10 Things You Didn’t Know about Meghan King Edmonds

meghan king edmonds

When Meghan King Edmonds came onto the scene as the newest housewife in Orange County last season, we fell immediately in love with her. She’s young, she’s desperate to be a mother, and she’s pretty open and honest. She doesn’t say anything she doesn’t mean, she tends to remain calm and she seems to see things for what they are. She had her moments, but she’s turned into a very calm, laid-back type with a husband who isn’t around often enough. Love her or hate her, we enjoy her and think she adds quite a bit to the franchise. If you’ve been following her journey, she’s made peace with Vicki Gunvalson, who almost always treats new wives badly, and she’s become pregnant through her IVF journey. Now she and her husband, former star athlete Jim Edmonds, are expecting a baby girl, and all is right in her world. Of course, that doesn’t mean we know everything.

Jim Edmonds is not her type

Love is love; Meghan Edmonds was never going to marry a man with kids, she was not interested in a man older than her by more than little bit, and she was not going to marry a man who plays sports or with any other career that keeps him away from his family. Then she met and fell in love with Jim Edmonds. She has four step-kids through him; two from his first wife and two from his second. He is 15 years her senior and he is an athlete who doesn’t live at home with her or their little family. He is everything she did not want in a man.

Jim is not her first husband

She might be young, but she’s been around the block. Meghan King Edmonds was married once before. It was 2007 when she married an attorney by the name of Brad McDill. Their divorce was finalized less than four years after their marriage began, and she was given half of everything they had. It amounted to all of $225,000. However, we have no idea what ended their marriage other than the fact that they clearly didn’t want to be married to one another anymore.

She’s not her husband’s first wife

We know that Meghan King Edmonds is not Jim Edmond’s first wife, but she’s also not his second wife. She’s his third wife. That might seem like a lot to many, but she’s not all that concerned about it. In her mind, she is the one he’s been waiting for his entire life and she’s finally met him and been able to make a marriage work between them.

They don’t live together

For whatever reason, the couple moved from St. Louis to Orange County despite the fact that Jim Edmond’s is a FOX sportscaster in St. Louis. He lives and works there, and Meghan lives and works in Orange County. I believe it has something to do with his ex-wife and her cancer – she passed last year – and his daughter in California. However, they do not live together.

Real Housewives was not her first reality show

Did you know that Meghan King Edmonds was not a reality star for the first time when she did the RHOC? She was actually featured on the hit TLC show “Say Yes to the Dress” when she was planning her wedding to Jim. She chose a very conservative dress that wasn’t too showy or flashy, and she was very calm during her appearance on the show. She was quite modest considering how wealthy she is; her friends and family were confused that she refused to spend more than $5,000 and that she didn’t want to show off too much skin.

Her brother is a famous model

If there is one thing you might know about Meghan King Edmonds, it is that she loves her family. She’s very close to her brother, who is a famous model living in New York City. He is RJ King, and he has done work for Nordstrom, Armani and other big names. He is so famous in his life of work that he even shares custody of a sweet little dog with a very famous woman – New York City housewife Carole Radziwill!

Her sister plays pro soccer

If you want to get into the deal that her entire family is famous, you have to know that Meghan King Edmonds’ sister is also famous. She is a famous athlete who plays soccer for the Boston Breaks. It’s kind of amazing that her sister is a famous athlete. We should also mention that Meghan’s second sister was a contestant on the reality show “Amazing Race” in 2012. That’s a lot of fame in one family. Her mother must be quite proud her kids have accomplished so much in their lives.

She’s a college grad

It’s easy for people to assume Meghan King Edmonds is your typical blonde housewife who married a wealthy older man so she could assume her MRS. She’s so much more, however. She’s a college grad from the University of Mississippi with a degree in Marketing. She worked for many years as a very successful sales rep and sales exec in the medical sales industry.

She’s a friendly sort

Meghan is not the jealous type. In fact, she and her husband’s first wife were quite close. Her name is Lee Ann, and she passed away last year from cancer. However, she and Meghan were good friends who got along quite well, and Lee Ann was happy that there was someone there for her daughter when she was going through her illness and knew she did not have much time left.

She wasn’t out to get Vicki

Vicki Gunvalson did not like that Meghan was so interested in asking questions about her ex-boyfriend’s cancer last season on the RHOC, but Meghan pointed out that her stepdaughter’s mother was sick with cancer and undergoing treatment. She wasn’t being nosy or trying to make Vicki look bad, she simply thought that they could bond over the fact that they both had loved ones going through something so awful. She thought they might off one another support, but that’s when things began to stop adding up.

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