10 Things You Didn’t Know about Michelle Money

michelle money

Michelle Money is not a name you might recognize immediately, but it is safe to say you probably recognize her face. She became a villain when she appeared on the hit show The Bachelor as a woman fighting for a relationship with a pilot by the name of Jake. She was not very nice, made a horrible reputation for herself and then went on to appear in a number of Bachelor spin-off shows where she was able to redeem herself and actually become a fan favorite. Believe it or not, she’s actually pretty nice every other time people get to see her, and all she wants is to find love.

She’s making serious headlines right now as it was just announced that the single mom of one young daughter actually has two babies; a little boy she gave up for adoption after becoming pregnant as a young teenager. She is hoping she can reconnect with the young boy in the near future and get to know the son she gave up for a better future. Just when we thought we knew her, we realized that we don’t know anything about Michelle Money at all.

She was a young mom

When she was only 15, she became pregnant. She found out that it was a little boy, and she decided that she would give him up for adoption because she was too young to care for him and wanted a brighter future for her little boy. She’s 35 now, and that means her son is 20 and perfectly capable of reaching out to her if necessary.

She’s previously married

Michelle Money also has a daughter who is currently 11. She was born to Money and her ex-husband. The two do not get along very well since their divorce, but they try to since they do share a daughter and want the absolute best for her in life.

She has only nice things to say about her first baby’s daddy

Even though she refuses to state the identity of the man who fathered her son so many years ago, she says that he is a nice person who did the right thing and handled the situation very well. She said of him, “He was an incredibly supportive and loving boyfriend at the time. We picked the parents and we were able to receive letters and pictures for the first few years of his life.”

She was lost

After giving up her baby at such a young age, she was lost for a long time. She wasn’t sure who she was. She was devastated and heartbroken. She was upset by what happened in her life, and she wanted to make sure that people did not think she was a bad person and that she would be a good mother one day when she was older and the time was right.

She just told her daughter about him

Now that her daughter is 11, she felt the need to share this information with her. She said it was a difficult decision to make, but that she did not want to be dishonest with her daughter. She felt she is old enough to process what this means, and she might have even hoped that it would prove a good reminder that her daughter needs to be careful as she navigates her way into her upcoming teenage years.

She’s a host

Right now the hairstylist and reality television star is working as a host on a morning show in Utah called “Good Things Utah,” and she very much enjoys her job. She likes being on television, she is relatable and she enjoys the fact that she is able to spend some quality time with her daughter when she’s not working yet she is able to care for her family without any financial worry.

She no longer cares what anyone thinks

For much of her life, Michelle Money felt the constant need to prove to people that she is a certain person and she is living a certain way. Now that she has grown up a bit, she is no longer so worried about what people think, and that is a very good thing. She’s now living a much happier, much more amazing lifestyle and she cannot get enough of that.

She loves wine

If you take a look at Michelle Money’s Instagram account, you will see that she frequently posts fun photos of herself with wine, wine sayings and cute wine memes. She is someone who really enjoys the stuff, and who can blame her? It’s our favorite, too. She likes it dark, red and dry, and we like it the same way over here. There is nothing wrong with a little vino obsession and love.

She loves her daughter

Michelle Money is nothing if not a good mom to her little girl. She dotes on her and makes it her mission to be the best possible mom while still making time for herself. She knows she is entering into dangerous territory with a daughter who is 11 and fixing to enter the teenage years, and she is doing what she can to make sure her daughter looks up to her, respects her and wants to remain on good terms with her for the length of her childhood and as she gets a bit older.

She’s outgoing

She comes across as almost very shy and quiet when she’s on television doing reality stuff these days, but we think it’s more that she is trying to stay calm and focused. We also think that she’s more outgoing than she lets on, but she’s the older of many of her reality television friends and she’s had a bit more experience with it and a bit more time to realize that you don’t have to be drunk or crazy or completely emotional to still get your point across and still be yourself. She’s just more mature, but she’s not all that quiet.

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