10 Things You Didn’t Know about Maria Ho

maria ho

If you don’t know the name Maria Ho, you need to watch more television. She’s not only the winner of the 15th season of The Amazing Race, she’s also a world-famous poker player. She’s got a great poker face, and she’s not afraid to use it. She’s one of those women who has a lot of jobs, and a recognizable face. Not everyone knows her name, but they will recognize her face when she takes to the screen to host a show or appear on a television show. She’s lovely and seems so unassuming, but she’s hardcore and not afraid of much in life. She’s the kind of woman who makes it her business to be in the business, and she’s good at what she does.

She’s from Taiwan

Maria Ho was born in the city of Taipai. She was born on March 6, 1983. That makes her about six months older than me. She did not grow up in Taiwan, however. Her family spent only four years living in the area after she was born. She also has an older sister who did end up spending much of her life in the city so far as her childhood, but she did not graduate there or spend her older years living in the area.

She wins big

Maria Ho has been playing poker for well over a decade now, but she’s not someone who is only partially good at what she does. She’s a big winner, and she’s taken in more than $2 million in winnings over the course of her career. She’s good at what she does, and she takes home the big bucks because of it. You won’t find her making small dollars at the poker table, but you will find her taking home more than most people when she plays the game.

Her sister is famous, too

She is not the only famous child in her family. Maria Ho has a sister named Judy who is a famous Dr. She is Dr. Judy Ho of the media. She is a Clinical Psychologist who spends a lot of her time on television discussing her career and many of the news-related topics that go along with what she went to school for. She’s good at what she does, too. These sisters might not be anywhere near the same in terms of their career choices, but they do have a good relationship and they are both very smart women who took their own intelligence and turned it into vastly different, but equally successful, careers for themselves.

She lived in the US most of her life

When Maria Ho was four, her family moved to the United States. They did not always live in the same place, but they did eventually make it a decision to choose California’s Arcadia as their home. They spent most of her life living there so that she and her sister could go to school and graduate with the friends. We don’t know what made the family decide to move here, but they do love it and they have made a nice life for themselves.

She didn’t play poker until college

For someone who is so good at playing poker, it might come as a huge surprise to know that she was in college when she began playing. She didn’t even know how to play. She was playing for fun with her friends when they had some free time, and she fell instantly in love with the game. She loved the psychology of the game and how it was played more than anything. We might even dare to say that she got that from her sister’s doctorate.

She began playing for fun

For many years, she only played poker for fun. She enjoyed it, but she was also very good at the game. Not everyone is as good at it is as Maria Ho, but she is someone who takes more interest in it than just the winning and the cards. She looks further into it, and that seems to have helped her tremendously in her winning and her abilities.

She eventually moved onto the big leagues

It was 2007 when she began playing big time, and she did well. She’s competed in many of the biggest poker tournaments in the world, and she’s done well. She’s never walked away as the winner, but she’s always finished in the double digits, which is impressive since the competitions begin with more than 6,000 participants.

She’s the last woman standing

For three of the biggest poker tournaments in the world, Maria Ho has finished as the last woman in the game. That makes her the only woman to ever take home three last woman standing titles, which is not something that people take lightly in the game of poker. We mentioned previously that she always finishes in the double digits, which is impressive enough. However, being the only woman left in the game is even more impressive than anything else.

She’s a poker host, too

When she is not playing poker, she’s hosting poker tournaments. She’s good at the game, and she has very deep understanding of the game, which makes her a natural at hosting. It’s important the person hosting the tournaments knows what she is talking about and what is going on. That really did lead to making her a great choice as a host. She’s a natural at that job, too. She’s a woman of endless talent.

She was on American Idol

Before Maria Ho was a famous television host or poker player, she was an aspiring singer who has a lovely voice and some real talent. Did you know that she was one of the members of the third season of American Idol? She made it through to the Hollywood Week round when the judges, all of the originals, were impressed with her talent. She didn’t make it past that round, but it’s still something she’s proud of.

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