10 Things You Didn’t Know about Scott Patterson

scott patterson

You know and love Scott Patterson mostly from his role on the very amazing hit show Gilmore Girls, and the world is more than a little bit excited that he’s coming back to the show in a few months for the short revival. But what, exactly, has he been up to for the past few years? We spent so many years watching him as he was playing Luke Danes, and we are excited that he’s back. Now he’s got a few more things to his name, but he’s forever remembered as the man who is actually just Luke. Are he and Lorelai together? Are they not? We might not have those answers for you, but we thought we might just clue you in to what Scott Patterson has been doing for the past decade or so; we call it getting to know him a bit more since he’s actually a real person and not just Luke. I know how upsetting that is to his fans, too. Reality is just no fun.

He doesn’t think Luke is a modern character

Scott Patterson called his character a throwback. He said that he’s a great guy, but that he’s just not the kind of guy you see on television anymore. He’s not someone that wants anything from anyone other than to simply have their friendship and their love, and he loves playing a man like that.

He’s from a broken home

Don’t you hate that term? Does it have to be broken simply because someone is no longer married? It might be fixed when that happens. However, Scott Patterson’s family is divorced. His mother and father decided to end their marriage in 1974, but he wasn’t a child anymore. He was actually 16 when they ended their marriage, so we don’t know how much it actually affected him.

He’s a former pro ball player

When he was growing up, Scott Patterson loved baseball. He was good, too. He actually spent the first few years of his adult life playing ball in the minor leagues. He pitched, and he was quite good. he thought might go on to play for the major leagues at some point, but he never made it that big despite being on the roster for both the Yankees and the Rangers.

He’s a father

Even though he’s no longer married doesn’t mean he’s not a father. He’s a single father these days to a son by the name of Nick. He and his son get along well, and we wish his son might come forward and tell us how he really feels about his father heading back to television for the role that made him the famous actor he is today. I bet he watches the show even though its more for the ladies.

He admitted he and Lorelai are together

If there is one we love about Scott Patterson, it’s that he’s always spilling secrets. The world is dying to know if he and Lorelai worked out, and it turns out that they did. In the new show that debuts around Thanksgiving, we have learned that they will be together and that it will be a lovely moment of watching them as they figure things out with one another.

He’s a professional guest star

We say that loosely, but it turns out that Scott Patterson has spent a lot of his time guest starring on some of the most famous television shows of all time. He was a star in his own show, but he also managed to become a short-lived star on shows such as Seinfeld, Will and Grace and many more. People just love working with him and he has a wonderful reputation in Hollywood for that.

He hasn’t seen the show yet

He’s filmed it, he thinks it’s great and he is happy with it. However, he has not yet seen the GG revival that’s due out on Netflix in a few months. He is sure that it will be fantastic, but he doesn’t need to see it to know. He says it is well-written and fantastic, and that there is no way that the fans of the show who have been around for so many years will not love it.

He was married

For a few years in the 80s, he was married. He thought that he’d found his forever love, but it did not work out for him and it did not make it easy for him to go through that thing we call marriage. He ultimately decided that marriage was not for him, but he was able to get through it and ended up spending many years dating for some time. He’s had short relationships, dates and so much more throughout the course of the past couple of decades.

He didn’t feel like Luke going back

When it was time to revive his role as Luke, Scott Patterson said he had a difficult time. It wasn’t easy to put the hat back on, even though he was actually wearing the hat. He thought he might go in and automatically feel like the man he was for so long, but he did not. He sat down to read the script and he thought that he no longer felt like Luke. It was a huge shock to him seeing as how he spent more than seven years as this character and thought it would come back to him a bit like riding a bike. It didn’t, and it ended up being interesting for him.

He’s funny

He is a funny guy, and people wonder all the time if that is true. He spent so many years playing a man and a character that was often moody and grumpy and a bit snarky, but the word on the street is that he is actually quite funny and he really enjoys a good laugh. He enjoyed playing a character with an often surly personality, and it worked for him to get to be someone he is really not that much like for so many years.

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