15 Celebrities Who Have Been Stalked


Almost everyone has at least one celebrity crush in their life (I’m guilty of being a middle school girl at the time the band Hanson came out and the movie Titanic hit theaters, so I had a few of my own). While most of us wish we could meet our celebrity crush so that they’d fall madly in love and we’d get married immediately, it’s just a fun fantasy. For some crazies, however, it’s a bit more than a simple, innocent crush. It’s a serious addiction, and it’s dangerous. Read on to find out which celebrities have been stalked.

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Kim Kardashian

She’s one of the most famous women in the world, and has been since her family landed their numerous reality television shows. She’s on the cover of magazines, she models, she acts, and she’s a very public, public figure. She now has a temporary restraining order against the man what stalked her, but who knows if that will last. He began following the star on Twitter, moved closer to her home and began dressing up like “The Dark Knight” and following her to appearances and other public places. It was a scary time for the star, as anyone who has ever been stalked knows.

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Jennifer Garner

There are few things in life as scary as being followed and being stalked. However, when you are a parent, things start to get scarier. Jennifer Garner’s stalker used to follow her around the world, showing up almost everywhere she was whether it was dinner, a date with her husband Ben Affleck, movie premieres or family functions. He was eventually arrested, which should have been a relief to Garner, except her stalker was arrested loitering outside her daughter’s school. There is nothing more terrifying for a person than someone dangerous near their child.

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Kirsten Dunst

She was stalked for months. Fortunately for the star, when things turned ugly, she was not home. She was actually out at the time her stalker decided it was time for him to meet her. He decided the best way to do this was to break into her home. However, despite the fact that she wasn’t home, her assistant was home and she performed an arrest called a citizen’s arrest, keeping him occupied until the police arrived to arrest him. He was arrested and charged with trespassing in the star’s home. He’s since reportedly left the star alone as far as she knows.

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Gwyneth Paltrow

Pizza delivery men can’t help but know where you live, considering they bring you pizza. However, Gwyneth Paltrow’s delivery man took it upon himself to become obsessed with the star after delivering her a pizza at one time. He began delivering love letters, sometimes up to five times in a day, and many of them had very graphic sexual messages. The actress said she felt violated and dirty because of the letters, and she said that she experienced many nightmares as a result of these messages. Her stalker was sent to a psychiatric facility.

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David Letterman

David Letterman is a funny guy. He’s so funny, in fact, that he’s had more than one stalker (though we don’t know if it’s his humor that attracts people or if it’s just his handsome face). One of the funny man’s stalkers was arrested when it was discovered he’d created a plan to kidnap his then 18-month old child and his nanny. Another of his stalkers was not arrested. She stalked him for many years and eventually killed herself when she realized that he never did love her back. Still, there are more stalkers that have followed the celebrity for many years.

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Richard Gere

Richard Gere

It was hard not to fall in love with Gere during Pretty Woman (and other films) and that’s what happened to one woman. She fell in love with the star and decided she just had to be with him. Unfortunately, she went about this by stalking him. She managed to obtain his personal phone number and she left him a voice message telling him that she loved him and that she wanted to share life with him and that she was going to take a pistol and kill herself. She did not kill herself. Instead, she went to court and pleaded guilty to the count of aggravated harassment.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt

What’s different about Jennifer Love Hewitt’s stalker is that the stalker thought JLH was going to kill her! The stalker actually approached the star at the Grammy awards back in 2002. She began screaming at Hewitt and accusing her of plotting her murder. She accused Hewitt and Steven Speilberg of being out to kill her and planning her death together. She threatened the star in front of many people after the award ceremony and was taken away by security. Hewitt and Speilberg are both innocent of plotting this stalkers death.

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Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas’ stalker was one of the creepiest around. His stalker was madly in love with him and felt that his wife, famous actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, was in her way. She would send love letters to Douglas tell him how she felt and acting as if they were together. She even sent a letter to him that described how the two of them would kill his wife, detailing exactly how they would do it in her mind. She also sent that letter to Zeta-Jones herself, which no doubt scared the star, who has children with Douglas, endlessly.  Remember the movie Fatal Attraction?

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Mel Gibson

He’s one of the most famous actors in the world. He’s so famous that a man by the name of Zack Sinclair once stalked him in an effort to get to know the actor. Unlike many celebrity stalkers, however, Sinclair did not claim to love Gibson. He simply wanted to pray with the movie star. During a court appearance in which Gibson was required to make a statement against his stalker, he was quoted as saying that Sinclair doesn’t know his boundaries. The man was charged with stalking and is not allowed anywhere near Gibson.

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Janet Jackson

Robert Cardner was a hardcore stalker. He followed Janet Jackson around for 9 years that the star knows of. He was finally arrested and she was finally granted a restraining order against this scary man when he appeared at a studio rehearsal for Saturday Night Live, where the singer was slated to perform. When he was arrested at the studio, he had a number of weapons on his person, including a box cutter and a knife. He also had scissors on him when he was arrested. He’s no longer allowed to go near the singer, and he’s been charged with several counts.

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Audrina Patridge

Audrina Patridge became famous when she starred on the reality television show, The Hills. She was one of the main characters on the show, and she later went on to star in the reality show, Dancing with the Stars. At some point, one of her fans became obsessed and creepy, and began following her around. Things became very scary for the reality star when her stalker stopped stalking and actually approached her. She called the police after her stalker came to her door and began beating on it and ringing the doorbell while yelling at her. He had a knife in his possession at the time.

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Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is one of the most famous actresses in the world, and she had a stalker of her own. The guy that followed her around was exceptionally creepy. He didn’t just show up wherever she went, he mailed her things. He once sent her a sharp object and some duct tape. He mailed her love letters that were more than just a little obsessive and scary. She was granted a restraining order against him, but we all know that a piece of paper isn’t that likely to stop a criminal.

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Uma Thurman

It’s always scary when your stalker knows personal details about you, but Uma Thurman’s stalker knew more than just a few personal details about the actress. Her stalker would send emails, letters and threats to her family members. He also hung out on the street outside of Thurman’s apartment building in Manhattan. In fact, he was caught loitering outside of her apartment building on more than one occasion. He’d stand out there and follow her when she left her home. Talk about terrifying; her stalker was obsessed to that he would send threatening emails to others about her.

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John Cusack

It’s a little surprising just how many famous men are stalked by stalkers. John Cusack was once stalked by a woman who reached out to him for help. She claimed that she was a victim of sexual abuse and she needed help getting away from the man who was abusing her. The actor reached out to her, but it turns out that she was actually stalking him in the scariest of manners. She was arrested for her actions and Cusack has a restraining order against her that states she has to stay away from him for 10 years.

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Paula Abdul

Abdul’s stalker did something tragic. First and foremost, Paula Abdul’s stalker was a woman. She would send harassing messages and photos to the former American Idol judge that made Abdul feel scared. Her stalker also decided she wanted to meet Abdul, so she showed up for an American Idol audition in 2006. Needless to say, she did not make it to the Hollywood round. Unfortunately, she was a very sick woman and she committed suicide outside of Paula Abdul’s home in Los Angeles not too long afterward.

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