10 Things You Didn’t Know about Vikki Ziegler

Born in Manhattan, NY, Vikki Ziegler is a well-known name in the world of law, and even in television. She was born to South African parents and grew up in Wayne, NJ. Ziegler. She is an American lawyer and author, and she’s made quite a name for herself with her experience in marriage and divorce, so much so, that she has written books on different topics surrounding the subject, as well as she has represented some big names during their divorces. She has also even hosted her own realty television show. You may recognize her name, or maybe you’ve seen her on TV over the past recent years, but here are 10 things you didn’t know about Vikki Ziegler.

1. Her parent’s divorce sparked her interest in law

Many people choose their field of work due to an experience they’ve had relating to that field. In Ziegler’s case, it was the divorce of her parents in 1985 when she was just twelve years of age that motivated her to pursue a career in law. She has said that during her parents’ divorce proceedings, she worked hard to convince her mother and father to agree on joint custody. Having gone through that tumultuous time and experience, it made her realize that she wanted to get involved in law when she grew up, which she not only followed through with, but has highly succeeded in the field.

2. Was appointed to the Supreme Court

Ok, it’s not the US Supreme Court, but Ziegler does hold a position on the Supreme Court of New Jersey, which she was appointed to, and specifically, to the District XI Ethics Committee for Passaic County. Ziegler’s credentials are so impressive that this is quite an honor to be proud of, and I’m sure, especially for a woman. She is also barred in three states, New York, New Jersey, and Washington D.C.

3. She’s an author

Despite her obvious hectic schedule, Ziegler still took the time to pen a couple of books. She is currently the author of two books, both related to marriage and divorce. She started her first book, entitled The All Star Divorce, in 2008, and then published her second, The Pre-marital Planner: A Complete Guide to a Perfect Marriage, in 2012. Although she began The All Star Divorce in ’08, it is recognized as her second published, non-fiction book.

4. Her grandfather gave her one piece of advice before he died

Zeigler says that her grandfather, who passed away in South Africa while she was in law school, wrote her a letter. In the letter, he praised her and gave her a piece of advice.  Zeigler didn’t receive the letter until after he died, but when she did, she said it was a “gift”. He told her how proud he was she was becoming an attorney and would earn a reasonable wage. He also told her one piece of important advice, and that was for her to always protect her integrity. She  said, ” My grandfather told me you have only one thing in this life. Your reputation. So value it.”  

5. Is the co-founder of two websites

Ziegler has been a voice for the those both married and divorced, for years. She has not only given advice as a legal representative, but to the general public as well. She uses her voice to talk about all the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to marriage and divorce, and one way she has used her voice, is by co-founding two websites, one that deals with celebrity relationships (hookupsandbreakups.com), and the other is a match-making site that is for those who are newly divorce (divorcedating.com).

6. Was given her own TV show

In 2014 she began hosting the Bravo reality television show Untying the Knot. The six half-hour episodes track Ziegler handling divorce cases, and includes her consultations with appraisal experts Mark and Michael Millea when items require auctioning. The series was renewed in November 2014, and expanded to a full hour format for the second season

7. Trying to remove the stigma of divorce

Ziegler has said that she doesn’t like the stigma that is often attached to divorced people. She has said that there is often the stigma that you may be damaged goods, that you’re not good enough, or that you’re not worthy of another try at a relationship, if you’re divorced. Ziegler says that this is just not the case. Just because one relationship didn’t work out, that it doesn’t mean another won’t. She believes this stigma needs to be done away with and in an effort to help remove that stigma and help the recently divorced try to find love again, she created a website dedicated to helping the divorced hook-up. She also created an internet radio show that talks about divorce and dating.

8. Represented a Pro football player

Ziegler has worked a lot of people, helping them navigate through the rough waters of divorce. While not all of her clients are high-profile clients, one name many football fans would recognize that Ziegler represented during his divorce, is Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee, Michael Strahn.

9. Works 11 hours a day

Ziegler puts in long hours, most days working about 11 hours, especially when she is having to be in Manhattan, working with her law firm. Ziegler splits her time between two homes, one in Wayne, NJ, and the other is an apartment in Manhattan. Despite her long work hours, Zeigler does find time to take care of her self both physically and mentally. In the evenings, Ziegler kickboxes to keep in shape and relieve stress. She is also an avid reader, which she does to relax in her off hours, too.

10. Is a survivor of her own divorce

Yes, this divorce expert is a divorcee herself. Ziegler is currently happily married to Bill Payne, a real estate agent with Nest Seekers International. His company has been featured on the network, Bravos’ Million Dollar Listing New York, but that’s not all he does. He is also founder of B2 Aviation, an aircraft management and charter company. He is a well-known name around the country himself, in business and real estate, but he is also known for being Zeigler’s second husband. Payne and Zeigler married in 2012 and the two have a daughter together.

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