10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kirsten Storms

Kirsten Storms

Kirsten Storms might not have the same kind of fame as many of the bigger stars in the entertainment industry, but that does not mean she’s not working hard and famous for it. She is one of the busiest actresses around, and she’s quite famous for it. However, she’s going through some serious issues right now as she has to take some time off from her soap opera acting job to deal with her health. The General Hospital actress is currently undergoing health issues that have caused her to develop serious skin issues. She tweeted this week that she is just overly stressed and it will not take long for her to recover as she has already been able to manage a lot of her stress and health issues, but she certainly does have to take a little time off work. The problem stems from the makeup artists and creative people on set being unable to cover up her issues at the moment; and appearance is important. So, while she’ll be gone for a while, she’s certainly not forgotten.

Success runs deep in her family

Not only is she a famous actress, but Kirsten Storms comes from a family of successful famous people. Her sister is actress Gretchen Storms, her dad is a famous sportscaster and her cousin, Matthew Stafford, is the quarterback for the Detroit Lions. That’s a family of hard workers.

She’s a Disney star

When she was a child, she was a Disney star. She was acting long before she landed her first Disney role. Her father was a television sportscaster and she knew she wanted to be in front of the camera as she grew older, and she’d been cast in a number of roles by that point in her life. However, it was when she was asked to become “Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century,” that she really became famous. Being a Disney star is a big deal for anyone, and she was able to really get her acting career started at that point.

She was on 7th Heaven

Her first major role was on 7th Heaven. She was only 13 at the time, and she was given a recurring role. She had three different appearances on three different episodes back in 1998 on the show, playing a character by the name of Laura Cummings. She was so excited to have this role that she took it on with a vengeance, and she was amazing.

She’s a Florida girl

Kirsten Storms was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. Her father was a CBS Sportscaster. She lived in Orlando throughout her childhood, and she was able to break into the business of acting while she was there. She got an agent and went to acting camp in the Catskills, and she really did get her life going at that point in time.

She’s animated

Kirsten Storms is on a lot of television shows and has had many roles throughout the course of her life, but she’s not always in front of the camera when she acts. Sometimes she’s behind a microphone lending her voice to characters on hit shows such as “Kim Possible,” which as only added to her fame and her fortune.

She knew she’d be a soap star when she was 5

When she was only 5, this little girl announced to her family that she was going to grow up and work on a soap opera. She told her family that they should keep that in mind. She’s since said that she remembers this and that it’s been her dream her entire life to be a soap opera actress. She’s gotten her wish, and she is happy to have had her time on the shows she’s been on.

She’s a secret-keeper

Back in 2013, she was dating a man by the name of Brandon Barash. They told a magazine in August that year that they’d had a secret wedding in June the same year and had been married for two months at that point. They were having a baby the following year, so they got married and managed to keep it a secret for a few months. That might not seem like long to many, but that’s a long time in Hollywood.

She got engaged with a huge ring

Kirsten Storms was given what might be one of the world’s biggest engagement rings when she got engaged to her now ex-husband, Brandon Barash. It’s too bad that the ring was only so big because it was a ring pop. He proposed to her at a gas station in California, and she said yes to his proposal. As someone who does not have much of a sweet tooth, it is not shocking to me that their marriage did not last once the sugar high of the engagement ring wore off.

She suffers from endometriosis

Back in 2011, Kirsten Storms had to leave her role on her daytime soap opera to deal with some health issues. At the time, she was replaced temporarily by another actress to cover the role she was playing, but she did not confirm the reasons she was gone. We knew it was health-related, but did not know that she was so ill. She later informed her fans that endometriosis is the cause of her departure, and that she had to get her health under control. We like that she does take her health so seriously when it becomes a danger to her.

She’s been in trouble with the law

Kirsten Storms seems so much like the girl next door, but she’s not perfect. She was arrested back in 2007 after she was pulled over in California. She threw a lit cigarette out the window of her vehicle in front of an officer, and he then discovered that she had a blood alcohol level of .13, which is over the legal limit. She was arrested, had to pay a fine and was later sentenced to probation and she spent 6 months without her license.

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