and have a good time in life. We like that about him.

He always wanted to do this for a living

He doesn’t talk much about it but those who know Jon Glaser well say that he’s always wanted to be in television doing what he loves. He loves to write and he loves to do his sketch comedy, and he even loves to act. He’s someone who appreciates the art of what he does, and he likes to make people happy. Of course, if you are going to be on television, it probably is to make people happy and to make them feel good about life or give them something to appreciate.

He does have favorites

He won’t say who he enjoys working with most or who it is he enjoyed working with the most over the course of his career, but everyone has their favorites. Jon Glaser might assume that we don’t know who his favorite is, but he has a long list of people he did and does enjoy working with, and they all enjoyed working with him, too. He’s the kind of guy that everyone seems to like, and we think that the fact he won’t name names in terms of his favorites is probably one of the reasons people like him so much.

He’s someone who enjoys his life

Jon Glaser doesn’t seem to be the kind of man who has life regrets. He’s doing what he loves. He’s living his life on his terms, and he seems to really enjoy every second of it. He might have regrets he’s not sharing with us, but he seems to forget that there are things in life that are imperfect and he focuses on all the things that are good, instead. It makes us like him even more.

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