Bianca Del Rio: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

Born, Roy Haylock, Bianca Del Rio grew up in Gretna, Louisiana and began his career as a costume designer, designing costumes from a young age and winning his first award for costume designer at the young age of 17 for Snow Queen. He has been nominated for 13 Big Easy Entertainment Awards for costume design and walked away with six of them. Although Haylock’s career has primarily been in costume design, he has also made a name for himself as an actor, an insult comedian, and drag queen.

In 1996 Haylock began performing as a drag queen artist in the play Pageant where he was noticed by drag queen Lisa Beaumann who began casting him in shows at Oz, a local nightclub. Three years in a row, Haylock won drag queen of the year as drag queen Bianca Del Rio, and his name has been a fixture in the drag queen world since.

Even though there has been a lot of information out there on the life and entertainment of Bianca Del Rio, here are ten things you probably didn’t know.

1. Avid reader

Bianca Del Rio has a passion for reading. As a matter-of-fact, reading is her favorite pastime. She is always up-to-date on current events and political issues as well as pop culture. In her career, you really have to be in order to make the kind of insulting cracks she makes against politicians, celebrities, and the average Joe in her audience. Books aren’t the only thing Bianca loves to read. She is also very in-tune with people. It’s not only a natural talent to read people, but she’s made it part of her act and is one of Bianca’s strongest attributes.

2. Had a moment with Madonna

Bianca loves Madonna. She refers to herself as an old “fag” just like Madonna, stating that she grew up with Madonna and Madonna is one of the few that she actually really likes and admires. She had the opportunity to be in the same room as Madonna, which was a very memorable moment for her, though there is question as to whether Madonna will ever remember the event.

3. Doing drag for how many years?

Roy Haylock has been doing drag for 18 years now. He has made a very reputable name for himself in the world of drag, not to mention, a great living. He loves what he does and has no intention of giving it up. It looks like we’ll be seeing Bianca Del Rio for many years to come.

4. Can you guess Bianca’s spirit animal?

You have probably heard that dog owners resemble their dog? Well, if you thought that was strange enough, what do you think about someone resembling their spirit animal? Bianca Del Rio’s spirit animal is the South African Baboon Spider and it has been joked about that she resembles this frightening species of arachnoids.

5. Bianco Del Rio Day!

How many people ever get an entire day named after them? Not many, but Bianca Del Rio did. July 7th is the official Bianca Del Rio Day in New Orleans. She is revered in New Orleans as this is where she had some of her biggest beginning moments in her career. She has even served as Grand Marshall at Mardi Gras.

6. A choc-a-holic

This may not be huge news but most people probably don’t know that Bianca is a real choc-a-holic. She loves anything chocolate, from fudge cake to chocolate chip cookies. Her love of chocolate apparently doesn’t end in the sweets aisle; Denzel Washington also falls on her love for chocolate list.

7. Bianca’s day job

Yes, Bianca Del Rio is a drag queen and working in TV, drag shows, among other events, but do you know what her day job is? Bianca is a Draper’s Assistant for a Theatrical Costume Company by day. She has a ton of experience designing costumes, and her designs are as flamboyant as she is.

8. Strange talent

You’ve heard of people having special talents – twirling a baton while drinking a glass of water, juggling while walking on a tight rope, that sort of thing. Here’s one you may have never heard about anyone being able to do; playing the accordion while roller skating. As different as Bianca Del Rio is, it’s not surprising that her special talent is just as different as she is.

9. The Glee

Apparently, Bianca has tried, but as of yet, she has not been able to watch a full episode of the show, Glee, a show where new talent is discovered. I’m not sure if she explains why she can’t get through even one episode, but it must be a good reason.

10. Youngest Grand Marshall

In 2001, Bianca Del Rio was nominated as the Southern Decadence Grand Marshall and at the age of 26, she was the youngest Southern Decadence Grand Marshall to ever be chosen in the 40-plus years this tradition has been alive.

Roy Haylock, AKA Bianca Del Rio, has lived an incredible life with a lot of time in the spotlight. Those who know Bianca Del Rio, know that she does not hold back when she has a thought or something to say. She speaks her mind quite bluntly, and most of the time, at the expense of others. No matter what you know about her, there is always a few tid bits of trivia that only her closest circle of friends or family may know and now we have shared a few of those little bits with you.

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