10 Things You Didn’t Know about Matthew Hitt

Matthew Hitt

If you’ve never heard the name Matthew Hitt, you’re not alone. He’s the lead singer and he plays guitar for a band that’s of American-Welsh heritage called Drowners. The band is one that doesn’t have that much fame in the United States, but it is a bit more famous in other countries. Either way, most of us don’t recognize his name off the top of our heads, and even then we don’t recognize it when we look it up. What we do recognize, however, is his face. Not only is Matthew Hitt a singer and guitar player, he’s also a model and he’s also a famous face because he spent the past two years dating one of the biggest up-and-coming stars in Hollywood, Dakota Johnson.

You recognize her as the lead character in the hit movie “Fifty Shades of Gray,” and also as the daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith. She’s famous, he’s a little bit famous and they spent two years dating. It didn’t work out for them, however, and now he’s back on the market and making headlines for being that guy that broke up with the girl in that movie where she’s always naked and in a red room with a guy that’s abusive and somehow makes it seem attractive (can you see the disdain there?). Either way, Matthew Hitt is all over the news right now, so you’re going to want to know a bit more about him.

He’s a model

Not only is he a singer, but he’s also modeled for some of the biggest names in the industry. Matthew Hitt has modeled for Marc by Marc Jacobs, Yves Saint Laurent and even for Alexander McQueen. He’s even done a little work for the less famous but still very popular Free People Brand. He’s walked fashion shows on the runways all over the world, and he has worked on print campaigns for the brands.

He’s a drinker

Matthew Hitt might be a famous model and all that, but he found out that he and all his drinking buddies all play instruments. When he moved to New York, he realized that all the men he goes out to get drunk with on a regular basis like to play music and they like to drink. They decided to start a band since that’s what they thought made them good.

He moved to New York recently

It’s only been a few years since he moved to the states from across the ocean, and he’s loving it. He moved to New York City to pursue his modeling career, and it’s been a bit of a good move. He got work, he started a band and he met a famous actress and began dating her for fun.

He’s not into crazy

One of the reasons that Matthew Hitt and Dakota Johnson decided to end things is that he is not into her crazy life. She’s one of the most famous stars to come out of the past few years, and everyone wants her to star in their movies. What that means for him is that he’s left behind and not part of her very hectic schedule. The rumor is that they broke up because of that.

He loves skinny jeans

If you take a few moments to peruse his Instagram feed, you will see that Matthew Hitt has a huge obsession with skinny jeans. Of course, he fancies himself a rock star so it does make sense he would make these his go-to pants on a regular basis. He’s a man who knows what he wants, and he’s not ashamed of that.

He loves selfies

He likes to take photos of himself. His social media is filled with up close selfies, photos of himself and no one else that he had taken, and plenty of his own face. He is a model, so he might want to consider that fact when he posts photos. However, we can see that he loves to take photos of himself and he has a healthy ego.

He’s got some haters

Long before the announcement that he and Dakota Johnson broke up, he posted a photo to his Instagram account with another woman. They’re sitting together in a booth, very close, and he is watching her drink a beer. The people who commented on the photo seem pretty unhappy that the woman in the photo is not Dakota Johnson.

He’s got a healthy ego

If there is one thing that this man has, it’s a healthy ego. He has photos of himself all over his social media pages, he is someone who likes to take photos of his outfits and he really likes to promote himself. We don’t hate that, though. He’s got a career to take care of, and that is one way that he can take care of his career by promoting himself and his brand on social media. There is nothing wrong with that.

 He writes wherever he is

When he has inspiration to write a song, he will do it anywhere he is. Whether he is on a train or at home or in the middle of a drive, he will get out his phone and either write down what he is thinking or he will take the time to speak it into his phone so he doesn’t miss out on anything that might potentially turn into an amazing song. He’s only written one song on a train, though, and it’s about a girl. He felt the need to say something, so he did it there.

He doesn’t listen to much music

You’d think for a musician, he’d like to listen to music a lot. However, Matthew Hitt prefers to spend his time listening to people talk. He feels that he can get more inspiration from actual conversation than he can from anything else. He has always been a bit of a listener, and perhaps his degree in English Literature is one that helps him with his writing and his prose.

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