10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sarah Rodriguez

sarah rodriguez

Her name isn’t a household name, but you know her face. Sarah Rodriguez was all over the place when she showed up to Orange County housewife Tamra Judge’s home with Tamra’s son Ryan. The two sat down to dinner to celebrate Tamra’s birthday and announced that not only were they getting married but also having a baby together. Tamra was less than thrilled, but she managed to pull it together for the cameras after she freaked out. She’s since calmed down quite a bit, and she’s also made peace with her daughter-in-law. In fact, she is even more friendly with Tamra now that she and Tamra’s son are not doing so well than she was in the past.

We’ve seen Sarah Rodriguez more this season of the real housewives than we have any other season. She’s always there quietly sitting in the background with Tamra at various events and parties, and she seems just as nice and friendly as ever. We know Tamra wants her son and his wife to get it together and work it out, but we don’t know how well it will work out for them. They seem to have their issues, and Tamra seems to want to stay close to Sarah for the sake of her granddaughter. What is it that we don’t know about Sarah Rodriguez?

She’s friends with her mother-in-law

Sarah and Tamra are more like friends than anything else, and it seems to work for them. At first it didn’t seem that these two would get it together enough to have any sort of healthy relationship, but they’ve worked through that. They seem to get along better now than they ever have in the past, and we are quite impressed by that.

She’s a little too open sometimes

Tamra Judge believes her daughter-in-law is a little bit too open at times. She will occasionally open up to her about issues she’s having with Ryan and Tamra has to remind her that Ryan is her son and she doesn’t want to hear it. We get that, and we hope that these two can get it together, too.

She’s friendly with Vicki

We saw earlier this season that Sarah was at a gas station filling up her car when Vicki’s daughter was being rushed to the hospital, and she quickly volunteered to watch Brianna’s children while Vicki met her at the hospital. She called Tamra immediately and the two got together to watch the boys while Vicki was at the hospital with her daughter. It worked out well for them all.

She seems to take the high road

When things got ugly between her and Ryan, Tamra’s son, it seemed that he was quick to pull up all her skeletons on the internet and out her for all the things that he felt she did wrong. She, on the other hand, has said very little and has spent a lot of time on the internet telling the world what a great dad that Ryan really is. We think that it might speak highly of her that she hasn’t, to our knowledge, stooped to his level at this point.

She’s got four girls

Some people have a lot of kids because they are trying to have one of the opposite sex. To be quite honest, my husband and I have four kids because of it. We had two girls and decided that we’d try one more time for a boy; and if it was a girl, we’d be just as happy and call it a day. We decided that third baby was it no matter what it was, and we ended up having a boy….and a girl. We had twins; so we also have four kids. Sarah Rodriguez, though, has four daughters from four different men, and that’s a bit of a point of contention between her and Ryan Vieth.

She had a rough pregnancy

When she became pregnant with her daughter, Ava, with Tamra’s son, she had a rough go of it. She had early contractions and was not doing very well in terms of potentially having a premature baby. She was put on bed rest to stop the contractions and to keep baby Ava inside as long as possible to prevent her from being a preemie.

She doesn’t believe in living in the past

She has said it time and time again, she doesn’t believe in living in the past. Sarah Rodriguez believes that the past is the past and that she needs to be focused on her future and the future of her baby girls. She’s not someone who wants to look backwards when looking ahead is what is most important to her.

She admits her mistakes

When she does something wrong, Sarah Rodriguez seems to be the kind of woman who likes to point out that she did make a mistake and that she’s learning from it. She doesn’t often make the same mistake twice. She seems to be good at doing the right thing the second time around. Her kids are her world and she wants to learn from her mistakes and be a better version of herself for all of her girls.

She loves her kids

If you take a few moments to check out Sarah Rodriguez’s social media pages, you will see that the most important thing in the world to her is her children. She is the kind of woman who puts her kids first all the time, and she is not ashamed of that. It’s cute to see all her children’s photos.

She loves the F word

We know that Tamra Judge has a love affair with the F word, and so does Sarah. She likes to use it on social media in memes and other quotes she posts. She says it a lot, and she’s just a woman who doesn’t seem to care what other people think of her and her life. While we aren’t sure about using such profane language quite so often, we appreciate that she doesn’t care about anyone else’s opinion.

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