10 Things You Didn’t Know about Nick Viall

nick viall

Might we just say that it is about darn time that Nick Viall was given an opportunity to become the next Bachelor? The man has made it to the finals twice, lost the ladies he loved twice, showed up in Paradise and lost the lady he was into to the same man he lost his first television love to, again! The man has some serious love problems, and we are happy to hear he’d become the next man to get to make his choice between 25 available (we hope) ladies. It must mean that he and the girl with the long hair in paradise aren’t going to work out, but we didn’t feel that one to begin with. He might come off a bit strange at first, but we really do like Nick Viall. He’s open, he says what’s on his mind, and he definitely has the boy-next-door good looks we all love.

Now that he’s the next big thing, we thought we’d get to know him a bit better. We like him already, but we think you will, too. If you already like him, you’re going to like him even more when you get to know him better.

He’s got a big family

Would you believe us if we told you that Nick Viall is one of 11 children? His family really liked to have kids, and he is a man who really does enjoy his siblings. He is the second oldest, and he has always been partly a father-figure to his younger siblings. It was not always easy for him growing up, but he enjoys his family and he really is close to them.

He’s a Milwaukee man

Nick Viall is a man from the Midwest. He grew up in Milwaukee with his big family. He no longer lives there, though. He resides in Chicago now and he works as an executive for a large company. He’s made it in life, and he is a huge success in many ways. Now all he has to do is find the love of his life and start his happily ever after.

He is like our inner voice

Nick always says what is on our minds, and we love that. We can’t say it to the entire world, but he can; and he does. He is not shy about saying what’s on his mind, what’s up and what’s going on. He’s been open and honest the entire time we’ve known him through television, and we appreciate it.

He tells people what’s up

Nick is so likable it’s not even funny. He is not hesitant to say what he feels is going on and to tell his friends to chill, watch out or whatever; he is open and he tells people what they are ignoring, and he’s still nice about it. He has his friends’ backs and we love that about him. Did we mention we think he is going to make an awesome bachelor? He’s so likable!

He’s a fan favorite, but he wasn’t always

He’s been a controversial figure on national television twice. He was in it to win both Andi and Kaitlyn, and he hooked up with both of them and then announced it on national television much to the horror of both the women he slept with, and the fans were not thrilled with that. Yet he then came to paradise and somehow redeemed himself as someone likeable and open. We can’t wait to see how fans feel when he’s the next bachelor.

He’s been heartbroken twice

Obviously there is something lovable about Nick Viall as he did make it not once but twice to the final two on the Bachelorette. Unfortunately, he was then stopped before he could get down on one knee and do any proposing, and he’s been humiliated and heartbroken on national television two times. It cannot be something easy to get through, but he has made it and he is coming back bigger and better than ever.

He doesn’t like Josh Murray

One thing we know about Nick Viall is that he is not a Josh Murray fan. We do like that he’s not someone who is going to stand by and allow him to do as he pleases, however. We were impressed this week to see him call out Murray in Paradise and tell everyone that what Andi Dorfman wrote about him (Nick) in her book was very accurate and true and that he believes there is no way based on that fact that what she wrote about Murray was totally false. The conversation ended there, and we knew by the look on Murray’s face that it was true.

He wants love

If there was ever a bachelor who wanted to find some serious love, it’s Nick Viall. The man has tried – and failed – three times now. Now that it’s his turn, we have no doubt he is in it for the right reasons. He wants a wife, kids and a life that he can call his own. We think he will be the one man who is able to find the woman of his dreams – and we think he will make a great bachelor having been hurt twice.

He’s got moves

We’ve watched him twice now on television, and we have to be honest and tell you that the man has some serious moves. He’s romantic and sweet, and he seems to always know what to do and when to do it. He’s got a serious touch when it comes to the ladies, and we are pretty certain that he’s going to have some big time love interests on the new season of his new show.

He’s a former athlete

Nick might be 35 now, but he was an excellent athlete back in the day. He was a championship track and field star in high school, and it takes a man with dedication to be a good athlete. He’s always liked participating in sports, and we know that we love a man with athletic prowess.

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