What We Can Expect from Amber Rose on Dancing with the Stars

amber rose

Amber Rose is mostly known for being Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend and the mother of Wiz Khalifa’s baby. She was married to the latter for some time and they allegedly remain good friends despite the fact that their marriage did not work out for them. She’s got her own talk show now, she’s got a big mouth that is not afraid to speak up when she feels that things are not working in her favor, and she is not a fan of keeping up with anyone from the Kardashian family. In fact, she’s not really a fan of anyone in the family as a whole. She is a woman who worked her way from the bottom to the top, and it was just announced that she is slated to appear in the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars. We have so many thoughts running through our head right now about what we can expect from her, and some of our thoughts might surprise you.

Bold Statements on her Clothing

Amber Rose is known for making sure people know where she stands on her beliefs when she puts them on her clothing. With this much of an audience, we think that she might take her “Slut Walk” to a whole new level. Of course, we don’t think that ABC is going to allow her to make too much of a statement, but it’s a lot of live television, so we are not putting anything past her when it comes to showing and telling the world what she feels and thinks when she finds the time appropriate.

She’ll be an Amazing Dancer

She was a stripper, which doesn’t mean anything in the world of ballroom dancing. However, I once went to a bachelorette party in which we took one of those pole dancing classes for fun, and that is not easy work. I’m a lifelong cheerleader and a darn good athlete, too, and I was struggling with those moves. If she can do that without struggling, I bet you she can move like no one else. As long as her fans vote her through, we predict she might actually make it pretty far.

Ample Assets

Men who love cleavage will very likely love this season of DWTS. Amber Rose is a huge fan of showing off her, um, assets, and we don’t think that this show is going to ask her to put them away. They are known for creating the smallest, skimpiest outfits possible, and we bet that she will be big time getting them to make hers as small as possible. I know a lot of people will look forward to that one.

We Will Get to Know Her

One thing that DWTS is known for is helping us get to know the stars who dance. Every week we get to see a little bit more of their lives at home, their families and their behind-the-scenes feelings. This is going to be a good way to get to know her on a more vulnerable level, which is not something we’ve had the pleasure of doing just yet. We think it might be good for her image, and we bet she will actually enjoy it.

She Might Get Some New Fans

We mentioned above that she will show us more of what she’s like with the behind-the-scenes stuff, and we are willing to bet she’s going to show up with some new fans because of it. She’s a woman that might be a bit more misunderstood than most people assume, myself included. Something tells me she’s going to come out of this with more fans than she has now, and a new reputation for being someone we might not expect.

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