10 Things You Didn’t Know about Scott McGillivray

Scott McGillivray is not only one good-looking guy, but he’s got the talent, and the money to go with it. This is a man who, not matter what he seems to touch, turns to gold. Canadian-born, Scott McGillivray is an extremely talented man of many talents. He is a highly skilled contractor, a savvy real estate investor, TV personality, speaker and author. Born on April 7, 1978, McGillivray has turned his dream of working with homes, developing and renovating properties to a level that most of us can’t even imagine. With multiple television shows and projects that he participates in, this is one busy man. He is one of the most popular hosts and TV personalities in the home repairs and renovation genres, and has even won an award for one of his hit TV series, Income Property. This highly motivated and inspiring man seems to have it all, and it’s only getting better, with a soaring career, beautiful family, and incredible net worth. If you are already a fan of Scott McGillivray, you probably know a lot about his talent already, but here are ten things you didn’t know about Scott McGillivray.

1. A school project turned to real business

McGillivray received his honors degree in Commerce in 2001 from the University of Guelph. While in school, he created a model of an exclusive business plan that later on, he would later, make a reality. At the young age of 21, McGillivray renovated his very first rental property by using student loans to purchase it. Only two years later, at the age of 23, he already owned 5 rental properties and was well on his way to creating a good income for himself. He got his contractor license in 2004 and began managing his own crews. Today, he has a real estate empire that spans across both Canada and the US.

2. What’s his passion?

What drives McGillivray every day to do what he does, is helping home owners. Helping people renovate their homes and make the best sound, financial decisions that will help them to gain the most financial rewards from them, is his passion in life. He loves to see home owners turn their lives around and use their knowledge and assets to create wealth and security for themselves. He teaches them all they need to know.

3. Of all his shows, this is the most popular

McGillivray has a range of television shows he owns and is the host of, but of all of the ones he’s created and runs, it’s the show, Income Property that is not only his favorite, but it’s the most popular among fans. The show is a home renovation show that airs on HGTV Canada, and DIY Network Canada. You can also see it here in the US on the HGTV and DIY Network. On the show, he helps regular homeowners take their own home and property, and renovate it in the best way so that it will help earn them money. The show has won McGillivray awards and is his biggest hit series.

4. Runs business ventures on the sidelines

McGillivray owns plenty of television shows, but he also stays busy on the side, outside of television time. Keyspire, a community of like-minded real estate investors, which McGillivray heads, started a real estate education company by the name of The Lifetime Wealth Academy in 2010 (was renamed to Keyspire in 2013). It runs 3 day workshops and free preview shows. McGillivray also created his own speaking event tours. The events are titled, Creating Wealth through Real Estate, and are geared toward educating people all about the financial benefits of real estate investing, and how to get involved. In 205, the event tour was known as #TheWeathTour.

5. Got his start in TV as a crewman

McGillivray didn’t just jump into being a hit TV show host. He had not had any experience in television before, only home renovations and contractor work. He started out working as a crew member, but later, during the period of 2003-2005, McGillivray worked with Debbie Travis as a project manager on her home improvement reality TV show, Debbie Travis’ Facelift, and again in 2006, on her show, From the Ground Up with Debbie Travis. 

6. Has played a role as the “Judge” in competitions

Shows that judge people’s talent and creativity, from singing, dancing, or decorating, are always fun to watch. McGillivray has had his share of playing the judge on a number of reality TV shows where people compete for the winning spot in different home challenges. In 2007, McGillivray was the judge on HGTV’s, Holiday Battle on the Block, where neighbors competed for the best holiday-decorated home on the block. From 2012-14, He played judge for HGTV’s Canada show, Canada’s Handyman Challenge, alongside Mike Holmes, Bryan Baeumler, and Paul LaFrance. Flipping the Block aired in 2014, and McGillivray judged four couples who were competing for a lot of money in a home-flipping competition, where the homes were to be sold to the highest bidder at auction.

7. Chose a lemon home to renovate for his own family

One show that aired in 2016 was a very personal show. It involved McGillivray and his own family. The show was called, Moving the McGillivrays, and it followed Scott, his wife, and children as they went through the process of renovating a home that would be the family’s forever home. The home he and his wife chose was a rundown fixer-upper that they would later determine to be nothing but a lemon. Due to tall the renovation money it was going to wind up costing them, they opted to tear the disaster-home down, and just build their very own dream home.

8. Participated in renovating a home for a worthy family

Not only does McGillivray enjoy helping regular homeowners, but he loves helping families who want to win their dream home. On HGTV Canada, the show, Home to Win, renovates homes for worthy families, and McGillivray accepted the invitation to be a guest renovator on the show. The worthy families are selected by the producers of the show after auditions are entered. It’s a fun and exciting show to watch, as homes transform into beautiful living spaces beyond the winner’s wildest dreams.

9. He’s an author

McGillivray has so much information to share with people about home renovations and real estate, that he wanted to use his knowledge to help people in any way he could. Not everyone is able to tune into his TV shows, or show up for a speaking event, so McGillivray has also taken the path of writing books to reach people who are interested in learning his secrets. He wrote his first book in 2014, titled, How to Add Value to your Home, a home improvement book that helps people make the most out of their renovation investments. He’s also co-authored several books with his business partner, Michael Sarracini, and they include: Cash Flow for Life (2012), Quick Start to Cash Flow (2011), and, The Investors Tool Kit (2011).

10. Married with kids

McGillivray is married and has kids. It’s not hard to see why this guy wouldn’t be attached, and despite his extremely busy schedule, he is very much a family man. His wife is Sabrina, whom he married in 2009, and the two have children; Myah McGillivray, and Layla Chloe McGillivray. The family divides their time between the US and Canada, spending time in both of their homes, Toronto and Fort Myers, Florida.

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