10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tom Sandoval

tom sandoval

He considers himself an aspiring model and hopefully an actor at some point in his career, but most of us know Tom Sandoval as a reality television star who bartends for Lisa Vanderpump. He’s a cast member on Vanderpump Rules, and he is not immune to drama. Many of us cannot figure out how old he is based on the fact that he’s tending a bar and becoming a bit overly involved in the personal dramas of everyone around him, as well as allowing that kind of negativity and drama into his own life. He’s probably a very nice guy in real life, but his reality television persona throws us. He has bigger dreams, but we don’t see him chasing them as often as we’d like. Who is Tom Sandoval? He’s more than just a reality television star drama king with aspiring dreams of becoming a model, right?

He thinks guys are jealous of him

Growing up, Tom Sandoval thought that all the other guys were jealous of him for being a trendsetter. He always assumed that he had some sort of trendsetting abilities to make other kids feel jealous about his hair or his clothes or how cool he was. We wonder if they still think he’s that cool and are as jealous if him as he thought now that they see him serving drinks to celebs in LA?

He was the last person cast for his reality show

It turns out that Tom Sandoval wasn’t actually cast right away as many of the other people he stars with were. In fact, he didn’t even work for SUR, which is the restaurant that the show follows. He worked for Lisa Vanderpump’s other restaurant, Villa Blanca, and she moved him over and allowed him to become part of the show after producers decided that he might add a bit of interest to the show along with the other cast members.

If you ask Tom Sandoval what makes his reality show better than others, he will tell you it’s because these people actually know one another. They were not just put together and forced to become friends or enemies; they already knew one another and had past and current and future relationships in the making. It makes for good television.

He’s smart

Many people like to assume that he’s a bartender and a wannabe model into himself, so he must be a flake. He’s not; he’s actually quite smart. His favorite subject is science, which is not typically the subject that many people find themselves admitting they love more than any other. Good for him, though.

He’s a southern boy

Well, we here in the south don’t really consider Missouri part of the south, but it’s far closer to the south than it is to the west coast of the USA. Tom Sandoval is from Missouri, and we have no idea if he is proud of that fact. I don’t personally know anyone from Missouri myself, so I don’t even know if it’s something to brag about. We know he’s from St. Louis, which is a bigger city, so we imagine he’s not really a country bumpkin at heart.

He’s a former Catholic school boy

As a Christian woman myself, I have no issues with the Catholics. I will tell you this, however; when we were growing up and we entered high school, the kids from the local Catholic school did, too. They had a reputation for being wild, crazy and working hard to live out their lives without as much supervision in public high school as they did in their private school, so I’ve always had a small belief in the back of my mind that kids from Catholic schools are a bit on the wild side.

He’s not a fan of clubbing

Tom Sandoval said he was a club promoter for a while, but he said he did not like it. Apparently, he is not a huge fan of going out at night and clubbing all the time. It’s a little bit of a surprise considering how often we see him doing it on national television every week, but that’s for work; so it’s different.

He left Missouri for Chicago

It’s not often you hear of kids moving to Chicago to pursue their acting career, but that is what Tom Sandoval did. He didn’t need New York City or LA; he went to Chicago. It didn’t work out for him so well there, which is why he’s currently in LA working as a reality television star tending bars.

He considers himself versatile

Tom Sandoval is nothing if not very confident in his appearance. He says he can wear anything, look good in anything and pull anything off. It is his opinion that there is nothing he cannot rock and therefore, he will wear anything. He even wears his girlfriend’s jewelry sometimes. We think that’s pretty interesting, and we admire his confidence.

He also went to Miami

Again, it’s just not that often you hear of aspiring actors moving to Miami to find work, but we assume that’s why Tom Sandoval is not a famous actor in the world of movies and television. If he went to LA or New York City, we think he might have had a better chance of it. Then again, what do we know?

He made $2,500 modeling when he was only 15

During his teenage years, Tom Sandoval wanted to become a model. He was set on making it as a top fashion model in the world, and he knew what he had to do; he had to get a modeling job. He found an agency, signed up to work for them and then he got his first job. He doesn’t remember much about it right now, but he does remember his first paycheck at 15 and how good that felt to earn that kind of cash for not doing too much but looking good.

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