10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ben Higgins

Ben Higgins

Many people may have guessed right that Ben would be the next Bachelor during the time that he was chosen, but that was not his plan or expectation. During an interview with U.S. Weekly, Ben revealed that he actually looked forward to getting back to his earlier life before his spot on the show Bachelorette shot him to fame. In fact, he went ahead to say that he was not comfortable with all the attention he was getting (however, he seems to do a great job of handling the fame and adoration of his fans).

He is very religious

As a Christian, religion is an important part of Ben Higgins’s life. In fact, he values his faith and acknowledges it so much that he even has a tattoo of his favorite Bible verse: Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans. He has also dedicated some of his time and effort to Christian associations such as Warsaw Community Church and Faith Based Affairs International Volunteer Headquarters. Ideally, one would expect him to be looking for a religious girl as well.

He is not a virgin, but he is not all about sex either

During one of his dates with Kaitlyn Bristowe, Ben confirmed that he is indeed not a virgin. However, he is not all about sex either as he places more value on other aspects of a relationship other than just the physical part. What’s more, Ben has his reservations about having sex on set, according to his interview with Entertainment Weekly. This is one of the reasons that has everyone wondering whether he made love to Bristowe in the first place.

He is very respectful

Ben didn’t go all crazy when Bristowe failed to give him her rose and her heart. Instead, he acted maturely and even went ahead to congratulate both Bristowe and Shawn for falling in love. In one of his tweets about Bristowe Ben wrote, “This wonderful girl deserves happiness.” And, unlike what most men would typically do, he even went ahead to congratulate Shawn saying that he has what it takes to deserve Bristowe.

He is good with the kids

Ben continues to amaze with his cool personality as he is good not only with the ladies but the kids too. This was evident during one of his group dates where he was tasked with the uncomfortable task of teaching kids about sex education. Unlike what most people expected, Ben was very cool about it and seemed to relate well to the kids’ understanding of sex. In fact, he was so impressive than he won the rose than night.

He flirted with Amy Schumer

At one point rumors had it that Ben is flirting with Amy Schumer, a big fan of the dating show. And, why not considering her personality and his taste in women. In his many interviews, Ben has always revealed that he has a soft spot for funny girls, and Amy Schumer always seems to make him laugh.

He played basketball

This should not come as a surprise for many. Ben, who is 6’4’’ tall, once played basketball during his college days and was pretty good at it. Unfortunately, fans are yet to catch him in action, but he sure does have all the aspects of a good basketball player: the charm, height, strength, and confidence.

He is a graduate of Indiana University

There is more to The Bachelor than just good looks and a way with the ladies; apparently, he has some big brains too. Ben is a graduate of Indiana University and a holder of a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He graduated in 2012, and it turns out that he is only one of the several celebs who schooled there. His fellow alumni members include big names such as Ryan Murphy, Meg Cabot, Laverne Cox, and Jonathan Banks.

He is a fully-fledged business man

Ben is just as good at making money as he is at attracting the ladies. He worked as a business analyst at Talisys before joining the show, and his responsibilities scoped tax reporting, evaluating business user requirements, facilitating client discussions, and liaising with engineers as a business-knowledge contact point, just to mention but a few.

However, it turns out that Ben values love more than he does his career (for now, at least). It emerged that he actually turned down a promotion from Talisys to take his spot in the show and get his chance to find love.

Ben Higgins Net Worth

Considering Ben Higgins’s net worth, one can understand why he chose to place a hold on his career to look for love. According to Net Worth, an evaluator of celebrities’ incomes and net worth, Ben Higgins is worth about $550,000. This figure, however, is estimated to be growing with each passing day as he has done a lot of paid interviews since he featured in The Bachelorette and The Bachelor.

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