10 Things You Didn’t Know about Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor is being touted as the real superstar of the VMAs in 2016, and it comes just a day after she took the stage in front of the entire world and showed them who is the boss. While most everyone on social media made it a point to talk about the return of Britney Spears and her personal performance, it turns out that she didn’t win the night as the most amazing performance – something she is so notably famous for. I mean, she is Britney Spears. Instead the title of best performance of the night went to a relatively unknown Teyana Taylor, a girl who signed a record contract way back in 2007 yet hasn’t been a name I’ve heard in my life until the VMA performance the world cannot stop talking about.

She was the very Flashdance-like performer in Kanye West’s FADE performance, and she is the woman of the night. Get ready, world, because this young lady is about to take over your lives. On that note, let’s get to know her just a little bit better, shall we?

She’s a new mom

Listen, while the world is freaking out that she gave birth only eight months ago; I’m not surprised. As someone with four kids and the ability to bounce right back myself, I don’t see the surprise there. In fact, most women I know who have babies bounce right back, and I’m sure I just don’t get the shock that women can look darn good after having a baby.

She’s an engaged woman

Teyana Taylor isn’t just a new mother, either; she’s getting married. She is engaged to an NBA player by the name of Iman Shumpert. She has been dating him for a very long time now, and he even made an appearance in the video in which she stars. That would be her fiancé who got to make out with her in the shower and hang out with her in the bed filled with sheep in the video that she starred in for Kanye.

She’s 25

For a young lady of only 25, she’s sure a busy woman. She’s a new mom, a fiancé, and she’s a video music star. She’s also a singer and a dancer, and she’s keeping herself quite busy with the life she’s living. She was born on December 10, 1990, making her a young woman who wasn’t even born in the 80s, though you wouldn’t know that based on her performance at the VMAs this week.

She’s a reality television star

Back in 2007, she was a reality show star for a half hour on an MTV show called My Super Sweet 16. Perhaps you remember the show; it featured kids turning 16 and their parents paying for million dollar parties, Ferraris and Range Rovers and performances by huge superstars that might make you feel just a little bit inadequate with your Publix cake and your balloons and iPod cranking out top 40 hits right now. She was on the show, and the world was green with envy of her entire life for a solid half hour.

She’s been friendly with Kanye West for a long time

Teyana Taylor and Kanye West have been friends for years. He signed her, they’ve worked together, and they even collaborate on fashion together. Their friendship has never been anything more than just friendly and business, but they do work really well together. They get along well because they are both show-stopping performers, and they are both working well together on their current collaboration, if the feedback from the VMAs is any indication.

She gave birth on the bathroom floor

When she gave birth to her daughter eight months ago, Teyana Taylor did not even know she was in labor. It was 6 in the morning when she woke up and didn’t realize what was happening. She ended up not having enough time to get anywhere, so she and her fiancé ended up delivering their baby girl together on their bathroom floor. The story was shared on her Instagram post in December, and the world was shocked that she was able to do that on her own without the help of any medical professionals.

She’s worked with big names

Teyana Taylor might be famous now for her Kanye West collaboration, but she’s got a number of other famous collaborations to her name. She’s worked in the past with Chris Brown, with Jay Z, with Fabolous and even with Pharrell. She’s a woman who knows she has some serious talent, and she is not afraid to make sure she gets to work with the people who have the most influence and power in the business. She’s smart.

She’s a go-getter

She’s known her entire life she wanted to be a singer and a dancer, and she’s worked hard to make that happen. In fact, Teyana Taylor was ready from day one to work with Kanye West, and she did everything in her power to make sure she was able to become part of at least one of his songs, and now she’s worked with him more than once. This girl has goals, and she doesn’t let anything or anyone stop her from reaching them.

She’s been performing forever

According to her family, Teyana Taylor was only 9 when she picked up a mic for the first time and sang. They were all blown away at her talent and knew then that she would be a huge star. Her mother and father have done everything in their power to ensure that they were able to help her meet her goals and make it in the world. I’d say they have been quite successful at making that happen, wouldn’t you?

She models

One more thing that Teyana Taylor does is work as a model. She’s been involved in New York Fashion Week for many years, walking the runway for various designers. As much as she likes it, it’s not her dream; she’s a performer before she is anything else.

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