10 Things You Didn’t Know about Pauly D

Pauly D

Everyone knows Pauly D. He’s the very tan, very hair-oriented former star of The Jersey Shore who helped make the phrase “GTL,” famous when the show was on and hot. He’s someone who is always looking for love, someone who cannot seem to find the love he wants, and he is someone who the world has an obsession with. Most of us remember him as a party animal who drinks too much, spends too much time tanning and too much time becoming involved in drama that is not his own, but it’s been a while since he lived with his friends on the Jersey Shore and slept all day, partied all night and lived like a young bachelor. Now he’s a slightly older bachelor and he seems to be more focused on his career and the fact that he wants to settle down and do the adult thing. It kind of makes us wonder how much more we really don’t know about Pauly D since he’s grown up a bit.

He makes hard decisions

The biggest and most difficult decision that Pauly D has ever had to make in his life was whether or not he would cut his hair. He ultimately decided he would cut it, but it certainly was not an easy decision for him. We have to give him credit where it is due, too, since he did do it and he did do a good job of it.

He loves his Shore friends

Even though they always had their fair share of drama, fights and moments on television, Pauly D loves the people he became famous with on reality television. He is someone who is still in their lives, he’s  happy for their successes and he loves the babies that his friends have had. He even gets into helping his friend Snooki with her son’s hair since he knows that it’s one of the most important parts of anyone’s body.

He’s actually not from Jersey

Did you think that Pauly D, with his accent and his tan and his hair was actually from New Jersey? You’d be incorrect. He was actually born in Providence, Rhode Island. He spent much of his childhood there. He was raised with his sister and his parents, and they actually have a very close family and they are the kind of Italian family that spends their time together.

He’s friends with Diplo

For anyone who assumes that Pauly D is just another reality television star who is looking for a little bit of fame, some ladies and a little bit of work here and there, you are incorrect. He is actually a serious DJ who is making millions every single year on his work, and he works almost every single night of the week in Vegas and around the world. He’s making friends in the business, and he spends a lot of time with Diplo since he wants to learn and he wants to advance his career.

He wants to play the piano

If there is one regret that Pauly D has in life, it’s the fact that he never learned to play the piano. He wishes he would have taken lessons and learned the instrument when he was a child so that he could capitalize on that now that he’s older and more advanced in his career.

Being a DJ is not a pipe dream

We already know he’s working Vegas regularly and that he is making millions on his career, but did you know that Pauly D has been a DJ since he was only 14? He’s been wanting to go into this line of work his entire life, and he has managed to do just that by being focused and paying attention to his career and his mindset ever since.

He loves the Bahamas

This is something that always makes me laugh, and it probably makes me sound like a snob. I mean, I live in Florida and have my entire life, so the Bahamas is less than an hour flight and it’s the place where we go anytime we book a short weekend cruise. It’s just not that exciting to us because of that, but Pauly D thinks it’s the best place he’s ever been.

Myspace is where he became famous

Many people believed that Pauly D became famous when he was found because of his music for the hit reality show on which he starred. However, he states that he never auditioned and that he did not submit his music. Instead, he said that the producers of the Shore wanted to ask him to be part of the show because they liked his look and thought that it would work well on the show. He said they flew out from LA to Rhode Island and they did a little filming of him at the gym and tanning, and then he didn’t hear back from them for six months when they called and said he’d been cast and that filming would begin soon.

He’s a dad

Most people are unaware that Pauly D has a baby of his own. In fact, we are not even sure how or when it happened, only that he announced in 2013 that he has a little girl and that she was born in New Jersey. There has been some speculation that he didn’t know he’d fathered a child and that whomever the mother is came forward when she was ready to find some financial support. It is reported that he is currently fighting for custody of the little girl for himself.

He’s the most normal of his former cast mates

When he was cast on the Shore, he was the first to get his own spinoff show because he was the most normal. He was the man who was not always drunk or angry or making a scene like some of his friends, and he seemed to be the most likable and the most approachable by anyone’s standards in comparison to the other people on the show.

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