10 Things You Didn’t Know about Zakiyah Everette

zakiyah everette

If you don’t recognize Zakiyah Everette’s name, don’t worry; it’s all because you are not watching Big Brother. Don’t feel too bad. I don’t watch it, either. In a world in which reality television is pretty much on television all the time making the rest of us feel so good about our own lives and how we are not nearly as drama-fueled or as crazy or as drunk as these people, it’s easy to want to go out and live your own life appreciating the people who keep you sane, normal and not on national television. However, there are still fans of this hugely popular show. I’m not saying it’s bad at all; I’m just saying I’ve never seen it so I don’t really know much about how it works or what the purpose of the show even is.

What I do know is that people love this woman and her appearance in the house. She’s a fan favorite and it might be because you love her or you hate her. If you’re not sure what you think of her, you simply don’t know enough about her at this point. Zakiyah Everette is making a name for herself, and she’s not going anywhere anytime soon as far as her fame is concerned. Want to know what the big deal is? Read on to find out.

She is in a relationship with another star

We aren’t sure if her on-screen romance is real or if it’s all a part of the show. Either way, she’s in the middle of a romance with a gym owner by the name of Paulie. They’re competing together, but they seem to have this small issue with trust. He’s not sure he trusts her, she’s not sure she trusts him. It doesn’t seem to us much like the kind of healthy start to a good relationship, so we predict it might not last all that long.

She’s got a college degree

We love an educated woman. Zakiyah went to college and graduated in May of 2015. She graduated with a degree in Africana Studies. Like so many college degrees that aren’t business or doctorates or law degrees of the self-explanatory manner, I don’t know what she might do with that degree. On that note, it seems like most people have degrees that they can’t or don’t use for anything that I recognize. She’s educated, and that’s good.

She’s a preschool teacher

Aren’t all preschool teachers the most darling people in the world? I loved my girls VPK teachers, and there is nothing wrong with that. Anyone who has the kind of patience and ability to sit down and work with kids that age in multiple numbers deserves a little respect in our book. She works with small kids, but she is not always the nicest person.

She finds herself charming

Some people might find that this is a turn-off. I don’t. I find myself quite charming as well. I just don’t say that out loud all that often. Except right now. And most every single day to my husband. He finds it charming, though. I guess you could say we like Zakiyah Everette even though we don’t know her or watch her show. She sounds like my kind of gal.

She’s got a life motto

We should all have a life motto. Mine varies a lot between “life is short, buy the shoes,” and “no talkie before coffee.” We can all get on board with those, right? Zaikyah Everette’s life motto is YOLO. Thankfully, she doesn’t throw that acronym out there. She just says that you only live once. She’s right, unless you are a cat.

She loves celebrity gossip

We all love celebrity gossip. Maybe because we love certain celebs and just want to stay connected with them the best we can. Or perhaps we all love to hear a bit of gossip about the world’s rich and famous because it serves as a good reminder that sometimes you cannot buy class, happiness or anything else that makes life worthwhile just because you have money and good looks.

She knows she’s gorgeous

Zakiyah Everette is a very pretty woman. She’s lovely, and she knows it. She’s not afraid to use that to her advantage, either. I like that about her because I like a woman who knows how to use what she’s got. The world is not fair, and anyone with half a brain knows that. Use what you’ve got to get ahead; there is nothing wrong with that so long as you’re worthy of getting where you’re getting.

She’s close to her mom

A woman should have class and she should love her mother. Unless her mother is awful, hateful and horrid, of course. Otherwise, she should be close to her mother because moms are the best and they love their kids. I don’t even say that because I have four kids (three daughters) and I want them to be close to me forever. They don’t actually have a choice. I’ll be everywhere, all the time, no matter what. They can’t shake me if they want to.

She’s a creative type

The best minds are usually the ones with a love of creativity. Zakiyah Everette is a creative mind, and we appreciate that about her. She loves to cook and dance and create and design. She’s someone who sees the beauty in every situation and works to make sure she can use that to her advantage. We love the creative minds of the world.

She thinks working out is a way of life

She’s right, and we like that about her. Zakiyah Everette is a woman who knows that you only get one chance to life, so you have to take care of yourself. She eats right and she works out, and we like that she takes care of herself. You can’t get through life living the best possible life if you are not taking care of your body and your mind. She’s good at both, and we appreciate that.

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