10 Things You Didn’t Know about Rosa Salazar

Rosa Salazar is a beautiful young Canadian actress who began her acting at the young age of 15. Born in July of 1985, Salazar was raised in Greenbelt, Maryland. Her performing began in New York City, but it turned serious when she moved from NY to Los Angeles, CA in 2009. She has had roles in many hit films, and television series, like NBC’s Parenthood, and American Horror Story: Murder House. She also appeared in the 2015 film, The Divergent Series: Insurgent, as Lynn, as well as, Maze Runner: The Scorch and Trials, and Maze Runner: The Death Cure, as Brenda. Her face is becoming more familiar as she continues to make a name for herself in the industry, and you may have caught her in one of her many roles, over the years, but here are ten things you don’t know about Rosa Salazar.

1. What’s her favorite hobby?

Salazar says that she has always been full of energy and says that as a kid, she would be one of those kids you’d see dancing around the table at a restaurant. She uses acting as a way to release that energy, but of course all that energy has to putter out at some point, and when it does, she loves to sleep. As a matter-of-fact, Salazar has said in a recent interview that sleep is actually her favorite hobby. She claims she can sleep anytime, anywhere, even on a dime.

2. Wore a Mohawk for a role and went all “badass”

Some roles actors take on require them to make changes to their looks to where they may not even recognize themselves. Some changes are big, some are not a big deal, but any change you make, it can give you a different feeling about the way you perceive yourself. One change Salazar said she had to make for her role in Insurgent was with her hair. The character wore a Mohawk, which she said had an affect on the way she viewed herself, which was all….badass. Nothing like a good Mohawk to make you feel a little, “kickass.”

3. She’s a health nut

Salazar is known for her healthy eating habits and says that she loves to snack on healthy snack foods. Not only does she believe in eating healthy herself, but she likes to help others eat healthy too, and one way she does this, is to show up for work and pass out juices to her co-workers. Taking the gesture a step further, she brings different types of juices for everyone, a specific flavor of juice she thinks each person will like most. She might bring fresh pineapple juice for one co-worker, and a fresh tomato and celery combo juice for another. Her co-workers have gotten accustomed to Salazar’s healthy eating suggestions and think it’s actually very sweet and considerate she’d take the time to personalize her gift of juice-giving for each of them.

4. Claims to be a tomboy at heart

When it comes to describing herself to others, Salazar says that she is really a tomboy at heart, and in body. When she is made up and dressed up, you might never know that she thinks of herself that way, but she likes sports and has sported some really cute, super chic short hairstyles that definitely fit the role of being a tomboy .

5. Spent time being homeless

Salazar was on her own at fifteen and living on her own. She worked at Dominoes for a while, but once she got out of high school, she started bumming around America. In an interview, she talked about how lost she felt, homeless and no real plans for her future. She had one goal during those years, and it was to own a home. Salazar says that she saw the movie I Heart Huckabee during those vagrant times, and it was that movie that made her realize how much she liked acting, and it motivated her. She became totally enthralled with the business.

6. She’s labeled one actor as her “work husband”

Adam Pallys is a fellow actor and the two worked together in indie Night Owls together. The two grew very close working together, so close, in fact, that she often refers to Pallys as her “work husband,” which is how she described it to InStyle. She went on to say that the two plan to work together doing another film, which will be directed by the same director as Night Owls. Salazar says that Pallys is hilarious and keeps her laughing. She told InStyle that everyone should want to “be around the Adam Pallys of the world.”

7. What is her sense of style and favorite brand of jeans?

When you make the kind of money Salazar makes on her films, you can afford to dress just about any way you want, including spending tons of money on expensive brands, get gussied up, and really dress to the nines. While some actresses live like this and are rarely seen dressed down and in a comfortable attire, Salazar says that she prefers to be comfy all the time. If you ask her what her favorite apparel is, she will tell you, blue jeans. And what are her favorite style of blue jeans? American Apparel, which she says that she wears every day of her life.

8. Hit with a restraining order this year

Celebrities are always under the microscope for everything they do. Their every move is put out there for everyone to see, and this is especially true if they happen to have a run-in with the law. One “oops” and it will surely be heard about and made public. Salazar found this out when one night she showed up to her ex-boyfriend’s house, Sam Setzer, and had a bit of a breakdown, acting kind of “stalkerish” by pounding on his door, shouting loudly, ringing the doorbell over-and-over, until he finally had to call the local police. Setzer filed for a restraining order and

9. She tends to attract women with this name….

Have you ever found yourself wondering how you always end up with so many friends with the same name? It’s almost like you’re a magnet for attracting people with a particular name, like Dave, for example, or Bill? You look at your phone contact list and it’s full of  them. For Salazar, she has said that she couldn’t help notice that she seems to always attract friends with the same name, which is, Angela. Yep, she’s an “Angela-magnet,” so here’s a thought, if you happen to be named Angela and are a fan of this actress, maybe you have a greater chance of becoming friends with her, or at the very least getting to meet her if you’re ever in the Los Angeles area.

10. Had to learn to about weaponry and how to use a gun

When you’re an actor, there are a lot of things you may have to learn in order to fit a role. If you take a role that requires you to ride a horse, you will probably spend a lot of time in a saddle learning how, before you start making the film. Or if you are in a movie that requires handling different weapons and firing a gun, you’re probably going to spend quite a bit of time at the shooting range and learning how to handle a gun. That’s precisely what Salazar had to do when she accepted her role in Maze Runner. She says that she had to perform some stunts in Insurgent, but she’s taking it up a notch in Maze Runner, and gun handling is part of it for this film.

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