10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tamala Jones

Tamala Jones

Tamala Jones is one of the amazing stars of the hit series Castle, and she’s breaking our hearts. She’s leaving the show, and that means that there is going to be a sizable hole in the cast. However, she has bigger and better things to do in life, and that’s something we all understand. She might be a fan favorite, but we know that sometimes you have to do what is best for you and not worry about what other people think and how it will affect them. We will miss her, but we also love her. Before she ventures off into her own little world of amazing opportunities, though, we want to get to know her a bit better. After all, Tamala Jones is wonderfully talented and we know we’ll be seeing a lot more of her in bigger and better roles.

Castle makes her smart

Because she plays a medical examiner, Tamala Jones feels that she is a much smarter person thanks to her role on television. She has to look up a lot of different medical terms and learn more than she ever thought possible, and she really appreciates that about her role on television. Hey, we love to learn, too, so we get it.

She loves comedy

Her current role does not allow for mush comedy. After all, she’s the women who examines dead bodies for a living. There is not much to laugh about in that line of work. She’s got a dramatic role now, but did you know that Tamala Jones prefers comedic acting? That’s right, people; she’s funny. It’s really just one more reason to love her so much.

She’s a goofy person

You don’t see it on television, but Tamala Jones does not take life too seriously. She prefers to have a good time, to laugh and to have some fun. She likes to enjoy herself and she feels no reason that she cannot go out and actually do that on a regular basis. She likes to laugh and joke, and she’s always got a smile on her face when she’s in the room.

She’s always wanted to act

When she was growing up, she knew Tamala Jones knew she wanted to be an actress. She was someone who was certain that this was her role in life and that she wanted to do this for a living. She was sure she could make it happen, and she never focused on anything else because she had very little doubt that she would be able to make it happen. It looks like she was right.

She’s anti-Castle/Beckett

So many of the people that watch this show want these two to get together. However, Tamala Jones is not one of those people. She feels that if these two characters get together on the show, they will no longer have the same fire and chemistry, and the show might not have that spark that it currently has. She is anti-relationship when it comes to those two characters, and we are with her on that one.

She went to school with famous people

When Tamala Jones was growing up, she did the same thing many of us do growing up. She went to school (see, she’s just like a normal person!). However, unlike the rest of us who might have gone to school with people who never became famous, she went to school and was friends with not one but two major stars. She was friend with Lark Voorhies (Lisa from “Saved by the Bell,”) and Jaleel White (Steve Urkel) and they were both very supportive of her decision to act.

Her famous friends believed in her

Even when Tamala Jones was a non-working actress and a teenager, her famous friends believed in her. They told her she could do it, and they encouraged her to pursue her dreams and make a go of it. It’s a good thing they did, too, because now they can take a little of the credit for the fact that she is a fan favorite and a super famous star.

Her favorite Castle character is Alexis

Tamala Jones makes no apologies when it comes to choosing her favorite character on her own show. While many people might name their own character, she does not. She actually believes her favorite character is Castle’s daughter, Alexis. We kind of agree, because she is awesome. What’s more awesome, though, is that Jones has no problem admitting that when so many other people would be quick to offer a politically correct answer that doesn’t single anyone out in any way. We love that about her.

She wants a movie role that will show off her girls

Back in 2006, Tamala Jones got her breasts done. She wanted them to be bigger and better than ever. At the time, she said she really did her homework when it came to choosing a doctor and that she felt comfortable with the fact that the one she chose was the best in the business. She was so proud of her new girls at that time that she said she was looking for a great script for a great movie so that she could have the opportunity to take off her top and show the world her new girls. That’s pretty dedicated if you ask us.

She’s had more than 63 roles

Since she began acting in the 90s, Tamala Jones has had more than 63 roles on television and in the movies. And believe it or not, she’s about equal in both. She’s had roles in some of the most famous television series of all times, as well as in some of the most famous movies of all time. She hasn’t said which is her favorite, of course, but we think that she’s done so much and worked with so many amazing people that it might not even be that easy to tell. Now that she’s done with her current role, though, it seems she’s going to add to that number pretty significantly in the near future.

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